Part 3: Imperial Prison Facility

Ivar's eyes hardened "As I suspected, you have indeed lost your way. And this is no mere folly, you are choosing the path you wish, you are already lost in your own heart. What was it Hopla, promises of power, of easy gain? You think you alone can control that which better men have lost themselves too?"
His eyes widened, "Those men are mine to keep safe until they have spoken to the Senator, and then his to decide their punishment. If you wish to continue your lust and weak-mindedness, you will do it in a darkness of your own."
Ivar took a pace backwards then looked away to nudge the two prisoners to their feet. Without another word he took them to another room to sit with them for the rest of the flight.

Hopla responds calmly, "Many worlds impose the death penalty, including your own world of Corellia. Does every Corellian serve the dark side too?" Hopla waves the rhetorical question away. "No matter. The prisoners are safe. Though I think your words have been unwise for other reasons." He looks at the Ubese and Tavitha, then the two other rescued prisoners, who heard Ivar identify the group's benefactor as a senator. He only hopes none of them are spies.

Khen can't help but smile when he realizes that everyone is verbally attacking the Jedi. If it was up to him, and he wasn't getting a payday for delivering the imperial, he would have let Harrot kill him. Khen takes a break from repairing the battle droid and moves over to the Ubese. He stares at him for a moment. "I'm sorry we can't let you just kill him. Talking to Ivar is like talking to a wall, but he's only trying to protect our mission. Still..." Khen pauses a moment and looks around, mostly focusing on the sulking Ivar. He begins speaking in quieter tones hoping only Harrot will hear him, "I'll talk with some of my contacts and see if I can't find a way to get him back in your hands at some point in the near future."

The two ex-prisoners nod to each other and agree, one says, "Consider us signed up. I mean, what else are we gonna do?"

Ivar has headed off to watch over the two actual imperial prisoners with Mist. The droid Crash arrives shortly thereafter and begins helping patch up IG-198.

Maya returns and updates, "The felucian and admiral are resting and healing up in the med-bay. Is everyone staying, do we need to drop anyone off?"

With everyone signing on to join the cause, despite some differences of opinions, the travel is short, only a day in hyperspace. Now you meet up in a Nebula with a Nebulon-A frigate. The Banshee docks and unloads everyone and the stolen speeders. Captain O'Keefe and Crash bid you adieu and stay onboard the baudo-class star yacht.

The staff of the Resurgence all wear Alderannian military uniforms and are very pleasant. Captain Verana is a grizzled old veteran who you can't quite read on how feels about you all or the Imperials brought on board. Though is friendly enough with Ivar, of all people. Each of you get a small standard though private room with a spacer's chest for secure storage.

After the first day on-board, Maya reports to Tavitha that her friends ship has been spotted in the Outer Rim and seems to have escaped any Imperial entanglements. Maya informs everyone that she Ivar, Cone and Rhombus will take Mist to find her friend Atton, as promised. She wishes them the best of luck on their next mission.

You have ten days downtime aboard the Resurgence before you are summoned to the briefing room...
Your story continues here: Episode II: A Wretched Hive


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