Voodoo Girl, Part IV

The Storyteller 11:08 pm
"This is going to be sohard to explain if anyone stops us." Deborah commented, carrying the ragged Whim back out the back door of the office building. Given that she was currently carrying a bleeding, green-haired girl, half-naked and wrapped in a flight jacket, this was an eminently rational concern. "Is this the car?"
According to Ilkin's spell, it was. Whim's car proved to be... small. To whit, it was a cherry-red Volkswagon Beetle. It was utterly tiny. It was going to be a pain to fit into. ||
Ilkin 11:12 pm
"She couldn't have a bigger car, could she?" Jay grumbled. "Well, we'll have to make it work. I've made sure people aren't likely to see us." ||
The Storyteller 11:15 pm
"It's a budget car, what do you expect?" Deborah said, getting Whim into the car as gently as she could. The green-haired girl stirred a little nevertheless. "I think she's coming to." ||
Ilkin 11:17 pm
Jay shook his head. "Something with a back seat," he said a little gloomily as he climbed into the driver's seat. "Whim? Are you awake?" ||
The Storyteller 11:19 pm
The goth Guardian just moaned, opening her eyes. They weren't focusing on anything at the moment, however. Deborah got into car as well and closed the door. It was... cozy. ||
Ilkin 11:20 pm
"Well, let's get her to my place," Jay sighed and started the car. ||
The Storyteller 11:22 pm
"I wonder.... does she have a wallet in her pockets? Might have some kind of ID with her own home address on it." Deborah said as the car rumbled to ashthmatic life. ||
Ilkin 11:24 pm
"Take a look?" the Mage asked as he began driving.
The Storyteller 11:26 pm
Deborah started looking checking pockets, muttering something about too-tight pants. Though this in turn got her snickering for some unknown reason. Relief, probably. "Here it is... Ashley Saunders, lives in Camden. No credit cards, just a drivers license and cash." ||
Ilkin 11:29 pm
"Think we should head to her place instead?" Jay asked, "Though it might look odd us carrying her into her own house unconscious." ||
The Storyteller 11:30 pm
"She'd feel more comfortable there... I hope she's got medical gear there. Though if she's mage police she would." Deborah said after a moment's thought. ||
Ilkin 11:32 pm
"Well then off we go!" Jay said brightly and headed toward Camden. "We'll patch her up there. Wonder how she fell into the Guardians. She doesn't seem the type." ||
The Storyteller 11:37 pm
Camden was one of the Inner Boroughs of London, and it was, to put it politely, not one of the nicer parts of town. The address for Ashley Saunders put Whim in one of the old post-war housing projects, a four story walk-up in which Whim occupied a third floor apartment. It was early afternoon, school was still in, and you managed to park the car on the street just next to the front door. "Nice place. Guess being a Guardian doesn't pay much." Deborah commented. ||
Ilkin 11:43 pm
"Being a Mage doesn't pay well," Jay said as he walked in. "I'm just lucky." He glanced aorund to see if anyone was around, then set the bag and snake down on a table and set up the couch for Whim. ||
The Storyteller 11:44 pm
[You're a little ahead of yourself, but I'll zip on through]
Ilkin 11:44 pm
( Oops. )
The Storyteller 11:49 pm
You saw no one as you headed upstairs. Whim's apartment was small, maybe two rooms in total plus kitchen and bath, but at the same time it had a kind of roomy air to it, the main room sparsely furnished, turned almost into a dance floor of sorts. There were some couches along the sides of the room, and a huge terrarium in a corner. Pride of place, however, was devoted to an altar at one end of the main room. A large, black table covered with bottles of rum, framed pictures of odd-looking people or stranger things yet, a model skeleton, and various other obscure things. There was a bedroom off to the side of the main living room, a kitchenette and a bathroom. The air was redolent with the smell of rum, spices, and sex, a heady mixture that prompted Deborah to wrinkle her nose upon entry.
"Potent." Church said, laying Whim onto the couch Ilkin had prepared. The green-haired girl stirred, her eyes beginning to focus on Jay.
