The Penrose Offer - Scene IV

The Storyteller (9:16:32 PM): Hello al!
The Storyteller (9:16:42 PM): And all as well. Al didn't come today.
Caelan (9:16:59 PM): er what
The Storyteller (9:17:16 PM): Bad humor.
The Storyteller (9:17:18 PM): Ignore it.
The Storyteller (9:17:45 PM): I wrote a-l-exclamation point the first time.
The Storyteller (9:17:50 PM): Ergo. Al!
Caelan (9:17:54 PM): oh
Caelan (9:17:56 PM): I didn't notice!
The Storyteller (9:18:01 PM): I take it. :_p
Caelan (9:18:04 PM): we tend to do that, read what we expect to be there
The Storyteller (9:19:03 PM): Indeed we do!
The Storyteller (9:19:13 PM): Well then, any comments before we get this started?
Caelan (9:19:22 PM): do I need the bezoar with her?
The Storyteller (9:19:28 PM): It would help.
Caelan (9:19:31 PM): mkay
The Storyteller (9:19:43 PM): Though she is more interested in you. :-d
The Storyteller (9:19:45 PM):
Caelan (9:20:39 PM): >.>
The Storyteller (9:21:04 PM): yes?
Caelan (9:21:32 PM): I'm done
Ilkin (9:21:41 PM): I'm just watching
The Storyteller (9:21:44 PM): well then. Alright, I shall begin!
The Storyteller (9:21:51 PM): *cracks knuckles*
The Storyteller (9:22:02 PM): As always, || to mark the end of your post. *has this down by rote*
The Storyteller (9:28:22 PM): It was evening. The sun still burned in the sky, though it's was a weak and watery light, shimmering through the grey, striated clouds in the sky. It would be the new moon tonight, when the moon hid her face.
The Storyteller (9:28:29 PM): In her tomb, Caelan slept, perhaps dead, perhaps merely slumbering. In any case, she dreamed, bloody dreams of the hunt and of prey. Dark forests and stagnant pools, all shrouded in thick cloaks of darkness. Kindred dreams.
The Storyteller (9:28:31 PM): Strangely lucid, Caelan stood at the edge of a cavern, watching the dark moon rise over an endless expanse of forest. Suddenly, there was a chittering, and flocks of white bats poured from the cave-mouth, flying to every side of Caelan, all about, whistling on the wind something that might have been words, or perhaps only noise. ||
Caelan (9:32:30 PM): Caelan ducked and brought her arms protectively to her face. "This isn't real," she whispered to herself, and peered into the cave. ||
The Storyteller (9:34:38 PM): Have you made a decision --sion --sion..? The pale bats chittered in her ears, the entire swarm swirling around Caelan as a great, albino tornado. Little red eyes, little white fangs, all glittering, all gleaming. ||
Caelan (9:36:09 PM): She flinched against their constant flittering. "Decision? About what?" ||
The Storyteller (9:41:12 PM): The swarm suddenly stopped, bats ramming into one another, flesh merging with flesh, falling to the ground, until they were gone, and next to Caelan stood that inhuman woman.
The Storyteller (9:41:17 PM): She was dimunitive by today's standards, slender and small, but with a complexion that may have been carved from off-white granite. Everything looked technically human, eyes, hair, fingernails, all the little details. But it was an impression that faded with examination. Unblinking eyes like dry, hollowed-out pearls. Dark hair as a century's old horse's mane. Fingers the aged claws of an old predator. Abonde was not human. She might have been once. She was no more.
The Storyteller (9:41:19 PM): "Your fate, child." She said, her voice soft, almost gentle, almost musical if one could ignore that faint undercurrent of the other within it. "Where do you stand?" ||
Caelan (9:45:51 PM): Caelan stepped back, afraid she would step on the fragile bodies of the bats. She didn't want to hear the crunching noise. "Fate? Oh, well, that old thing. I thought we all had the same one," Cae joked. Maybe to herself.
