Act 2, Scene 2: The Gates

From the far hallway the Goliath sprints across the open room. Circling around behind the Monk he calls out the dreadful skeleton in front of him.

The Flaming Skull turns and fixes its eyeless, glowing sockets on Greil and swings its blade in a cruel attempt to disembowel the Warden, but his blade goes wide and Greil chuckles haughtily.

Phase of the Sun; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Seeing the best way of getting advantage over this foe, Rune steps forward and stabs the skeleton. No worries, Greil and Orion, he shall be in the worst case scenario for himself shortly.

Having closed to a reasonable fighting range, Boone decides to give himself a little space to work with. He backs quickly away from the flaming skeleton, ducks behind a pillar, and emerges into open space. "Ao al-elligri ob estretus!" he shouts, and another bolt of phantom energy races out for the undead horror that threatens the pale men.

Orion feels the warmth washing off the body of the skeleton as he lands next to him. Boone's ray reaches down towards the beast and Orion makes his move. Sending a foot crashing in at the exposed joints of the undead's legs.

Rune walks slowly across the stone floor and grips his blade tightly and it glows with magical energy as it colors flicker across its shiny surface. Rune takes the dagger and plunges it into the Flaming Skull. When he does so he feels it pierce solid flesh and mortal bone! In a flash the Sorcerer and the Flaming Skull disappear from sight. When they reappear moments later not only have they switched places, but the Flaming Skull lies dead. However it is not a pile of splintered bone, but the corpse of a man. His body is painted black and white in the pattern of a skeleton and blood spills from where Rune's dagger pierced his heart. Next to him is a horrific and inhuman skull with great horns.

"Y-You have slain the Flaming Skull!" Stammers the pale man next to you, "but it was a man after all!" Before you have a chance to query the man his head spins around, "Shh... listen! They are west if the Great Hall! They may be creeping upon us even now!"

Can someone please tell me whats going on? Greil inquires looking towards the two members of the group that had been over here to start with.
Waiting for his Answer the Goliath takes inspection of the room and tries to listen for the sounds the pale man spoke of

"Perhaps someone should go and have a look down this Great Hall," Boone asks. "Didn't he say it was to the west?" Then Boone turns to the man he and his companions have just saved. "Good sir... who are they? Should we arm ourselves? Perhaps if you shared a bit of your wisdom, my friends and I could help a bit more."

Diplomacy Check
Dice Roll: 1d20+14
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 27)

I suppose now that the action is over I can climb down and join the festivities. Finley attempts to traverse the distance down from the balcony and over to the terrified man as nimbly as his bardic body will allow. Excuse me, my good shell-shocked gentleman, why was that man-skeleton after you and your friend, and will we be encountering more beasties like him?

The square gets much dimmer as the light from the flaming man goes out. Standing amidst the jade rubble Orion casts his glance around for the men that their new friend says may be hunting them.

Well it appears there is something more magical to this place than we originally thought. Hopefully it doesn't affect us negatively but we might as well take a further look into it. Rune casts his gaze around trying to pinpoint any location of magical energy that is hiding anything or was lending strength to the skeleton.


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