The Penrose Offer - Scene II

The Storyteller*(10:26:59*PM): Heya!
Caelan*(10:27:04*PM): Just me so far
Ilkin*(10:27:26*PM) has entered the room.
The Storyteller*(10:27:36*PM): Hello!
Ilkin*(10:27:50*PM): hrya
Caelan*(10:28:34*PM): engrish
The Storyteller*(10:28:54*PM): *cough cough cough*
The Storyteller*(10:29:51*PM): Well, we've a limited time frame, so shall we get this show on the road? Everyone remember where we last left off?
Caelan*(10:30:12*PM): Not really
Caelan*(10:30:17*PM): we were going toward the museum
Ilkin*(10:31:57*PM): We were supposed to steal something
The Storyteller*(10:32:08*PM): To summarize a long story, one of London's big-name vampires, Sophie Penrose, has commissioned the three of you to steal a Bezoar from the British Museum (it's locked away inside of a gargoyle statue from a French abbey, currently on loan from France). In exchange, she is willing to do nice things for you, up to and including sponsor Caelan for entry into the Ordo Dracul. So when we last left off, the three of us were staring at the walls of the British Museum and pondering how in blazes we were going to get in.
Caelan*(10:32:34*PM): Oh, yes
The Storyteller*(10:34:23*PM): Anyone want to begin?
Caelan*(10:35:13*PM): Sure
The Storyteller*(10:35:32*PM): Hit it Julie!
Caelan*(10:38:18*PM): Cae tugged on the nearest arm (likely Rakesh's). "Stop stop stop! Let's think about this, shall we? Eh?" They were standing before what looked like a Roman forum with vast columns and steps.
Caelan*(10:38:21*PM): Carved figures stood in the wedge of the roof, looming down at them. The Union Jack flew high above on a pole. Imposing was a bit of an understatement, though it wasn't anything like a fortress...per se. ||
The Storyteller*(10:40:02*PM): The werewolf, who hadn't been in any particular hurry to move in the first place, stopped obediently. He was looking at the museum with that very intense look he had, the ony that usually made you think of what it must feel like to be a small and crunchy rodent. "A very good idea. I would enjoy getting out of this without a felony or three on my record. The Trust looks down at that sort of thing." ||
Ilkin*(10:46:46*PM): "So does the Times," Ilkin said. He looked at the imposing building and sighed.* "All right, I think I can tweak Fate enough that we'll be less likely to get caught
Ilkin*(10:46:47*PM): but I don't think I can guarantee we won't get caught. If there's timing that needs to be tracked, I can count time with perfect accuracy...I can't make us invisible or the like, though." ||
Caelan*(10:49:38*PM): Cae quirked an eyebrow at Ilkin. "Really. And how are we going to get in at this hour?" She considered the building. Although, now that she thought of it, it was a little ironic to steal from a place full of stolen artefacts. ||
The Storyteller*(10:49:48*PM): "Look on the bright side." Rakesh said with malice aforethought. "If things go poorly, you can always do an expose on prison administration in Britain."
The Storyteller*(10:49:50*PM): "Hmm... would cutting the power help?" The werewolf offered. ||
Ilkin*(10:50:12*PM): "I'm sure it would," Ilkin said, ignoring Rakesh's first comment. ||
Caelan*(10:51:07*PM): "Unless they have backup power..." she said as she anxiously leaned on the corner of a step with the arch of her foot. "Bollocks." ||
The Storyteller*(10:51:38*PM): "I might be able to persuade an electricity-spirit to fry the security systems and cameras in a certain part of the building. Thoroughly fry." Rakesh said. "We'd have to move very quickly and very stealthily though." ||
Ilkin*(10:52:47*PM): "Let's see..." Ilkin furrowed hsi brow and concentrated.
Ilkin*(10:52:59*PM): ( Using Fate to try and pinpoint the most optimal place to fry )
OnlineHost*(10:53:05*PM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice:* 2 4 6 9 4 5
The Storyteller*(10:53:42*PM): [roofs are good, if you can get up there.]