Caelan (9:45:55 PM): "But I know I don't want to deal with that trainwreck, Penrose," she amended. "I'd have thought she'd snorted too much cocaine before us."||
The Storyteller (9:48:24 PM): Abonde laughed, a quiet sound that would not have disturbed a tomb. She sounded more human when she laughed. Almost...
The Storyteller (9:48:25 PM): "I ask a second time. You choose to stand alone in shadows, to go to the Dragon's Spawn, or come with me?" ||
Caelan (9:49:02 PM): "I will go with you," Cae clarified quietly. ||
The Storyteller (9:50:13 PM): "A third time, and it shall be done." The aged monster said, her voice dropping to where Caelan could just barely hear it. The forest was still. "What is your choice?" ||
Caelan (9:51:23 PM): Cae furrowed her brows. "I will go with you, Abonde." ||
The Storyteller (9:53:18 PM): "Thrice said, once done, it is said and it is heard." The vampire smiled, seemingly genuinely pleased. "Seek out the Church of St. Alcuin." She spread her hands, and then brought them together with a resounding clap.
The Storyteller (9:53:18 PM): Caelan's eyes flipped open. The sun had set. It was night. ||
Caelan (9:59:37 PM): Caelan shoved the heavy plank aside and rubbed her cold forehead. The image was clearer than a regular dream's. Was it...really her? What the hell was the Church of St. Alcuin?
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Caelan (10:02:08 PM): ||
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The Storyteller (10:12:58 PM): [Let us proceed]
The Storyteller (10:15:58 PM): The Church of St. Alcuin was in North Hillingdon, which was a rather green-looking residential area just within London's city limits and southwest of Harrow. It didn't take Caelan very long to get there, though by the time she arrived at St. Alcuin's the streets were long since deserted.
The Storyteller (10:15:59 PM): The church itself was a good-sized church build in a traditional cruciform style. A small light came from the vestry in the back, but otherwise everything was dark. ||
Caelan (10:22:28 PM): Caelan worried she might have to spend the day there if she couldn't catch the last train back, but in the meantime she glanced around.
Caelan (10:22:32 PM): Her best bet was the lit area; maybe someone would be around to ask for help. Maybe she was going mental. She wandered through the property to the light of the vestry, assuming there was a door at the exterior.
Caelan (10:22:35 PM): ||
The Storyteller (10:25:17 PM): There was indeed a door, and a window as well from which a cheerful yellow light poured, though much beyond that Caelan could not tell, as the curtains were drawn shut. ||
Caelan (10:26:47 PM): Caelan peered around again, then knocked awkwardly. This couldn't be right. ||
The Storyteller (10:30:38 PM): There was some movement inside the vestry, and the door opened.
The Storyteller (10:30:44 PM): The first thing Caelan saw was what must have been the largest dog she had ever seen in her life. It was a mastiff, with a black face and tan hide, and it must have weighed 250 lbs if it weighed an ounce. The creature was huge, and it growled at Caelan, betraying a complete lack of friendliness, just teeth that would have done Rakesh proud.
The Storyteller (10:30:55 PM): The second thing which Caelan saw was an older man, in his late forties or early fifties, with a distinguished crop of silvery hair and a clerical collar on his black clothing. He was rather handsome, actually, friendly and charming looking, who put a hand on the mastiff's back. "Down Rufus." He smiled at Caelan, very even teeth, no fangs. "I'm Father Giles Hayworth." ||
Caelan (10:33:25 PM): "I--uh..." she faltered, looking at the huge beast. Did it smell her...? "Hello, Father," Cae managed. "I'm looking for someone, er..." ||
The Storyteller (10:34:36 PM): "...Abonde?" The priest asked, a small smile playing on his lips. The dog growled again. "I said down Rufus." Father Giles turned to you. "You better come inside. I didn't know when you'd be coming, so I was just cleaning up." ||
Caelan (10:35:58 PM): Cae blinked, then frowned, then narrowed her eyes, then blinked again. A priest? Really? Wait, what? She entered the vestry, hugging her arms.||
The Storyteller (10:40:02 PM): The vestry was really just a glorified, albeit very large, closet. A small TV was playing some manner of soap opera in the corner, while various vestments were hanging on hooks on the walls. In another corner was not one, but two food bowls, in the same utterly ludicrous size. There was also a table in the main part of the room... and on the table, on a towel, were several blood knives alongside a bowl of pinkish water and some rags.
