Act 2, Scene 2: The Gates

High amongst the jade pillars Orion sees the sinister glowing specs of light below. He is mute as he sees the dead risen advance on his compatriots.

It appear as if this gentleman could use a meal. He appears to be nothing but skin and bones, and it doesn't look like he has much of the former. With that, Finley whirls his sword, letting loosing a chilling sound that would strike fear in the hearts of men.

The Wizard's arcane weapon strikes home, but Finely fails to grab the skeleton's attention.

It is focused on the the pale man in front of him. The scrawny one that still lives. Its bone feet clack loudly on the floor as he walks up to the dazed man and swings his scimitar. The pale man fights for his life and at the last second deflects the scimitar with a blade of his own.

Orion spies a decaying banner hanging amongst the vaulted arches of the city. He leaps forward and stretches out his hands, clinging to the silken threads. He swings around the cobwebs of the ceiling and to the melee below. As the flaming bones comes into view and lifts his feet, his bare heels smacking soundly into the undead horror.

Phase of the Sun; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Well this flaming skull will be incapable of handling my fiery after effects. Rune walks forward and calls down his faithful stars to create a blaze in the ground that will not be subdued for a little bit.

Boone draws his weapons and walks calmly to the other side of the room, giving himself a clear, unobstructed sight-line. "Azarath metrion zinthos...", and power slowly begins building in his blade. When he at last unleashes it, a literal nightmare burst forth around the skull, hopefully powerful enough to leave it susceptible to further attacks.

Ah Boone... ever the absent-minded wizard. He tumbles helplessly, doing his best to roll through, as he fails to notice the 20' drop off between him and the balcony that he'd been heading towards

I wonder if a skeleton can be frightened...only one way to find out! Finley whirls his sword in such a manner that the eeriest of sounds is produced...a sound so chilling even the heartiest of men would shiver were they on the receiving end.

Circling through the open room Rune summons a hail of burning celestial shards below the covered ceiling.

Boone stumbles over the balustrade and tumbles to the floor below, the Wizard manages to put out his arms at the last second to mitigate the damage form his attempt at flight. Once his feet are firmly planted on the ground the Illusionist assaults whatever sort of mind the Flaming Skull may have with an assault of nightmares, the unholy visions cause the skeleton's glowing eyes to flicker and stutter.

From high above on the roof of a green-stone building Orion begins his descent to the ground bellow. Leaping through the air he grasps a hanging banner and swing downwards, feet first at the Flaming Skull. His wrapped feet strike home on the skeleton and the Monk bounces off as he hears bones crunch and lands on the stone floor.

Still on the balcony above, Finley swings his blade and begins to sing a haunting dirge, placing some sort of hex on the Flaming Skull below. The Bard then summons horrific visions to plague the skeleton, his psychic attack causing the the skeleton's glow to waver like the Illusionists attacks.

Still shaking with fear, the remaining pale man lashes out desperately at the Flaming Skull, his curved blade connecting with one of the skeleton's arm.

Twisting his head to the left and right, Greil smiles lightly,Bout time we found something moving taking large steps forward Greil passes behind the monk before standing before the glowing skeleton. You may want to think twice before swinging that sword there Skele.. he says in a low voice.

Keeping his eyes focused on the monster he leans his neck slightly back whispering to Boone, You know anything bout this sort of thing?


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