Act 2, Scene 3: Techuhltli

Cursing, Boone draws his sword and orb and joins the battle

Suddenly, Boone and Rune appear from another corridor. Having heard the battle from afar they are not surprised to find it, but its size takes them a bit aback. This however does nothing to break their momentum and looking to their allies they join the battle.

Phase of the Stars; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Taking stock of the situation that Rune can see, he begins to analyze the best possible route of eradicating these evils. Stepping forward he sees his Giant friend and can't help but goad him. Greil, you better still be doing just fine over there...I don't want to go help you just yet since I have some catching up to do and some bloodlust to work through. After letting his previous prey slip through his grip, Rune cannot help but attempt to blind these creatures with pure energy.

Boone stalks forward, allowing shadows to coalesce around him as he comes. His sword glows with a dark light, and he himself becomes more intimidating. He knows not why these people fight and he cares not. All that matters is that death is at hand, and he is here to deal it. Boone then chants in the language of old Netheril, calling shadows of the feywild to his aid.

Heh, bout time you showed up! I was worried you may have rusted in place or something Swinging his hammer around while keeping his shield up Greil surveys the battle with contempt. They're all meaningless rabble, both sides. a battle like this has no victor. With a light grunt Greil's face downturns at the unpleasentness of the battle, the Goliath's spirit clearly lackluster and the seemingly lack of goal or challenge

Drawing his blade, Finley deftly sidles up to the nearest Xoltanaca and effortlessly slides the blade between the mans ribs. He falls dead before anyone notices.

Boone strides into the hall has he were Death itself, shrouded in darkness and fear, with one hand calling the shadows to smother two Xoltanacas while summoning a horde of winged horrors to assault another. The Xoltanacas swing their curved blades wildly in defense, but two of them fall dead nonetheless.

Rune follows the Wizard into the room and raising an arm lets out a pulse of energy at another Xoltanaca warrior. The room flashes white for a second when the pulse hits and when you can see again, the Xoltanca is frozen solid. The Warforged stomps a heavy metal foot upon the ground and the dead man shatters into thousands of pieces.

Greil continues his cautious pace and stares down another Xoltanaca. Bringing his hammer up the Warden swings, connecting with the painted man's face. Blood, bone and flecks of stone fly as the man crumples to the ground dead.

Seeing an advantage, the Tecuhltli swarm upon the Xoltanaca, fighting them in packs and taking down a handful more of the painted invaders.

Orion slowly shakes his head at the bloodshed around him and weeps softly. "So much needless suffering. Can't they see, they will never end it like this?"

As Orion stands still another pair of Xoltanacas appear through the Gate of the Eagle, but this does little to sway the odds in their favor. Out numbered, the Xoltanacas desperate attack the Tecuhltli, killing three more of your hosts.

Boone moves further into the room, levels his sword, and targets the nearest of his foes with a simple cantrip. "Elekchop!" he shouts, and a silvery ball of light flies uneringly across the room, striking one of the enemy dead in the chest.

Finley, seeing the Xoltanaca slinking behind a pillar, runs into range to kill the cur. Have at thee!


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