The Storyteller (10:40:09 PM): "Have a seat, I'll fix you something to drink. Would you like me to heat it?" Father Giles said, moving to a cupboard on the wall. Rufus, still glaring at Caelan balefully, went to eat at one of the food dishes, though casting looks at her every so often. Just try something, those looks said. ||
Caelan (10:43:55 PM): Cae sat in the nearest, appropriate chair, then gripped it with her finger so tight they turned white(er). "No, I'm f--" She glared at the dog.
Caelan (10:43:57 PM): What had she stepped into? "I'm FINE," she insisted a little too harshly. I'm human, see, you can't tell I'm not. You mean tea, but I don't drink tea, so I don't want any tea. What the HELL is going on? ||
The Storyteller (10:48:22 PM): "Fair enough. Mind if I make something for myself then?" Father Giles said, putting a tea kettle on boil and fishing out a tea bag and some milk. "Just had the evening service, always leaves me thirsty." He hummed pleasantly to himself, even as Rufus glared right back at Caelan, then after a moment the tea clicked, he poured it for himself, and he sat down at the table.
The Storyteller (10:48:49 PM): "Now then, I suppose I should re-introduce myself. My name is Father Giles Hayworth, I'm the rector of St. Alcuin's. I am also an Auger of the Hawthorne Circle, and I am blood-bound ghoul to My Lady Abonde." Father Giles smiled as he said this, running a rag along one of the bloodied daggers and dipping the rag in water to rinse out the blood. ||
Caelan (10:49:33 PM): "I'm sorry, what?" ||
The Storyteller (10:49:55 PM): "Oh dear, you're rather new to this, aren't you?" Father Giles said. ||
Caelan (10:54:21 PM): "You're a...-ghoul-? What do you..." She appraised the knives with a wary gaze. "That's ...!" And then she remembered her own unfortunate circumstances, that, somewhere, deep down, she counted the number she had killed when desperate. Rakesh wasn't always there, the juice wasn't either. So wasn't this better? ||
The Storyteller (10:58:07 PM): "I am a ghoul, yes." Father Giles said. He brandished the dagger, a bit theatrically. "This is mostly a stage prop though. Though the police might not agree, which is why I'm cleaning up. Very rude of them." Father Giles smiled again. He smiled easily.
The Storyteller (10:58:08 PM): "A ghoul is a mortal who drinks the blood of a vampire." The priest explained, placing the now-clean knife to the side and running the wet rag along the next one. "In exchange for servitude to My Lady, I gain preternatural health, senses, speed. And immortality." Something glinted in the handsome man's eyes. "It's a rather nice deal, I must say." ||
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Caelan (11:03:38 PM): "I beg your pardon!" Cae was almost offended. A human, taking the powers of a vampire? A vampire giving them? "But you're a priest. What about the Last Judgment? Will you be waiting until then?!" ||
The Storyteller (11:05:59 PM): "I fear that I've become a bit of an atheist in my old age." Father Giles said with a smile. "So I suspect I'll be forced to take my chances if I end up being wrong. I would be dreadfully embarassed, I will admit." ||
Caelan (11:08:08 PM): "Well, why haven't you retired?" She pointed to the collar at his neck. It probably wasn't unheard of, anyway. Anglican religion was dismally vacant as of late. ||
The Storyteller (11:10:11 PM): "Perks, my dear. Perks." The atheist priest said. "Not to mention I suspect my pension has expired..." Father Giles squinted at the ceiling. "In '22, was it?" ||
Caelan (11:14:09 PM): "Jesus," Cae concluded lamely. Someone is going to notice you haven't changed, she thought. Who would want to deal in blood? Choose it? Live forever? "So, here I am then. Father Giles." The title was between mockery and respect. ||
The Storyteller (11:16:03 PM): "And here you are indeed!" The priest laughed. His grin made him look like a silver-haired boy. "I was wondering when Milady would get another apprentice. She's been lonely since Brian left for Edinburgh. I'm glad she's finally chosen someone." ||
Caelan (11:16:58 PM): Cae squeezed her hands together. "May I ask about Ab-- Lady Abonde?" ||
The Storyteller (11:18:26 PM): "Certainly." Father Giles said. He put the last of the daggers aside. "Ask anything you like, then I'll bring you down to see her. I live to serve." There was a darker smile at that phrase. ||
Caelan (11:19:04 PM): "Does she always talk in riddles? Who is she?" ||
The Storyteller (11:21:40 PM): "She does unless she makes an effort not to. Which is part of the reason I'm the one doing the explanations here instead of her." The priest said. "As for who she is... that is a question on which one could write a book, I suspect. She's a vampire, like you, one of the M'k h't. She is high in the councils of the Regent, and is a potent psychic and blood-sorceress."
