Voodoo Girl, Part I

The Storyteller (11:48:54 PM): It was a lovely, warm spring day when Ilkin went flying. There were a handful of clouds in the sky, white and fluffy and far, far above the ground. The odd gusts of wind blew across the north-London helipad to which Ilkin had been instructed to arrive at.
Ilkin is available (11:50:23 PM)The Storyteller (11:50:37 PM): Deborah was near the edge of the pad, dressed in her flight gear, and generally doing a last external examination of a beat-up old Huey, a bubble-glass observational helicopter half the size of Church's old bird. "Hey Jay. What do you think?" This was apparently referring to the helicopter. ||
Ilkin is available (11:50:50 PM)Ilkin (11:53:30 PM): Jay was dressed in his usual business casual. A pair of khakis and a sportsjacket worn over button-up shirt with the top couple buttons open. He beamed and looked the chopper up and down. "Looks like a reliable sort of bird," he said brightly. "Especially in the hands of such a fine pilot." ||
Ilkin is available (11:56:20 PM)The Storyteller (11:56:30 PM): "Flatterer." Deborah said with mock-severity. "It actually looks like a scrap-heap reject, which is preeeetty much accurate." Deborah said. She was dressed in a flight-suit, which in her case consisted of thick clothing with a great many pockets, her blond hair done up in a neat pony-tail. "But it's finally mine except for about eighty-five years of payments, and I can finally fly, so you're being invited on the maiden voyage." ||
Ilkin is available (11:57:35 PM)Ilkin (11:57:42 PM): "Well, I am quite honored," Jay said graciously and produced a small bouquet from his jacket. "A present for her captain as a token of good luck on the maiden voyage." ||
Ilkin is available (11:58:05 PM)The Storyteller (11:59:24 PM): "Flatterer." Church said with a broad grin, taking the flowers and breathing in the scent. "You are smooth. Do you do this to all your captains?" ||
Ilkin (12:01:03 AM): "Only the ones I like," Jay grinned back, "You don't get far in film or newspapers without learning how to be smooth." ||
The Storyteller (12:03:19 AM): "Uh-huh." Church said, still smiling. She had a face built for smiling. It would be hard to call Church beautiful. She wasn't, not really. But she was life and energy all in one compact package, and she had a very nice smile. "Well just so long as you remember that any funny business up there and you're flapping your way home. Come on, let's get this bird off the ground, I feel like I'm putting down roots." ||
Ilkin (12:05:50 AM): Jay laughed. "Yes, ma'am." He gave a mock salute and then clambered into the passenger's seat. As he walked around the chopper, he slid one along the side and focused, imbuing the machine with simple, but effective Fate magic. (Platonic Mechanism)
Ilkin is available (12:06:59 AM)Ilkin (12:09:02 AM): ||
Ilkin is available (12:10:48 AM)The Storyteller (12:12:03 AM): "Respect. I like that." Deb said with a grin and then got into the pilot's seat as well. The Huey only had two seats normally, although two more people could fit in the space normally reserved for baggage provided they were friendly. "Alright. We're going to take her up, spend a few hours zipping hither and thither and yon, and be back here before dark. Sound like a plan, Jay?" ||
Ilkin is available (12:12:15 AM)Ilkin (12:14:02 AM): "Sounds like an excellent plan," he agreed amiably and buckled himself in. "It will be fascinating to see London from above. I only ever get to see from airports when they fly me across the lake for film festivals." ||
The Storyteller (12:16:42 AM): "You say it so casual-like." Deborah teased, even as she carried out the long list of pre-flight preparations. One did not pilot large pieces of metal through the sky without being slightly paranoid about making sure they were working perfectly. Her preparations were at the moment meaningless due to the weave of Fate, but Deborah didn't know that. "London looks better from up above, I promise you that. No traffic, no screaming people, just clean air and a city of ants." ||
Ilkin (12:18:04 AM): "Oh, ants, is it?" the mage riposted jokingly, "Is that what all you fliers think of us poor, lonely groundsfolk? A bunch of ants milling aimlessly about?" He considered a moment. "I do believe there's a movie in that concept." ||
The Storyteller (12:21:54 AM): "It's been done. Attack of the fifty-foot ant. That's B-Movie territory." Church said, even as the Huey launched into the air. It was loud, and Deborah gestured to the in-flight headphones that'd let the two actually communicate. "Next stop, wild blue yonder. Or since we're in London skies, mostly tame blue yonder." ||
