Character Applications

Character Applications

Post your finished or very-close-to-finished character applications here, so others have a reference of what the applicant pool looks like. On the day of the deadline, this is what I'll look at to choose who I accept, so make sure the post in this thread contains the most updated version of your character.

If you post it prematurely, I won't hold it against you. Just be sure you're in for the long haul, or delete your sheet if you decide to drop out. I just don't want the thread filled with everyone's empty templates left to gather dust.

Of Power and Steel

Name: Xhorun the Metalmancer
Race: Revenant (Githzerai/Mistborn)
Potential Classes:
Swordmage, Wizard, Warlock


Xhorun is defined first and foremost by his interests. Machines, and revenge. He considers other people to be some sort of odd, poorly made automatons, designed by chance and chaos instead of by the ordered mind of a proper inventor.

He has a little more time, of course, for others of a similar ilk; inventors, tinkerers, or cyborgs of various types... and is polite, when he notices people are talking to him.

If Xhorun was handed godly power, he'd remake... everyone. He'd get right into the details, and tinker everyone, until they were 'improved' to his satisfaction. He'd make everyone perfect.

Xhorun expects nothing but perfection from himself, and respects people which help him reach his expectations. When he fails his expectations... Xhorun becomes angry.

Xhorun also gets angry when something doesn't work properly, when he draws the wrong conclusions, when he is surprised.... and anger always makes Xhorun Stressed.

Stress? Stress makes Xhorun manic, and twitchy. Makes his movements and deductions faster, his mutterings crazier. Stress throws him into 5th gear.

Crazy? Xhorun is, definitely. Crazy, but organized. His crazy is the insane inventor crazy. His ethics are the ethics of a reasoning being; he doesn't want to have to hurt people, so he treats them decently. When convinced that people are 'unfixable', however, he doesn't hesitate to reduce them to their organic and inorganic components.

Everyone agreed that he was crazy. But, when a crazy man produces works of wonder, absolute mechanical art, who will dissuade him? Who will suggest that, perhaps, just possibly, he might slow down... might rest... might spend a single, waking moment in the presence of people, rather than machines?

And so he worked. Xhorun, the self-named, self-proclaimed mage of machinery. Worked, until he had built everything he knew how to make. Until the world itself imposed too many limitations on his vision.

And then he disappeared.

Into the Great Mist. Past. For a generation, he labored, while chaos sought to unmake his very form. His inventions served him well, keeping his flesh sane, mostly unchanged (though he died several times). Then it was built. His master-work, the Ark of Xhorun....

A ship beyond imagination, wrought from equal parts chaos and order, with thrumming great engines of unimaginable power.
Certain of glory and fame, he returned, to show the world, to gather funds for yet another great expedition, yet another masterwork.

And who did he first chance upon? The Eladrin great fleet.
Certainly, they were impressed... certainly they wondered.

And when they sought to capture the Ark, they failed....
And when they sought to destroy it, they Succeeded.

Succeeded in making an enemy whose insanity was only overmatched by his new desire for vengeance.
Whose body had been wrapped in the primordial chaos, and his framework of mechanical allies, for too long....

Or perhaps, just long enough.

You had some Questions, Sir? Ask, then!

Friends? Xhorun has a partner, of sorts. A man who made it his role to supply the good doctor with his requirements, in exchange for selling some of his lesser inventions. An inordinately wealthy man by the name of Norbert Biggs.

Enemies? Xhorun doesn't have any he knows of... he has the Eladrin empire, object of his current attentions, an empire clearly so mistaken in its goals that it must be dissembled... but no individual enemies.

Family, etc? His childhood was lonely, his mother dying early, his father spending the remainder of his life multiplying his fortunes. Xhorun was the sole son, and sole inheritor of a sizeable fortune, which he absentmindedly squandered upon its bestowal.

Name: Sengher Moran

Race: Human (Vistani). Maybe a half-elf.

Archetype: Gypsy Gunslinger

Potential Classes: Ideally Ranger, but Vestige Warlock, Seeker and Prescient Bard are also options.

Application Status: Mostly complete.

corrected the grammar, still need to do the re flavoring part more in depth.

Posting Interest and prepping application.

First a little inspiration:

Name: Wilshire

Race: Human


Potential Classes: Psion, Monk, Mage/Rogue

Description: This is a steampunk game; there has to be a faithful retainer!

