Part 3: Imperial Prison Facility

Mist is in no way phased by metal man's dismissive attitude. Instead she turns her attention to Hopla, wondering what is going through his mind.

Khen takes a step back from the grate. He pulls out his blaster. "This is what they get for sending the short guy" He mumbles to himself. He then
let me know if you need a roll for this
shoots the grate.

Dice Roll: 1d20+6
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 18)
The shot heard round the complex
grate, instead of great... never mind:
Dice Roll:
d4 Results: 4, 4, 2 (Total = 11)
grate damage... get it?? "

Much to everyone's shock, Khen pulls out his hold-out blaster and shoots the grate, attached well over his head, off of the building. The tiny blaster seems to echo, "PYEW" and the grate falls with a soft, "thud." It wasn't that loud, but did the Imperials hear it? The background noise of the jungle here is pretty constant and can be tuned out after awhile despite how loud it is.

Hopla crouches beside the others, surprised that Khen shoots the grate off, but not too bothered. Let them come, part of him says. He has his lightsaber, unignited, in hand. He has to tamp down his anticipation of battle. Since coming here, his perspective has changed. He has lost the calmness he once had, the stoicism his master taught him in the face of danger. Now his mind drifts forward expectantly, desirous of the bloodshed about to come. He knows it is wrong, that this place is somehow coloring his thoughts. But part of him doesn't care.

He uses the Force, trying to Unable to find the game forum if any of the guards from the front of the building are coming to investigate.

He notices Mist looking to him. "When battle comes, find cover before you shoot."

What face of the building are the front doors on? And it sounds like the other two out-buildings are to the south, correct?

Ok, here's how I picture it.
Building faces south.
You are at Northwest corner at the grate.
East side has the barracks / motor pool.
Northeast corner has the hardwire links to barracks running from it.

Thank you! Are the potential bunker maps provided by Maya oriented in this way? So the blast doors are at the bottom (south) side of the building, as oriented in Maya's maps? I will assume so, unless you say otherwise.

Khen clambers up and into the grate, not without some effort but it is better to be out of site if a patrol comes. The jawa disappears into the tunnel.

He has been gone nearly half a minute now.


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