The Storyteller (11:21:42 PM): Giles paused and then grinned. "She also likes dogs and keeps a flock of pet bats, she is fond of traditional jazz music, and is an utter loss at maths." ||
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The Storyteller (11:29:56 PM): [I don't believe this. My internet works for *months* without a problem. RP... breaking time!]
Caelan (11:37:54 PM): Cae nodded. So servants defined their vampires by what they liked? "Jazz music, eh?" Wasn't too much a fault, anyway. "I suppose I should stop lollygagging then...unless I can ask about Brian." ||
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The Storyteller (11:45:51 PM): [I refuse to give up.] "If you like. He's was a young man of promise, whom Milady picked up as an apprentice in '83." Father Giles said. "He finally left for the north to set up his own domain, oh must have been six or seven years now." The priest smiled. "I hear he's doing rather well for himself, a Sheriff in that city."
The Storyteller (11:45:53 PM): "Well, let me put these away and I'll take you down." Giles picked up the now-clean daggers and headed towards a closet in the back. The large dog, Rufus, just looked at Caelan rather suspiciously. ||
Caelan (11:47:35 PM): Cae slowly, awkwardly, got to her feet. She frowned at the dog. I didn't do shite to you. ||
The Storyteller (11:48:55 PM): Rufus did not look as though he believed Caelan. Still, he lumbered to his feet after Father Giles. All that was left now was a table with some pinkish water and some rags... and little droplets of blood which formed the words, "YOU AREN'T WELCOME HERE." ||
Caelan (11:51:40 PM): Cae stared, naturally. She must have been seeing things. Also naturally, it set her on edge. She took a step toward Giles and the closet. ||
The Storyteller (11:52:50 PM): "There, all hidden. Now we needn't worry about spending our evenings in a lovely cell at Swansea." Father Giles said, turning back. He picked up the rags and bowl of water -- the blood message was gone -- and threw them into the sink. "Follow me, I'll take you to the Crypt. Come Rufus." ||
Caelan (11:54:06 PM): Cae kept a wary open as she followed. ||
Caelan (11:58:28 PM): ((wow, I mean wary open eye*))
Caelan (11:58:45 PM): ((or, you know. wary eye. Whatever))
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The Storyteller (12:02:06 AM): Finding the crypt proved to be a significantly more difficult task than one might have expected. Giles led her to the main chamber of the church, and pulled up a well-concealed trapdoor just behind the altar. From there, it was a collection of stone steps in a tight spiral below, through utter darkness. Giles didn't seem to have any problem with it, however. "Here we are." The priest said as they reached the bottom, probably twenty or thirty feet down.
The Storyteller (12:02:14 AM): The crypt looked like a well-furnished apartment, not very large but cozy. Massive tapestries hung on ever wall, depicting scenes from the lives of vampires. Feeding, the Embrace, and other, stranger scenes of dark rituals and bloody prayers. There were a great many books and bookshelves, all organized haphazardly and stacked every which way.