Ilkin (12:24:24 AM): Ilkin laughed and put the headphones on and settled in for the ride. Once they were in the air, he leaned over to get a good look at the ground sailing away below. "Fascinating," he mused, "It's absolutely enthralling. I imagine this would make commuting a breeze." ||
The Storyteller (12:26:29 AM): "Problem is that there's maybe two or three commercial helipads in London." Church's voice came across the headphones, turned a bit tinny in the process. "So you're not actually going to get anywhere unless you've got a private island. Any place you want to take a look at?" ||
Ilkin (12:27:10 AM): "Surprise me," Ilkin smiled. || (I have no idea what the sights to see are)
The Storyteller (12:29:45 AM): "You may live to regret those words, boyo." Deborah said with a positively evil smile. She tilted the throttle and the Huey sped off into the sky, moving far more smoothly than a scrap-reject helicopter had any right to. Deborah noticed. "Your work or did the guys undercharge me by half?" ||
Ilkin (12:31:56 AM): Jay blinked and tilted his head at her. "What do you mean?" he asked innocently. ||
The Storyteller (12:33:09 AM): "How about the fact that nothing's fallen off yet?" Deborah said with a wry grin. "When I mentioned the scrap heap I was not joking." ||
Ilkin (12:33:26 AM): "Should I be worried?" Jay replied, matching her grin. ||
The Storyteller (12:36:35 AM): "Wouldn't do you any good, so may as well save yourself some ulcers." Deborah teased with just a hint of gallows humor. "So what have you been up to these days? Locked up in your tower brewing things in a cauldron?" ||
Ilkin (12:39:05 AM): Jay laughed outright at that. "Of course," he said, "You know how we witches and warlocks are. Double, double, toil and trouble, and all that." He shook his head. "No, nothing quite so esoteric, I'm afraid. Work, more work, and helping Rakesh with a haunted house he bought. What about you?" ||
The Storyteller (12:40:06 AM): [I vote that you draw Deborah!]
Ilkin is available (12:40:19 AM)The Storyteller (12:40:34 AM): "Why does the werewolf have a haunted house...?" Deborah asked with a kind of horrified curiosity. ||
Ilkin (12:40:47 AM): ( Hahaha, not tonight. But I do think the WS crew is due for another round of portraits sometime in the near future. )
Ilkin is available (12:40:54 AM)Ilkin (12:41:31 AM): "He, ah, is like that," Ilkin said as if that explained everything. "He's got a sort of mad scientist flow in him. Gets himself into things because they
Ilkin (12:41:49 AM): 're interesting, but misses the consequences. It's why I had to bankroll him for a while." ||
Ilkin is available (12:44:57 AM)The Storyteller (12:45:26 AM): "You lead an interestinglife..." Deborah said, not certain just what more to say to that. Then something caught her attention in front of the helicopter. "If you will pivot your eyes forward, you'll see your first glimpse of London downtown. You can make out the Houses of Parliament if you squint." ||
Ilkin (12:47:12 AM): "You could say that," Jay murmured and looked out the windshield, then squinted as directed. "I can almost see Big Ben from here," he observed with a widening grin, "The whole complex looks remarkable from up here. And yet so much smaller. It feels huge when you're standing in front of it." ||
Ilkin is available (12:48:41 AM)The Storyteller (12:49:16 AM): "Well, I've got a tour plan filed, so let's get a bit closer before people start screaming at us over the radio." Deborah said, moving the Huey towards the ancient City, the heart of London. "Damn but I love doing this." ||
Ilkin (12:50:38 AM): "How long were you flying for the RAF?" Ilkin asked. ||
The Storyteller (12:53:30 AM): "Five, six years, if you're not counting boot camp." Deborah said. "Flew medevac in Sierre Leone, my one combat rotation, then got out of the military and into business for myself. Then you came along and I ended up crashing my first helicopter." ||
Ilkin (12:56:17 AM): Jay laughed. "And you're lucky you met me because now you've another one." He patted the Huey affectionately and craned his head to look down at Westminster Palace as they approached. "Would you go back if you could? Or do you like the freedom of flying for yourself better?" ||