Ilkin*(10:56:17*PM): "The roof seems like our best way in," the mage said decisively. ||
Caelan*(10:56:26*PM): Cae laughed sullenly. "I forgot I was with you two. Someone remind me where this bezoar is again? Where is the European section?" ||
The Storyteller*(10:57:43*PM): "They should have exhibition maps... inside." Rakesh said. [Straight Intelligence roll to see if anyone thought to grab a museum guide earlier] ||
OnlineHost*(10:58:23*PM): Ilkin rolled 2 10-sided dice:* 1 6
OnlineHost*(10:59:20*PM): Caelan rolled 3 10-sided dice:* 9 4 8
OnlineHost*(11:00:51*PM): Ilkin rolled 2 10-sided dice:* 4 3
Caelan*(11:01:18*PM): "Oh, right." Cae wrenched her map from within her sweater and held it up. "Silly me. Let's get to the roof." ||
The Storyteller*(11:07:36*PM): Rakesh peered at the map. "That settles that then. Skylight here... and the statue here, in the next room. I can get a spirit to fry the electronics long enough for us to get the skylight open... Caelan, perhaps you can sneak through and get the bezoar, the rest of us wait on the roof?" ||
Caelan*(11:08:34*PM): "I need a way out," she said, skeptical. "I can't jump back out, honkie dorie like." ||
The Storyteller*(11:09:52*PM): "Good point. Ilkin, any arcane tricks? Or..." Rakesh said, looking up at sky with the kind of expression that boded poorly for the power cables up above. ||
Ilkin*(11:10:40*PM): ( Give me a moment... )
Ilkin*(11:14:29*PM): ( Going to bestow fortune's protection on everyone just 'cause... )
Caelan*(11:14:45*PM): (( Nothing that'll make her leap 20 feet, eh?))
Ilkin*(11:15:13*PM): ( Not quite, but... Is there equipment involved on either side? )
Ilkin*(11:16:23*PM): ( Oh hey, I can postcog with temporal sympathy. But more on that later. )
Caelan*(11:17:12*PM): ((o_o GM, halp us!))
The Storyteller*(11:18:24*PM): [For which roll specifically? Getting onto the roof, being unnoticed, or getting Cae back up after she gets the Bezoar?]
Ilkin*(11:18:58*PM): "Hold still." Ilkin put his hands on the sides of Cae's head and focused. (Giving her the Temporal Eddies version of Mage Sight.)
OnlineHost*(11:19:02*PM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice:* 2 1 5 10 8 9
Caelan*(11:19:18*PM): ((I really don't know how Cae can get out without setting off alarms))
The Storyteller*(11:20:13*PM): [That's not a huge issue due to the fact that Rakesh is going to kill the power with extreme thoroughness. If an electricity spirit says the power's out, the power is out.]
Ilkin*(11:20:48*PM): ( Anyway, okay. Just seeing if I should drop a bad luck spell on some sort of equipment so it malfunctions. )
The Storyteller*(11:21:14*PM): [ could've said that earlier. ]
Caelan*(11:22:05*PM): ((>_> Well then. I'm ready to climb))
Ilkin*(11:22:25*PM): ( It's just a dice penalty. )
Ilkin*(11:22:29*PM): ( Hold on, one more thing. )
The Storyteller*(11:22:31*PM): [There's also the fact that vampires don't show up on cameras, not in any kind of detail]
OnlineHost*(11:22:41*PM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice:* 3 4 8 5 8 2
Ilkin*(11:23:14*PM): ( Bestowing Exceptional Luck on Cae. You can apply the 9-again quality to up to 2 rolls you make this scene. )
The Storyteller*(11:23:42*PM): [Alright! Anything before we get this started, then?]
Ilkin*(11:24:13*PM): "There, that's about all I can do right now," the magus said, "If you need a malfunction to occur, do let me know and I can arrange something."