The black serpent slithered from the bag and coiled next to Whim, gazing with an inscrutable, reptilian look at Ilkin and Deborah. ||
Ilkin 11:51 pm
"You must be her familiar," Jay said to the snake and smiled, then turned his attentions to the waking girl. "Good day. Feeling a little better? Lie still, we'll patch you up a bit." ||
The Storyteller 11:55 pm
Kertenkele soon found a very complete first aid kit in the bathroom cabinet, even if snake did follow him on occasion. [Any questions about the apartment you wish to ask, feel free, otherwise straight up Int+Medicine, with a +2 bonus for the first aid kit] ||
Ilkin 12:03 am
Jay thanked the lizard and fetched the first aid kit, then set to work. His magic took care of the disinfecting so there was no need to use that stinging disinfectant. The bandages were soon in place and Jay headed into the bathroom to wash his hands. When he returned, he glanced at her. "Awake yet?" he asked. ||
The Storyteller 12:05 am
Whim made some kind of uncertain noise and then slowly levered herself up. "Mm...yeah." The very pretty green-haired girl regarded Ilkin quizzically. "Marduk? W-what's going on?" ||
Ilkin 12:08 am
"Careful," he warned, "You took a nasty hit. Move slowly." He sat down. "From what I could tell, you summoned a loa and sometime afterward got cut up pretty bad. What do you remember?" ||
The Storyteller 12:11 am
"I was up on the Prudential Insurance Building... I set up a calling for Maman Brigitte to put Henri down before he hurt anyone..." The green-haired girl said, then suddenly frowned. "Why that damn little worm. Henri sucker-punched me." ||
Ilkin 12:13 am
"Well your barrier worked, at least," Jay said wryly. "He's still up there, anchored to his photo. You were bleeding pretty hard so we brought you out and took you here. Not before he flung a door at us." He flashed a cheery smile Deb's way. ||
The Storyteller 12:15 am
"Also some shelves." Deborah said with equal aplomb. Whim cast a look from Ilkin to Deborah and back, then just lay back down in the couch and sighed.
The Storyteller 12:17 am
"Sorry about that." Whim said, her cheeks reddening. "Mrs. Kincaid hired me to put down Henri's ghost. Guess Henri had other plans. Little weasel tricked me, he was acting meek as a lamb till he threw my boombox at me." ||
Ilkin 12:19 am
"And here I thought someone unleashed a loa on the city to cause terror and anguish," Jay remarked idly. "Well, I tucked his photograph away up there. With luck it's still there." ||
The Storyteller 12:20 am
Whim stared at Ilkin for a moment, then just laughed. "Sorry, nope. I don't really do terrorizing or anguish. Zombis, I can make a zombi, but that's about it. Who's your lady friend?" ||
Ilkin 12:23 am
"Ah, yes, sorry," Jay shook his head. "Deb, meet Whim. Whim, Deb. Deb's a helicopter pilot. We were out flying when we saw your setup on the roof. Why the Prudential building?" ||
The Storyteller 12:26 am
"Hey." Whim said, casting an appraising look at Deb. The pilot returned the look, somewhat amused. The green-haired girl continued. "Henri used to work at the Prudential. It's kind of a messy story. His daughter died about six months ago, from Leukemia of all things. Henri... didn't really take it well, jumped off the roof of the Prudential back in January."
Ilkin 12:26 am
The Storyteller 12:26 am
Ilkin 12:28 am
Jay winced a little and shook his head. "Very tragic," he murmured, "So how do we get exorcise him?" ||
The Storyteller 12:33 am
"I tracked down one of his anchors, went up there, and was planning to call up Maman Brigitte and then ask for her help to unravel Henri." Whim said, sighing and then wincing at the sudden sting that caused. "He seemed like a calm enough spook, couple of hours and then I can pay the rent. Proooooblem is that Henri isn't as quiet and harmless-looking as he, uh, looks." ||
Ilkin 12:37 am
"We noticed," Jay said wryly. "Well how can we help?" ||
The Storyteller 12:41 am
This prompted a brief and suspicious examination of Ilkin with an eye towards ulterior motives. But since he'd already brough Whim back to her place, Jay apparently passed inspection. The green-haired young woman shrugged. "I do it again, and this time I don't let Henri throw my... hell. I don't suppose you want to come along as assistant drummers or something? Or at least let me borrow a music system?" ||
Ilkin 12:42 am
"We can pick one up," Jay replied, "Need one in particular? And why music?" ||
The Storyteller 12:44 am
"The Lwa like music, so any kind would do. The right kind of music brings them down, so I can horse them." Whim said, as though that explained everything. "I'm just a freelance caplata, uh, freelance witch doctor I guess? So I don't have a congregation of my own. Kind of annoying, but what can you do?" ||
Ilkin 12:47 am
"Well, looks like we have a plan," Jay said, "Why don't you rest. You lost a lot of blood. When you're ready, we'll go try again. I made sure you won't get infected but I'm afraid I can't heal other people yet." ||
The Storyteller 12:48 am
"Thanks... and thanks for bringing DC home." Whim reached out and ran a finger along the black snake's head, causing it to tilt its head a little. She almost looked like she was petting it. ||
Ilkin 12:49 am
"A very reasonable reptile, that one," Jay said cheerfully, "It agreed not to bite me unless I caused trouble." ||
The Storyteller 12:50 am
Whim grinned, which made her look positively schoolgirlish (if the kind of schoolgirl one had naughty dreams about), and Deborah laughed. "Come on... uh... Marduk. Let the girl get some sleep." ||