Issue Nine: Cornered Prey/Ominous Realm

"Seriously, guys," Centennial Man continues blathering, "I have to drain the lizard. It's gonna get ugly here if you don't help me out. We're gonna have puddles and asparagus fumes. Look, take me to the washroom, please. Unlock the high tech handcuffs and let me deal with this. You can stick a gun to my head - stick ten guns to my head - and shoot me if I make a wrong move. Just help me out here!"

Benni rolls her eyes at Centennial's tactic. She looks over the two guys locked in with them, "Why are you in here by the way?" she asks conversationally as she figures out what abilities she still has.

She looks at the others, "What abilities does everyone have available?" She asks them seriously as she looks around the room for
intuition to find cameras Excellent, karma for green
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 63
hidden cameras.

According to what Blackbird can tell, the heroes, or at least their commcards, are still in the vicinity of the warehouse they went to investigate.

Motya thinks if her abilities weren't so inhibited right now, some of her police training may have actually come in handy trying to slip out of these manacles. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the strength to even give it a possible go at this point.

The guard and the AIM agent are trapped in here with you, so although they may be sympathetic to CM's plight, there isn't much they can do about it at this point.

Benni does not see any obvious camera about the prison or the room beyond. Outside the cell, she can see a work bench along the wall is covered in electrical equipment and cabinets. In the corner is a large coffin-like chamber. Controls of some sort are along the opposite wall.

Originally Posted by Keyote View Post
"Why are you in here by the way?"
The AIM agent was captured by Modok's minions. He knows nothing about the nature of Modok's plans except that Modok wants to regain control of AIM.

The other prisoner is one of Modok's minions. He committed a minor offense and has been sentenced to become one of
the alteration chamber subjects.

"This truly sucks," Centennial Man pouts. "Looks like we need to put our heads together if we're getting out of this dungeon. Okay, so, um, who's the strongest member here? If we all try to break the shackles off of the strongest member, he or she will hopefully no longer be neutralized, and then can work at breaking everyone else free. So, let's hear it, who's our resident Hercules? I can bench press cars normally."

Originally Posted by Sheridan View Post
According to what Blackbird can tell, the heroes, or at least their commcards, are still in the vicinity of the warehouse they went to investigate.
"Weezi, please keep trying and patch me through when they answer."

Then he's out the nearest building exit - be it window, door or roof - making best military speed towards the warehouse.

Centennial Man sighs too. Getting to his feet, he says, "Okay, let's try this." The hero then rolls his shoulders, spreading his elbows out from his sides. He stands like someone imitating a chicken, his hands still shackled and in front of him, but his arms bent and extended like little wings. "Some of you stick your arms in the space between my left arm and my side. Some of you stick your arms in the space between my right arm and my other side. The rest of you, will get in front and hit my manacles with your own. I know this looks ridiculous, but we gotta try something. So, on the count of three, those who have my arms start tugging and those who are gonna hit the manacles start hitting. I'll be trying to pull my hands apart too. Yeah, yeah, we're as weak as geezers with atrophy, but let's combine our strengths and see what happens. Let's get me free. Then I'll get someone else free, and then we'll go from there."

Let's see, two minions with Typical Strength = Good when combined.
Benni and CM are both reduced to Feeble Strength, which together is Poor, combined with Rad's reduced Strength of Typical, is another Good Strength between the three heroes.
Motya is essentially powerless when it comes to Strength (but outstanding when it comes to witty quips!)

Good + Good = Excellent. The bands are made of steel (Remarkable material), so someone (only one person do the roll) needs to give me a Strength FEAT and get a Red result (this would be an excellent time to spend Karma from the team pool, hint, hint) in order to shatter CM's gauntlets.

Actually, because I'm feeling generous, I'll also tell you that Radical Warrior has the highest normal Strength, so possibly getting his bands off first might be the best use of resources (Incredible Strength can shatter steel on a Green result, Remarkable needs a Yellow result).

"C'mon, c'mon," Centennial Man rallies the group. "I think we can do this."

Benni arches an eye as she hears the beeping from their comcards, she turns to the AIM agent, "Reach into my pocket and pull out my comcard, the beeping device." She glares at him so that he knows if his hands stray, there will be consequences and then tells him to receive the card. "Hello, this is Benni. We have a situation here. The warehouse is MODOK's base." She speaks into the comcard, filling the person on the other end on the situation quickly.

Benni frowns in thought as she reviews what she knows of her teammates, "Centennial, I think it would be best if we freed Radical first. Unless you can lift more then 10 tons, which is Radical's top performance on record." She doesn't think this has a very good chance of succeeding, the angles and forces needed to shatter steel are not going to be right, but this dimension seems to operate under different physics then she is used to. And if they are lucky, the might damage the manacles enough to damage the circuitry that allows it to disable Rad's armor, even if they don't actually break them. "Also Radical's armor has a better chance of protecting his arms from being broken than your skin. Considering the forcefield you maintain around yourself is down at the moment."


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