The Storyteller (12:02:16 AM): Abonde was found in the next room, a small study. Abonde read something in the darkness, a journal or magazine of some manner, while an old radio from the 1930s played music. In a corner, a small cage hung from the ceiling, an albino bat sleeping within. "You have come." ||
Caelan (12:04:35 AM): Cae nodded, unsure what else to do.||
The Storyteller (12:06:08 AM): "So silent." The inhuman creature said, sighing softly in a dusty exhalation of breath. "And so young. Tell me, have you no questions, no words for our meeting? Or only stillness." ||
Caelan (12:07:02 AM): "I don't understand much of this," Cae admitted. "And I don't think everyone wants me here," she added, glancing behind her to the exit whether or not the dog was still there.
Caelan (12:07:04 AM): ||
The Storyteller (12:10:07 AM): "Ignorance is eternal. You will learn to accept it." Abonde said, then smiled strangely. "I am still ignorant, of so many things. But no, you have a place here, my child, my apprentice."
The Storyteller (12:10:08 AM): At the door, Giles was leaning against it and scratching Rufus's ear. Then, even as Caelan watched, a second hound, as big as the first but with a ripped-off ear, entered to get his stub of an ear scratched as well. This mastiff ignored Caelan entirely. ||
Caelan (12:11:24 AM): "Your...child?" Cae folded her arms. Perhaps she didn't know the term childer, or if she did someone else had forgetten the last syllable. ||
Caelan (12:11:51 AM): forgotten. I am tired <.< ))
The Storyteller (12:13:06 AM): "Perhaps." Abonde smiled and put away her journal. "I had children once. A son and daughter, though I no longer remember their names. It is not impossible. Unlikely though, I grant. But no, you are here, young one, because you have a future, and I would be part of that future." ||
Caelan (12:16:09 AM): Cae looked away. "Mine was already taken away. I still don't understand." She crossed her arms. "You did come to me in a dream, didn't you?" ||
The Storyteller (12:17:08 AM): "I did." Abonde agreed. "Apprentice, your future was changed. Never taken." ||
Caelan (12:19:25 AM): Cae looked to Abonde. "I don't see the difference when I wasn't allowed to choose it," she forced out. "What makes me so special, exactly?" ||
The Storyteller (12:20:56 AM): "The one leaves you futureless, the other does not. And you are special because of your future." Abonde said. She stood up. "Come, it is time for your first lesson." The vampire paced out of the room. Giles cast a look at Caelan and shrugged. ||
Caelan (12:24:38 AM): Caelan gave Giles a flat nod and turned again to follow Abonde. ||
The Storyteller (12:28:39 AM): The next room was different. It was a small chamber, perhaps a dozen paces from end to end, carved stone, with an altar in it. But such an altar. Black stone, dark and rough, with little rivulets carved into it. Atop the altar was a knife with a leather handle, a very plain looking knife compared to Giles's ornate daggers. There was a deer-skull, three black candles, and a small silver mirror on the altar. Abonde approached the altar and laid a hand on the knife, caressing it for a moment. "First, the question. What are you?" ||
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Caelan (12:32:34 AM): Cae stood silent for awhile, processing the room and the question at once. There was a slight, knee-jerk thought that interrupted everything else: Is she going to poke me with that?
