Part 3: Imperial Prison Facility

Part 3: Imperial Prison Facility

Gokkuul, the felucian shaman leads you all on kybuck around the Imperial patrols and to the rear of the facility.

You discover that the prison facility is a relatively squat, two-story building in characteristic Imperial style: gray
walls with a slight outward slant, no visible windows, and a plain visage that leaves no room for accoutrements. The second story of the building is visibly smaller than the ground floor, and blinking lights line the top floor’s edges. A large set of blast doors denotes the ground floor entry to the building, while a single gun turret (which appears to be an E-Web blaster built into the wall) juts out a few meters to the door’s left. Otherwise, there are no other visible entrances or exits to the facility. Five stormtroopers stand guard at the facility’s blast doors, while the low hum of speeder engines indicates that there might be scout troopers on patrol nearby. The more alert of the heroes notices the noises of plants being crushed, indicating the presence of a walker of some kind.

Just as Vek the stormtrooper described, there are two buildings 30 yards away that appear to be barracks and a garage. There is a line running along the ground from the south side of the facility to the barracks. That must be the hardline for the alarm that Mist was told about.

Gokkuul leads you to the northwest corner of the building, where a ventilation grate barely hangs on its bolts. The felucian points at the grate, "There we can enter the cave." The ventilation shaft looks like a medium creature could squeeze through just fine, and a small one will have no trouble going through it at all.

"I suggest," IG-198 says, modulating his voice low so it odes not carry too far. "That we send the Jawa in first. He is small, can travel quietly, and is skilled to recognise any security he comes across. He can enter, find out where the vent comes out and if it is guarded, and then return to us and report."

"Yeah well my parts aren't as easy to replace as yours are." Khen says in response to Eyegee's comment. "I think we should try to see if we can take out the walker that's nearby. If not it might blast us on our way out."

"I disagree. The walker is no threat to us at the moment, and attacking it will achieve nothing other than warning the base we are here. The base will not be able to signal the walker of our attack thanks to the radio jamming that is in place. We can deal with the walker later if need be, maybe even using the bases own defences."

The battle droid turns its red sensors onto the Jawa. "If the Jawa is unwilling to do this, then the next best to is likely to be Mist. Though she will need to be exceptionally focused on the task and not be sidetracked by anything."

"I have to agree with the droid," murmured Ivar. His dismantled rifle strapped to his back after some basic efforts at cleaning was wrapped in a cloth, and he crouched with his green cloak held close over the white armour he wore. Clutching his sabre hilt he eyed the open ground around the base.
"We will find our advantage in speed and surprise. Once we have dealt with any threats inside we can deal with the walker or avoid it. Perhaps we seize the blaster turret."
He looked at Hopla. "I think we will fair better in close quarters though, I don't fancy another shooting match in the open again Imperial troops."

The felucian nods, "Close quarters better for me," as pats the wicked bone axe, seemingly the only possession he has. His skin has completely blended with the scenery where he hides, nearly invisible. If you hadn't known he was here all along, you'd miss him as he sits unmoving, awaiting the decision.

Mist looks at IG-198 and sticks her tongue out at him indignantly.
"That's not very nice" she says, folding her arms across her chest.
Whether by accident or design, she's wearing nothing more than her metal bikini and the boots that she'd been given to cross the first jungle... and the holster containing her sporting blaster.

"I'll do it... but when I die, I'm gonna kick all your asses." mutters Khen, not pleased with his assignment.

Without waiting for a response, Khen dismounts from his kybuck and takes off towards the vent.

Dice Roll: 1d20+20
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 34)

Khen easily approaches the vent unseen, even his allies lose track of him once or twice in the fungal undergrowth. He touches the grate but does not move it.

IG-198 just looks at Mist for a moment. Then without comment, the droid turns and begins scanning the area - this is not the place to be caught unawares by a patrol.


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