Part 3: Imperial Prison Facility

IG-198 instinctively took up a defensive position when Kehn's blaster sounded. When it does not seem that a patrol is coming to investigate straight away he looks at the others.

"We should move into the complex now. After his method of entry, there is no telling what the Jawa will do inside, and if he alerts the defences we would be better inside than out. It is not ideal, but we can no longer wait."

Hopla moves with Mist after Ivar. Once they reach the relative safety of the building, he says, "there are force users within, more than one."

Mist hasn't declared she's moving yet. which do you follow if they both dont' go? Ivar or Mist?



Ivar arrives at the building and the Felucian, Gokkuul is already there, he must have followed Khen using his camouflage like skin.

IG-198 stands ready with weapons to cover the rear. Hopla squats near Mist, locked in eye contact trying to get her into the mindset for battle.

Mist listens to Hopla's advice and nods once. It makes sense to have something in between her and the white armour men.
She carefully follows him, then, just before reaching the building, she feels strange.
"Spiky man?" she whispers, "Why do I feel like you feel like you really want to enjoy breaking white armour men?"


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