Caelan (12:32:37 AM): Then it circled back to the question, and all she remembered since that night. "A monster." ||
The Storyteller (12:34:27 AM): "Correct. You are a monster. I am a greater monster. Giles, in his misbegotten way, will one day be a monster as well." The priest just grinned momentarily at this. Abonde put the knife down and picked up the deer-skull, looking into it's eyes. "The second question, what is a monster?" ||
Caelan (12:35:43 AM): "It cannot survive without hurting others." Cae had spent time thinking about this. ||
The Storyteller (12:36:45 AM): "So. Is a wolf a monster?" Abonde gestured to the deer skull, passing it to Caelan for inspection, point out the teeth marks on the deer's skull. ||
Caelan (12:39:06 AM): "Nature didn't tell the wolf it was wrong." Cae held the stag's skull, disliking it and yet somewhat allured to it, in a morbid way. Like a familiar symbol. A memento mori for someone else. ||
The Storyteller (12:40:05 AM): "And has Nature spoken to you? Does she whisper in your ear?" Abonde asked without rancor. "Or do you hear only the echoing voices of your own mind? Careful, for that way lies madness... and myself." ||
Caelan (12:43:01 AM): "That depends whether you believe in a priori knowledge...Ma'am." Secondary school philosophy was strong in this one. "I can't tell you if I was born with right and wrong or if people taught it to me." ||
The Storyteller (12:45:20 AM): "To the deer, the wolf was a monster." The vampire said. "It was unnatural, for it ended the deer's life and cut it short, rended it's flesh and pulped its bones. Well and good. To men, we are monsters, for we drain their blood and subsume their wills. Well and good. Yet the wolf is not a monster to itself, and the vampire is not a monster to herself." Abonde said, her hollowed pearls of eyes glittering. "It is a matter of... perspective." ||
Caelan (12:46:54 AM): Cae pursed her lips. She already didn't agree, but she didn't speak. ||
The Storyteller (12:49:09 AM): "Very well. A different question. Is the worm a monster? It burrows into a mortal's insides, it liquifies their flesh and injures them with sickness. Is it an unnatural monster?" Abonde asked. Nearby, Father Giles murmurred under his breath. "Ebola... HIV... tapeworms..." ||
Caelan (12:49:44 AM): "Those don't have conscience and consciousness," Cae protested. ||
The Storyteller (12:51:53 AM): "What does conscience matter? If you go without feeding, you will go mad, and even with your predator's flesh, you will perish." Abonde tilted her head, looking directly at Caelan. "Would that be... natural?" ||
Caelan (12:55:39 AM): "There are less harmful ways to feed." She almost smiled, being reminded of those irritating vegetarians. ||
The Storyteller (12:57:43 AM): "We harm by feeding. It cannot be otherwise. We are predators." Abonde said, taking back the deer skull and putting it on the altar. "Nevertheless, we do not need to kill in feeding. We are, perhaps, not predators but parasites. It does not do to kill our hosts." ||
Caelan (1:00:40 AM): Cae conceded to this and waited to be taught, whatever the point was. ||
The Storyteller (1:05:33 AM): "The vampire is a predator and parasite. We feed upon the herd like a wolf upon sheep, or like a worm in the gut. You are no more, and no less, natural than the wolf or the worm." Abonde said. She shrugged. "You can accept it, or you can torture yourself with guilt. But you cannot change it."