Character Concept -- Thinking Machine (complete)

Name: CuP-Sn SF1
Race: Warforged
Archetype: Last of a dying breed, seeking out one's past, voyage of personal discovery
Potential Classes: Any ranged class or any melee (really, I'm very flexible).
Created out of bronze. Lots of whirling gears, cogs, pistons and springs visible. Screws, bolts, rivets and welds hold major and minor pieces together. When speaking it makes audible mechanical noises as the machine parts work to provide speech. Periodically, hissing sounds can be heard as it vents pressurized steam or fluids shift. High pitched whirring noises and rapid clicking sounds when it does strenuous work. Due to age Cups' parts are mostly covered in a patina. It use to keep itself better polished but gave up on it a few decades ago.
CuP-Sn1 SF1, or 'Cups' to his friends, was the first activated Warforged after the settling of the Silent Fleet. The meaning of Cups official designation is forgotten but it refers to his base metals. The SF1 indicates he is the first Warforge to have been activated. Cups defended the settlement after the fleet landed, assisted in it's construction, provided direction to other Warforged, joined Illan's military when the nation was founded and has served in it since. It currently serves as a specialist under Captain Belorem's special forces team.

Cups' is unusual for a Warforged in two regards. One, it's a bit more chatty than most with a penchant to ramble when given the the chance -- a behavior that only began the last 20yrs or so. It's chattiness one of the reasons Cups and Jannine get along so well. The second, and possibly unique trait he posses among the remaining Warforged, is his ability to sense other Warforged. This ability is the reason that during the Silent Fleet's landing it was used to direct the other Warforged in the construction of the settlement. Jannine expects it's a result of him being activated first and hence it activated a command or leadership enchantment... real reasons are unknown.

Captain Belorem was made aware of this mission directly from Illan's senior military command. He had volunteered his own team to the mission but was turned down. Frustrated, he did manage to convince them to take a Warforged with them citing CuP-Sn1 SF1's ability to detect and direct other Warforged. Military command only grudgingly agreed. Captain Belorem also has two ulterior motives for sending Cups. One, he doesn't trust the Consortium and it's actual goals and two he's aware of Cups' curiosity about his past.

Cups has a memory gap. It's earliest memories are shortly after the Silent Fleet's landing. It suspects it was one of the few Warforged taken out of Arcturia but only activated after the Silent Fleet settled. It's always wondered why it would not have been active to assist in the evacuation. Something that's never made sense to Cups. Cups has limited goals and ambitions and what humans would consider strange emotional quirks but he is fiercely loyal to his human counterparts even though it considers them inferior. Cups also has a fondness for history (particularly military history) and is curious about his past.
  • calculating (get it?)
  • believes it's better than fleshlings and hence they need it's protection/nurturing but it's still better than them. ^_^
  • loyal, fearless, determined
  • fondness for history (particularly military history)
  • has a tendency to ramble at times.
  • often does not understand fleshling social norms
  • memory gap. Remembers nothing of Arcturia. His first memory is after the Silent Fleet found Illan.
  • It likes to remind people that it is not a "he or a she" when people start to make that mistake.
  • If he could change the world he'd turn all the poor weak fleshlings into Warforged.

  • Captain Wellton Belorem III (no relation to the king): Captain Wellton is Cups' CO (commanding officer) and leads a special forces team. Belorem's team performs anything from covert tasks to tasks deemed too dangerous for standard teams. Cups has served under the captain for neary 7 years and trusts him implicitly.
  • Jannine Coppersalt: Jannine is relatively new but has been Cups' mechanic for the last 2-3 years. They get along great. It's spent many hours recounting stories to her while she reaches in dark places the sun doesn't usually shine to keep him in perfect working order.

It has no enemies. It's just not programmed that way... or hasn't really learned what that is yet. It does have people it is wary of though. It's heard the rumors behind Lance Boreal and harbors suspicion on his motivations for the mission.
Signifigant Others:
There's this mechanical canary... but this is a family game!
Any fleshling that could have created it is probably dead by now. It's family is the unit it serves and it expects to serve for a very long time. The members change over time and that's OK with it. Fleshlings don't last long.
Any ranged class (spell caster/ranged weapon class) would be re-flavored with some type of gun. Backfire would exist for any power (roll 1). Fire spells would be flamethrowers, radiant spells could be laser like, necrotic could be smoke or gas, etc. Since he's a machine it wouldn't even have to be from a gun. It could be laser eyes, something in his chest, a shoulder mounted weapon, etc. It's all fluff, normal "held in hand" rules would still apply.

Any melee class is easy. Just throw a big weapon on him: large hammers, huge metal balls, serrated blades, needles, saws, piston driven spikes, etc.