Ilkin*(11:24:15*PM): ||
The Storyteller*(11:26:01*PM): "Well then, let's go. Faster we get this done, less chance of catastrophic disaster and prison insider specials at the Times." Rakesh said, flicking his wrists in such a way as to allow very small claws to emerge. [First two rolls! Strength+Athletics at a -2 penalty due to slippery walls, make a pitch for any particular equipment bonuses (Rakesh gets a +1 due to gripping claws), and a straight Dexterity+Stealth roll.]
Caelan*(11:26:01*PM): The vampire blinked. She thought she saw the stars move a milimeter in under five seconds. "Thanks. Let's get going. We have to find our way up." ||
Caelan*(11:26:05*PM): ((oops ))
The Storyteller*(11:26:30*PM): //roll -dice3 -sides10
OnlineHost*(11:26:30*PM): The Storyteller rolled 3 10-sided dice:* 4 3 5
The Storyteller*(11:26:37*PM): //roll -dice3 -sides10
OnlineHost*(11:26:37*PM): The Storyteller rolled 3 10-sided dice:* 5 7 10
Caelan*(11:26:41*PM): ((....D: ))
The Storyteller*(11:26:43*PM): //roll -dice1 -sides10
OnlineHost*(11:26:43*PM): The Storyteller rolled 1 10-sided die:* 4
Ilkin*(11:26:50*PM): "You might need this, my friend," Ilkin smiled at Rakesh.
The Storyteller*(11:26:52*PM): [Rakesh very stealthily fails to climb.]
OnlineHost*(11:27:32*PM): Ilkin rolled 8 10-sided dice:* 10 4 4 6 2 8 3 5
OnlineHost*(11:27:39*PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 10
OnlineHost*(11:27:43*PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 8
Ilkin*(11:28:03*PM): The mage reached out and touched Rakesh's claws, then smiled mysteriously.
Ilkin*(11:28:11*PM): ( You gain a +3 lucky equipment bonus. )
The Storyteller*(11:29:11*PM): The werewolf just nodded, then gripped the column again to try and make his way up. It was night-time, and very few cars passed by this back street of London at this time of night. Still, the sooner you were up on the roof, the better.
The Storyteller*(11:29:16*PM): //roll -dice6 -sides10
OnlineHost*(11:29:16*PM): The Storyteller rolled 6 10-sided dice:* 1 2 9 2 6 9
The Storyteller*(11:29:20*PM): //roll -dice3 -sides10
OnlineHost*(11:29:20*PM): The Storyteller rolled 3 10-sided dice:* 10 5 1
The Storyteller*(11:29:24*PM): //roll -dice1 -sides10
OnlineHost*(11:29:24*PM): The Storyteller rolled 1 10-sided die:* 3
The Storyteller*(11:29:36*PM): [Rakesh makes it to the roof, and stealthily. Over to you two!] ||
Caelan*(11:29:54*PM): Cae did not look enthusiastic about all this, considering she had no claws.
Ilkin*(11:29:56*PM): ( I am not sure. On the one hand, being a rock climber is in Ilkin's background so if he suspected there'd be climbing, he'd have some kind of gear. )
The Storyteller*(11:30:40*PM): [If you're in doubt, you can roll an Int+Wits at, hmm, a -1 penalty to see whether you foresaw this.]
Caelan*(11:30:58*PM): (also, 1 athetlics + 1 strength -2 slippery = 0 dice)
Caelan*(11:31:17*PM): (er, athletics)
OnlineHost*(11:31:20*PM): Ilkin rolled 4 10-sided dice:* 3 5 10 4
The Storyteller*(11:31:21*PM): [This is the point where you piggy-back around Rakesh's neck]
OnlineHost*(11:31:24*PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 9
Caelan*(11:31:41*PM): ((Great, so can we not and say we did?))
Ilkin*(11:31:56*PM): ( Ilkin brought his climbing gloves and boots! )
The Storyteller*(11:31:57*PM): [*snickers* I tease. Still, you can get one of the boys to carry you up.]