The Storyteller (1:05:34 AM): "Think on it. I return to my studies. If you so wish, return again. Giles, see to her needs." With that, Abonde turned and nodded to Caelan, then departed, back to her study and her magazine. ||
Caelan (1:07:47 AM): She blinked. Well, then. No point in asking for more. Cae turned to Giles with a frown. Not directed at him, really. Just...bemused would be the right word. ||
The Storyteller (1:09:41 AM): "First lessons are always fun." Father Giles said with heavy humor. "Let's retire to the vestry and we'll see about getting you set up." ||
Caelan (1:10:09 AM): "Set up?" ||
The Storyteller (1:11:10 AM): "Food, shelter, educational materials, money, the works." Father Giles smiled. "You didn't think Abonde was just planning to lecture at you once a night? You're part of the family now, 'prentice, and we take care of family." ||
Caelan (1:12:38 AM): "But I--what about my friends? Can I still see them?" A giant red flag went up in her head. Also THE FAMILY in big, bold, shiny neon letters next to a swastika and Charles Manson. ||
The Storyteller (1:14:37 AM): "I certainly don't intend to stop you." Father Giles said. He kneeled down and ruffled the two huge dog's fur. "And I expect Milady would be rather disappointed in you if you just abandoned them." ||
Caelan (1:15:46 AM): Caelan smiled in relief. "I'm glad." ||
The Storyteller (1:17:57 AM): A short while later, Caelan and Father Giles were back in the vestry, while Rufus and Brutus, who between them probably weighed as much as a small car, were lying on the ground and playing tug-of-war with what was probably an elephant's bone. "Now." Giles said, taking out some notebooks and files from another cabinet. "First question, I imagine, is whether you'll be staying here or elsewhere." ||
Caelan (1:21:12 AM): "Is there a requirement of consistency? Sometimes I stay with Rakesh, or Ilkin, if it's necessary. My current...abode," she hugged her arms again, "isn't that significant. But I feel it's protected." ||
The Storyteller (1:22:46 AM): Father Giles shrugged, then grinned briefly. "You're an adult now, I expect you can take care of yourself if it comes to that. I will note that you are not going to find a more protected haven in the city than our crypt, but you can come and go as you please." ||
Caelan (1:23:23 AM): "That would be convenient," Cae nodded gratefuly. ||
The Storyteller (1:25:09 AM): "Fair enough, I can prepare a room for you. Secondly, if you're ever in need of feeding, you can come to our evening sessions of the Hawthorne Circle." Father Giles made a scratch mark in one of his notebooks. ||
Caelan (1:25:34 AM): "Yeah, uh, I-- what is that?" ||
The Storyteller (1:26:10 AM): "Do you want the official, the semi-official, or the actual version?" Father Giles asked, another dry smile playing on his handsome lips. ||
Caelan (1:27:22 AM): "Actual. Is this some weird...orgy of...?" She seemed entirely incapable of finishing sentences around a ghoul. ||
The Storyteller (1:31:51 AM): "Hah! Only when I get very lucky." Father Giles laughed loud enough to cause one of the dogs (Brutus, since he was missing an ear) to look up and in the process lose his bone. "No, not exactly. The official version is that we're the Society of St. Alcuin, a registered charitable organization with a particular focus on education and so-forth. We give money to schools. Semi-officially, we're the Hawthorne Circle, a group of occultists seeking the secret mysteries of the universe, a cabal of diviners guided by me, the Auger, and Milady, the Haruspex." Father Giles said.
The Storyteller (1:32:18 AM): "Practically speaking, it's a number of young, upper-middle class men and women with a taste for the dramatic, and a way for Milady to get regular meals and observe mortals." ||
Caelan (1:34:23 AM): The blood rose to Cae's pallid cheeks. "My colleagues and I are quite en... ((JESUS CHRIST ITS PEARL HARBOR))
Caelan (1:36:08 AM): "My colleauges and I are quite entwined with occult studies, so maybe I'll give them a visit. As long as I'm not some...spectacle." ||
The Storyteller (1:37:52 AM): "Usually I'm the spectacle." Father Giles said pleasantly. "I give a rather good mystical sermon, if I do say so myself. Lastly, you can also draw upon our accounts, if you so need to. Milady is perhaps not as wealthy as some of the vampires in this city, but we're comfortably well off." ||
Caelan (1:39:12 AM): "I'll do so sparingly if I can, thank you." Cae looked antsy. ||
The Storyteller (1:40:33 AM): "Of course." Father Giles said. "And that about covers it. There's also Milady's occult library downstairs, if you ever need it, but I expect you'll end up using it extensively if you stay with us. I hope you know Latin." Father Giles said. "Otherwise... that's it." ||
Caelan (1:42:03 AM): "Thank you, F-Father Giles." He didn't deserve that name, it was going to be difficult. ||
The Storyteller (1:44:19 AM): "You're very welcome." The atheist priest said. Caelan could see the window behind him, and the drops of water that fell on the window as it drizzled outside. She could see the droplets move, and form words, writing out THEY'RE LYING on the window. Then the letters dripped apart, as though they were never there. ||
Caelan (1:45:51 AM): .__________. ))
The Storyteller (1:46:13 AM): [Want to call it an end here?]