The Storyteller (12:58:35 AM): "In a heartbeat." Deborah said without a second's hesitation. "I love the freedom. It's a true wonder. But what I'm doing? Glorified tour guide, to be honest. Even if my first fare is pretty easy on the eyes." Church said with a grin. "But the chance to go back and do something really useful, that's worth a lot." ||
Ilkin is available (1:00:29 AM)Ilkin (1:01:12 AM): Jay grinned back, and nodded. "Well, if my magic rubs off on you, you'll find no shortage of useful things to do." he said brightly and looked down again. "Westminster looks so different from above. I've never noticed half these gardens and paths." ||
Ilkin is available (1:02:58 AM)The Storyteller (1:05:40 AM): "You keep saying that." Deborah said, then turned her head. "Hullo, would you look at that?" She turned the helicopter to the side, an Ilkin caught a flash of light coming from the rooftop of an office building just north of the city center. "Who has warning lights running at this time of day?" ||
Ilkin (1:06:45 AM): "What does that mean?" Ilkin asked, straining to try and get a better look, "I take it this is different from an emergency phone call?" ||
The Storyteller (1:07:58 AM): "You know how office buildings and just about anything tall has lights on them? It's to keep people from crashing into them at night. Most everyone turns them off in the daytime, unless the weather's bad. So... kind of weird." ||
Ilkin (1:08:58 AM): "Fire?" Ilkin asked, "Should we take a look?" ||
Ilkin is available (1:09:43 AM)The Storyteller (1:10:11 AM): "Might be." Deborah said, more than a little concerned now. "Check to see if your phone works? Calling the police would be faster than going through air control." Coming closer, Ilkin could make out repeated flashes of light now. ||
Ilkin (1:11:11 AM): ( Does it? )
The Storyteller (1:11:32 AM): [yep]
Ilkin (1:12:16 AM): Jay pulled out his phone and dialed emergency. ||
Ilkin is available (1:13:00 AM)The Storyteller (1:14:21 AM): "...Put your phone away Jay." Deborah said suddenly. She turned the helicopter for another fly-by, and Ilkin got a very good look at just what was on the roof of the office building.
The Storyteller (1:18:22 AM): Someone had drawn an elaborate design on the roof of the building, using what looked like chalk or white paint, thick lines crisscrossing in a bizarre fashion. Situated on four stands around the design were large, circular mirrors, angled to catch the sun. It was these flashes of light which Deborah and Ilkin had been seeing before. And in the center of the painted design was a great deal of red, splashed casually about. ||
Ilkin is available (1:19:40 AM)Ilkin (1:20:13 AM): "Kert?" Jay asked. There was a rustling in his jacket pocket and a sleepy-looking lizard stuck its head out, blinked quizzically at Jay and Deb. "What d'you suppose that is?" he asked. The lizard yawned and made a grumpy lizard face, then climbed onto the mage's shoulder and peered out. ||
Ilkin is available (1:21:57 AM)The Storyteller (1:24:25 AM): It was a veve. A religious symbol used in voudon, to call down the spirits, the Loa, down into the summoner. This was the veve of Maman Brigitte, the wife of the infamous Baron Samedi, and one of the Loa of death. The mirrors were new, however, and the veve was altered, with what seemed like Atlantean symbols traced within it. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:VeveBrigitte.svg ] ||
Ilkin is available (1:25:04 AM)Ilkin (1:26:28 AM): "Oh, sod all," Kertenkele swore, "Someone's trying to summon a loa of death. Wife of Baron Samedi. This is a veve, a symbol used to call spirits. Sort of like a summoning circle. Someone Awakened is messing with this -- or someone using Atlantean runes anyhow. Could be the sod has no idea what it really means."
Ilkin is available (1:27:40 AM)Ilkin (1:27:44 AM): Jay narrowed his eyes and tried to see if anyone was actually on the roof. ||
Ilkin is available (1:28:22 AM)Ilkin (1:28:53 AM): "Can we land there?" he asked grimly, "I ought to see what's happened. If it's as dark as it looks, then I'll have to kick a sorcerer in the arse."
Ilkin is available (1:30:26 AM)The Storyteller (1:30:44 AM): "Not a chance. I'm not sure if the roof will hold us." There was also the fact that an unauthorized landing on a rooftop would likely have Deborah's license removed, but the pilot didn't even think about that. "There's a helipad not too far, I can take us there." ||
Ilkin is available (1:32:17 AM)Ilkin (1:32:21 AM): "Righto," Jay said and sat back. He was agitated and it showed. His muscles were more tense and he fidgeted a little in the seat. ||