Ilkin*(11:32:12*PM): ( And he makes them lucky! )
Caelan*(11:32:15*PM): "Ilkin...?" Cae raised a pale hand.
OnlineHost*(11:32:16*PM): Ilkin rolled 8 10-sided dice:* 3 8 4 9 8 7 8 1
Ilkin*(11:32:38*PM): "Of course, milady," the mage said gallantly and beckoned her over.
Caelan*(11:32:57*PM): "Right," she said, ignoring the vague chivalry. ||
Caelan*(11:33:14*PM): ((meant to say she climbed up. I am out of sorts.))
OnlineHost*(11:34:24*PM): Ilkin rolled 8 10-sided dice:* 8 3 8 10 1 9 6 9
OnlineHost*(11:34:29*PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 8
Ilkin*(11:34:47*PM): "Can you do that little hiding trick of yours on us?" ||
Caelan*(11:36:21*PM): "I don't think so. The faster you move the less we'll be seen." Caelan gripped Ilkin's coat. Perhaps she was dead weight, but very little of it! ||
OnlineHost*(11:36:34*PM): Ilkin rolled 5 10-sided dice:* 1 10 1 3 5
OnlineHost*(11:36:38*PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 10
OnlineHost*(11:36:42*PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 7
Caelan*(11:36:46*PM): ((nice!))
Ilkin*(11:38:30*PM): ( I super-climbed that wall btw. 6 successes on the climbing. )
The Storyteller*(11:38:39*PM): The roof of the British Museum was, on the whole, an uninspiring sight. Then again, it was two in the morning and everything was overcast, so you were not exactly seeing it in the best light. Rakesh spotted the skylight in question and waved you over to it, while he himself approached a set of power cables, crouching on the ground beside them. ||
Caelan*(11:42:39*PM): Cae hopped off the mage and skittered toward the skylight in her boots. "Bet you it'll have to be broken." She shoved at it with her toe. ||
The Storyteller*(11:43:52*PM): If that were to be the case, it would have to be with a brick. It was heavy duty glass. On the bright side thought, it was also openable from the outside, with a heavy bolt and a small lock. ||
Caelan*(11:44:14*PM) has left the room.
Caelan*(11:44:28*PM) has been invited.
Caelan*(11:44:31*PM) has entered the room.
Caelan*(11:44:40*PM): ((total accident))
Ilkin*(11:45:16*PM): "Hmm...What if that lock happens to not be working tonight?"
OnlineHost*(11:45:19*PM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice:* 10 2 3 8 2 3
OnlineHost*(11:45:26*PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 10
OnlineHost*(11:45:31*PM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 4
The Storyteller*(11:46:04*PM): The lock popped open. ||
Ilkin*(11:46:59*PM): "Well imagine that," Ilkin smiled cheerfully as if he hadn't done anything. ||
Caelan*(11:48:09*PM): She scuffed her boot backward. "Yeh, imagine that." Cae opened the skylight and swung her feet into the hole. "So, um, any last words?" ||
Ilkin*(11:49:03*PM): "Good luck," Ilkin offered, "You've got it."
Caelan*(11:49:22*PM): ((all right, it's a long jump down. Not sure what to roll.))
The Storyteller*(11:50:21*PM): Rakesh stood up from where he had been whispering to the power cables. There was a great, sudden silence as the entire part of the museum went utterly black. The werewolf grinned sharply. "We're here for backup if you need it." [Let's say Dex+Athletics to get down. Remember that you can spend willpower to add a +3 to your roll, and Vitae to augment your physical states]
The Storyteller*(11:50:26*PM): ||
Caelan*(11:51:21*PM): ((All right, let's use 1 vitae for an extra die to my pool of 5?))