Caelan (1:48:43 AM): ((yes))
Caelan (1:48:46 AM): those
Caelan (1:48:47 AM): messages
Caelan (1:48:49 AM): >_>;;
Caelan (1:48:52 AM): somebody is doing that
The Storyteller (1:48:57 AM): Really now.
The Storyteller (1:49:00 AM): Wonder who.
The Storyteller (1:49:12 AM): Well, what did you think?
Caelan (1:49:19 AM): I didn't think Penrose had the power
The Storyteller (1:49:49 AM): I suspect that power aside, that isn't really Penrose's style.
Caelan (1:50:01 AM): hmm
Caelan (1:50:18 AM): well one of my thoughts was a test from Abonde
The Storyteller (1:50:54 AM): Testing what?
Caelan (1:52:05 AM): I had the thought at the first one
Caelan (1:52:15 AM): thought it was a test to see if Cae was willing to go through with it
The Storyteller (1:52:35 AM): Many things are possible. Guess this is something you'll just have to find out!
Caelan (1:52:40 AM): -_- yes
The Storyteller (1:53:07 AM): You needn't sound so enthusiastic.
The Storyteller (1:53:09 AM):
Caelan (1:53:34 AM): haha
The Storyteller (1:54:08 AM): What did you think of Abonde and Giles? (I will beg apologies for the villainous monologuing, but "vampires-are-natural" is sort of a core belief)
Caelan (1:54:19 AM): that's fine
Caelan (1:54:38 AM): I just realized Cae has a set way of thinking to maintain her humanity.
The Storyteller (1:55:47 AM): oh?
The Storyteller (1:55:53 AM): "I'm still human!"
Caelan (1:56:43 AM): haha it's the discussion of right and wrong
The Storyteller (1:57:36 AM): I look forward to seeing how Caelan manages to hold onto that in light of Abonde's lessons.
Caelan (1:57:44 AM): oh sure
Caelan (1:59:24 AM): Ehhh sleepy time. I have to study again tomorrow before the final
The Storyteller (1:59:32 AM): alright.
Caelan (1:59:37 AM): oh wait
Caelan (1:59:45 AM): do you have all of the log or did it get fragmented?
The Storyteller (1:59:51 AM): I think I have it.
Caelan (2:00:01 AM): I only have the last...third maybe
The Storyteller (2:00:10 AM): There's some mechanically-stuff for caelan, but we can do that whenever we get around to updating her character sheet
The Storyteller (2:00:15 AM): (Mentor Merit, etc)
Caelan (2:00:17 AM): yus
The Storyteller (2:00:30 AM): We can talk about that now, or later, up to you
Caelan (2:00:39 AM): but this takes place after the current WS thing right?
The Storyteller (2:01:01 AM): I have no effing clue. Probably after, but I'm not going to make a fuss about it.
Caelan (2:01:06 AM): hahahah
The Storyteller (2:01:29 AM): I'll update WS in the morning as well. I'm getting almost as bad as Kage about that. >_<
Caelan (2:01:35 AM): i figure after since Cae didn't know you aren't supposed to reveal your fangs to ANY human
The Storyteller (2:01:57 AM): Fair enough.
Caelan (2:02:02 AM): ooh right I should bug you, eh?
Caelan (2:02:05 AM): post or something
Caelan (2:02:05 AM): do it
The Storyteller (2:02:11 AM): ...not at 2 AM.
Caelan (2:02:19 AM): yeah, sleepy time. mechanics later
The Storyteller (2:02:21 AM): Bug me when it would actually help.
The Storyteller (2:03:01 AM): But yes, bug. I have a bad habit that I forget things unless there's some kind of constant reminder. In SC there's enough people so that I always get reminders in the form of other people's posts, but this doesn't happen in WS.
The Storyteller (2:03:15 AM): So! Amnesia! Goldfish!
Caelan (2:03:16 AM): yeah I get it