Healing classes could be interesting... needles, tubes, dispensers, hidden compartments containing medicines and bandages, little mechanical insects to heal from afar.
Reason for going:
Assigned to go by his CO for various reasons: as a talented special forces expert, an ability to sense other Warforged, and as an agent to keep tabs on the Belorem Consortium's actual goals, and as a favor to his friend -- giving him a chance to find out about his past.
Something Representative:
Something along these lines...

Not sure on one or two things, and would appreciate feedback, but barring edits, this sheet should be complete.
A mundane magic trickAtrice. The Isle of Shadows, if you will. A natural place for the woman who made her living in the darkness, when you think about it. An island of desolation and wreckage, of things lost, stolen and hidden for fear of ruin.

The Tieflings' very own hell, perhaps? The ruin of their science and civilization, all they created, slowly crumbling to dust? Lilly wasn't certain. She'd never really studied the Tiefling people much; certainly not to the degree she should have. Oh, she could recite their history, in general terms, a little of their politics and culture, but not what made them tick, how they worked as a race in Eversky. And she rubbed shoulders with Tieflings on a daily basis! She'd have said that they were a creative, passionate people... but that was mostly a matter of stereotype. Tavern tales, and the occasional incident she'd witnessed herself. She didn't know them.

Lilly often thought like this, when on a mission. Thinking and reflecting are good ways to keep silent. Not something she's ever really had a problem with, but if you didn't use every trick when working, you were a fool. When she got back to Federatis, she'd have to get to know a Tiefling better. Perhaps trail a group for a day, or possibly head back to the Loremasters, ask one of them about it (Why not just ask a Tiefling Loremaster? They'd probably have something to say on the matter, if Firan was anything to go by)

Of course, she could just trail one here... but aside from her mission, that wasn't likely to be too interesting. They were mostly rebles and Nightshaders out here. The few Lilly'd met were so... focused, so driven, devoted to their self-appointed mission, above logic or reason. For such an intellectual nation, the peoples of the Isle of Sorrow didn't seem to think much, if their rebellion was anything to go by. Tymordia might be a controlling nation... but they had a lot of use for Magitech. Were they really going to place heavy legal restrictions on the the race whose work formed the backbone of scientific knowledge in Everysky? Verana was a good case study. They had some problems, true, with the transition, and Eladrin paranoia... but that would change with firmer control, and didn't overly affect the people.

Of course, Tymordian rule came with drawbacks, and if people choose, after thinking about it, not to give in to the Golden Light, fair enough. But how many stopped to think about it? Really? As opposed to simply resisting on principle? Following philosophers, thinkers and leaders... (though not their Empress, to be fair) Evil occupying army, crushing all freedom, blah, blah, blah. Like a little yapping dog.

So illogical. And the Tymordians were probably just the same, for all their rhetoric. People everywhere, united in complacent idiocy...

Before she could sigh slightly at the stupidity of her fellow creatures, Lilly's target finally appeared. She had to fight not to click her tongue in self-irritation; a day away from home and she's acting like a tourist. Savage looking man this, staggering out of some dive or other, all too common in this downtrodden, dirty little settlement... and carrying twin blades, drawn, ready for use. Was he... expecting her? Hostile? He shouldn't be... but best be wary.

Fortunately, pursuit was simple enough. They were so close to the Maelstrom here, she could all but feel it's touch. Everything was under the veil of shadow; lights were many, but dispersed. A thousand fine Atrician Lamps, perhaps in total, spread across the city. Each provided it's assigned glare, standing proud against the darkness... but these could never be enough to truly, finally drive back the shadow. Not here, not at night. Duskfall is well named.

One shadow simply... flitted, a little. Between two crumbling grey-stone walls; across a rat-infested back ally and then up, once again, to a perch upon the occasional finely chiselled corner-devil. It wasn't even a darker shade than it's surroundings... perhaps a dark grey, or maroon, rather than pitch black. And in a city of flickering shades such as this, how could someone spot something so mundane? Not by the glint of steel; Lilly'd been careful there. One Longsword, well and truly sheathed. Not even a cloak, the fluttering outline was an easy give-away.

No, just a shadow. Not even a threatening one, lurking in an alleyway. One of many in the sombre night of a nation beginning it's slow descent into the Abyss.

Still, that particular shade couldn't help but smile to herself, whilst moving through the city with a thousand impossible to follow tricks. She could get used to this place. Surely, no one will notice one more shadow.
Looking forward


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