Caelan*(11:52:14*PM): ((or +2, sorry))
OnlineHost*(11:53:05*PM): Caelan rolled 7 10-sided dice:* 10 9 8 8 9 9 6
Caelan*(11:53:11*PM): ((O_____________O))
OnlineHost*(11:53:19*PM): Caelan rolled 1 10-sided die:* 4
The Storyteller*(11:53:51*PM): "...I confess myself slightly impressed." Rakesh said as he watched Caelan land. ||
Caelan*(11:54:19*PM): Cae landed on her feet like a cat, surprising even herself. She ducked down where was she was. ((Obfuscate just because, dammit))
Ilkin*(11:55:05*PM): ( Remember you can 9-again any two rolls this scene. )
OnlineHost*(11:55:54*PM): Caelan rolled 10 10-sided dice:* 4 6 2 4 3 5 6 7 1 6
Caelan*(11:56:05*PM): (( *eyetwitch*))
The Storyteller*(11:56:20*PM): [Fickle fate]
Ilkin*(11:56:25*PM): "That was quite a feat," Ilkin agreed, "I think even Ben would find it impressive."
Caelan*(11:56:38*PM): ((She has, that whore. Can't I roll it again since it's not combat rounds?))
Caelan*(11:56:44*PM): ((er, is))
The Storyteller*(11:56:51*PM): [Yes you can. Go ahead!]
OnlineHost*(11:56:57*PM): Caelan rolled 10 10-sided dice:* 3 3 10 6 3 3 7 8 3 5
Ilkin*(11:57:02*PM): Ben, of course, was Ilkin's star rugby player roommate and best friend.
OnlineHost*(11:57:03*PM): Caelan rolled 1 10-sided die:* 6
Caelan*(11:57:16*PM): ((what is that, 2?))
The Storyteller*(11:58:57*PM): It was in very short order that Caelan found herself, under the cloak of shadows, looking at an exceedingly ugly gargoyle from France. The creature looked vaguely like a harpy, except with certain serpentine traits. The tongue looked a bit like a dagger, and it's dull eyes glared at Caelan utterly without sympathy. ||
Caelan*(12:01:42*AM): Though the boys couldn't see it, Cae inspected the thing, afraid to touch it. She was a law-abiding citizen of Great Britain, damn it all, and that meant a) mind the gap, and b) look but don't touch!
Caelan*(12:01:45*AM): After a moment she remembered why she was there, however, and tapped the face. Considering their occupation, this might have been terribly dangerous. ||
The Storyteller*(12:02:45*AM): The gargoyle's jaw snapped shut, inches from Caelan's fingers. Not getting anything in them, the jaws opened again, almost mechanically. ||
Caelan*(12:03:00*AM): Cae totally screamed. ||
Caelan*(12:03:46*AM): ((hmmm, need to think))
The Storyteller*(12:05:00*AM): Distantly, there were sounds of footsteps, soft and confused voices. The night watchmen.
The Storyteller*(12:05:01*AM): "Did you hear that?" Rakesh asked, suddenly concerned. ||
Caelan*(12:05:46*AM): ((hum, will it break it she topples it over? Damn it, she's not strong enough...maybe Ilkin's luck will help?))
The Storyteller*(12:06:11*AM): [You can try. Strength roll.]
Caelan*(12:07:29*AM): can I spend vitae and willpower in one roll? also I don't even know where the willpower is coming from
Ilkin*(12:07:47*AM): ( You have Willpower equal to your Composure + Resolve )
The Storyteller*(12:08:00*AM): [Yes you can, and I'll tell you about Willpower in detail tomorrow.]
Caelan*(12:08:25*AM): ((sorry about that, I meant to, you know, put that in OOC and also in Neo's window.))
Caelan*(12:10:38*AM): Cae went to the side of the not-so-still gargoyle and pushed at it. She knew she wasn't strong enough for this business and she whispered desperately toward the ceiling. "Ilkin? Ilkin!" ||
Ilkin*(12:11:00*AM): Ilkin frowned. "Don't call names!" he whispered back. "What is it?"
Caelan*(12:11:17*AM): "I can't knock this thing over by myself!"
Ilkin*(12:12:19*AM): "What thing?"
Caelan*(12:12:50*AM): "The GARGOYLE!" she whispered harshly, though to them it must have been like a disembodied voice.
