Issue Nine Sidetrek: The Negative Zone

Agent X Tries to resolve the issues by stopping and thinking about things he begins to rub his chin. He then realizes that he can't think with that darn beeping for crying out loud. What the heck is with this dang beeping noise.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 16
Reason/ Excellent+karma After dealing with this distraction he will work at solving the thought provoking issue.

Energystar tries to get into the tube.

After listening to and thinking about the strange sound for a bit, Agent X suspects the regular beeping sound may be some sort of distress signal (25 Karma spent).

Meanwhile, EnergyStar decides to explore the inside of the tube by navigating around the energy beam bouncing through it. After a couple seconds inside, she completely disappears! Disintegrated by the energy beam, perhaps??

based on electrical and light spectrum theory, jericho ponders whether or not this beam is capable of disintegration intuition 35
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 57

Using the energy analyzer given to them by SHIELD, Jericho makes some observations of the energy beam. Although he can't identify it, the reading are very similar to what they saw in the fissure on the island of Nop Yann. Based on the evidence, Jericho theorizes that the tube is not some sort of disintengrator, but...


"YARG!" A somewhat-startled EnergyStar yells upon her reappearance exiting the tube.

...a teleportation device, Jericho concludes.

"It's a teleportation device! I got 2 green light things on this." She holds up the pen. "The agents are near where I teleported to. One problem, and the problem is a huge blob of white balls that was headed straight for me! Come on let's go get the agents that we came here for." She heads to the tube again and waits for the others to follow. Once they do, she goes into the tube.

"But i was going to tell them that" Jericho whines, "I'm the scientist after all...shoot all you hero types steal the thunder from us engineers"

PowerSurge readies missiles and prepares to jump in. Any rolls necessary?


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