Act 2, Scene 2: The Gates

Act 2, Scene 2: The Gates

You know its coming, but it sneaks up on you nonetheless. All of a sudden the jungle stops and there it is, barren plains of sparse cactus for miles, with black city shining in the sun in the middle of it. The dry ground crunches underfoot as you trudge towards the city. Night falls and the city seems no closer than when you left the jungle so you make camp, building a fire out of scraps of scrub brush and munching on pieces of cactus.


The next morning you strike camp and hike the rest of the way to the city's gates, which found at the middle of the South wall, tall and made of tarnished bronze. It takes the combined strength of Greil, Orion and Finley to slowly push one of the heavy gates open. Inside you find a long covered avenue stretching off into the distance. Lining the avenue are multi-storied buildings of green stone that shines as you light a torch. The streets are covered in dust and cobwebs fill the doors and windows of the nearby buildings. No one has passed here for some time.

Phase of the Sun; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Well at least the remaining trek was not filled with sandstorms to get caught in my joints. Now, as for this deserted town, what shall be the best way to go about this? I truly do believe in the straightest path is the quickest.... Well Greil, I shall be heading straight ahead, join me if you think you need to help me out, otherwise I shall see you shortly. Choosing his path, Rune starts heading straight down the avenue in front of him, all the while keeping his eye slits open to notice anything moving about or that sticks out.

Well, the lack of activity in this place is rather foreboding. I supposed I'll stay true to trade, Left for Lute...and hopefully some loot.

As the party breaks up to scout the deserted city Orion spots a tear in the decaying awning over the road. Placing his foot upon the stones of the building he leaps up and grabs onto the next story of the building, pulling himself up into the sunlight. He quickly ascends the building and stands atop the abandoned building and surveys the city.

Acknowledging Rune, Don't worry I'm sure you'll be fine, but do please call if any big bad monsters show up to eat you...I wouldn't want to miss that. Watching the Elf scale the buildings he notes the architecture. Turing to the east Greil slowly ambles down the path taking note of anything that may interest him.

Wandering in behind the others, Boone is quiet for once. He's still a little shaken by the failure of his favored school of magic--illusion--against the great hydra. Such failures are far from the norm for a man who knows himself to be very nearly a master wizard, and yet the nature of the enemy reduced Boone to little more than cantrips. It is worrying, and the Blackcloak has yet to shake off the funk of failure.

And yet... the city offers a new challenge. Rarely has Boone seen such a strange place. The student in him soon wakens to the mystery, and he studies the architecture closely--particularly in the Western wing. "Fascinating," Boone says at last. "Absolutely fascinating..."

Awed by the massive city before you, you split up to explore the green-stone buildings. Finley and Boone, wary companions head into the buildings to the West, Greil goes to the East, Rune strides down the wide avenue and Orion scales the facade of a building to reach the vaulted ceiling above.
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"Finley! Look out!" Boone lashes out instinctively with arcane power when the skeleton appears. A white, sword-shaped missile of pure energy flies across the open space and impacts the skeleton with unerring accuracy. In the next instant, Boone's hands drift down to the hilt of his sword and the pocket of his infamous black cloak wherein hides his arcane orb.

Phase of the Sun; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Well Greil, it seems that we must face off against a glowing pile of bones...what do you propose we do? Preparing for the worst to see his allies in a compromising position, Rune runs with weapons drawn into the room.

Following towards the noise Greil stumbles slightly as he drags out his weapon. His attention is immediately drawn towards the luminescent skeleton. Lost for words until Rune's question he replies. I once heard tale that people would grind bones to make their bread, however if the bread still glows...


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