Ilkin*(12:13:25*AM): ( Can I see the GARGOYLE? )
The Storyteller*(12:13:35*AM): [not from up there]
Ilkin*(12:14:37*AM): ( How are we getting back up again? )
The Storyteller*(12:14:58*AM): [climbing a conveniently located column]
Caelan*(12:15:04*AM): ((<_<)
Ilkin*(12:15:12*AM): ( Okay. What's the get-down roll? )
The Storyteller*(12:15:28*AM): [Dex+Athletics]
OnlineHost*(12:15:37*AM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice:* 5 3 4 5 8 2
Ilkin*(12:15:49*AM): ( >_> Whew. )
The Storyteller*(12:15:54*AM): [You land without taking damage]
Caelan*(12:15:59*AM): ((thiiiis close to SPLAT! ))
Ilkin*(12:16:12*AM): "Oof," Ilkin grunted as he landed. He shook it off and headed to the gargoyle. "Let's see..."
The Storyteller*(12:16:16*AM): Rakesh looked down. This was going to end painfully. He jumped.
The Storyteller*(12:16:26*AM): //roll -dice3 -sides10
OnlineHost*(12:16:26*AM): The Storyteller rolled 3 10-sided dice:* 7 10 1
The Storyteller*(12:16:35*AM): //roll -dice1 -sides10
OnlineHost*(12:16:35*AM): The Storyteller rolled 1 10-sided die:* 2
Caelan*(12:17:06*AM): "Help me!" Cae shoved at the gargoyle with her back, which may or may not have done anything to shake it. ||
The Storyteller*(12:17:23*AM): "I made it." Rakesh said, pleasantly surprised. He scurried over to where the leering gargoyle continued to leer at Caelan and now Ilkin. The sound of the night watch was getting ever closer. ||
Ilkin*(12:17:35*AM): ( Causing the gargoyle to experience a moment of bad luck. If it makes rolls against someone it'd translate into a dice penalty. )
OnlineHost*(12:17:42*AM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice:* 2 4 8 10 6 3
OnlineHost*(12:17:45*AM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 5
Ilkin*(12:17:50*AM): ( A 2-dice penalty )
The Storyteller*(12:18:13*AM): [Fair enough, though so far it only bites people when tapped on the nose]
Ilkin*(12:18:42*AM): ( Well then its biter stops working for a bit! )
Caelan*(12:18:46*AM): "Careful. It bit me. Now, can we all shove together?" She glanced down the corridor to the sound of voice. ||
Caelan*(12:18:54*AM): voices*))
The Storyteller*(12:18:59*AM): [Ilkin, what's your strength?]
Ilkin*(12:19:27*AM): ( 3 )
The Storyteller*(12:20:00*AM): [That ought to do the trick. 3+3+1, 900 lbs move-weight]
Caelan*(12:20:10*AM): (I'll use Strength with Vitae if necessary))
The Storyteller*(12:20:56*AM): "Put your back into it." Rakesh said, even as the gargoyle was tilted over the side. There was a moment as the thing seemed to teeter on edge, then it fell over, off it's stand.
The Storyteller*(12:21:03*AM): CRASH!
The Storyteller*(12:21:43*AM): The echo of broken stone resounded through the British Museum, even as a dark, reddish-brown lump of stuff could be seen in the ruins of the gargoyle.
The Storyteller*(12:21:49*AM): ||
Ilkin*(12:21:49*AM): ( Spending 1 Mana and shifting the odds, trying to cause a distraction other than us that attracts the watch's attention for a bit. )
OnlineHost*(12:21:55*AM): Ilkin rolled 6 10-sided dice:* 6 6 10 1 3 1
OnlineHost*(12:22:01*AM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 10
OnlineHost*(12:22:04*AM): Ilkin rolled 1 10-sided die:* 2
Caelan*(12:22:56*AM): Cae scrabbled through the chunks and pieces, looking for a round thing, or a hairy thing and --ah! There it was. She grabbed it. "Let's get the hell out of dodge!" The disembodied voice whispered. ||
Ilkin*(12:23:39*AM): "Agreed." Ilkin hurried to the conveniently placed column. He touched Rakesh's claws in passing and then waited for Cae.
OnlineHost*(12:23:45*AM): Ilkin rolled 8 10-sided dice:* 4 3 9 8 10 10 5 9
OnlineHost*(12:23:49*AM): Ilkin rolled 8 10-sided dice:* 7 1 3 5 1 9 8 6
Ilkin*(12:23:59*AM): ( Yay, we both get lucky charms )
The Storyteller*(12:24:23*AM): "Move." Rakesh hissed, staying at the bottom as he gestured for Cae and Ilkin to go first. [Str+Athletics, three successes necessary]
Caelan*(12:24:34*AM): Cae shoved the thing into her sweater and hopped onto the mage's back.
OnlineHost*(12:25:15*AM): Ilkin rolled 11 10-sided dice:* 5 7 4 5 7 8 9 9 6 7 9
Ilkin*(12:25:19*AM): ( Ta-da! )
The Storyteller*(12:25:54*AM): "Spirits guide me." Rakesh said, rubbing a small charm on his collar, more a command than a prayer. [Activating Protective Charm to get 9-again, aaand...]
The Storyteller*(12:25:55*AM): //roll -dice8 -sides10
OnlineHost*(12:25:55*AM): The Storyteller rolled 8 10-sided dice:* 7 8 8 2 9 7 9 4
The Storyteller*(12:26:32*AM): The werewolf and mage scooted up the column as though they were greased, reaching the top right as flashlight beams came across the broken gargoyle. ||
Ilkin*(12:29:28*AM): "Let's move before they find out which way we came in and come after us and all that other terrible nonsense."
Caelan*(12:31:22*AM): ((they are able to reach the skylight, yes?))
The Storyteller*(12:31:30*AM): [yes]
Caelan*(12:32:18*AM): Cae tugged herself through the skylight right off of Ilkin's back and gestured to the boys. "Well, then?!" ||
Ilkin*(12:32:29*AM): Ilkin clambered out after Cae.
Caelan*(12:32:40*AM): ((This is funny considering she hasn't become visible XD))
The Storyteller*(12:36:56*AM): "That was exciting." Rakesh said, looking back across his shoulder as the trio made their way down the side of the museum and into the alleyway that had been their hideout earlier. "I sincerely hope that this lump of hair is worth it to Ms. Penrose."
The Storyteller*(12:36:58*AM): "All this and more, Lupine." A shivery voice spoke, though one with just a hint of a northern accent. There was a feeling of revelation, similar but more powerful than that which happened when Caelan revoked her cloak of shadows. A woman stood before you, clad in a tattered dress of years gone by, her hair wild, her fingernails as long as Rakesh's claws, her eyes filled with a terrible sanity. "It is worth all this, and more." She nodded to Caelan, dark eyes piercing the veils. "Greetings Neonate, Compradors." ||
The Storyteller*(12:37:15*AM): [And CUT! To Be Continued]
Caelan*(12:37:32*AM): o_o
The Storyteller*(12:38:02*AM): I need to head for bed, so shall we reconvene on Friday after Kage's practice? *evil smile*
Caelan*(12:38:04*AM): you are naughty
Caelan*(12:38:18*AM): anyway yes, I hope, unless something urgent happens
The Storyteller*(12:39:04*AM): Excellent. Also, 3 XP for the lot of us, remind me to log it tomorrow. Any comments before I disappear?
Caelan*(12:39:17*AM): CONVENIENT COLUMN
Caelan*(12:39:18*AM): :P
The Storyteller*(12:39:38*AM): Well it was convenient.
Caelan*(12:39:42*AM): hehe
The Storyteller*(12:39:45*AM): And would you like me to have taken *more* time?
Caelan*(12:39:54*AM): It's fine :P
The Storyteller*(12:39:56*AM): I'm going to resemble one of the living dead more than I'd like tomorrow anyway