Ilkin's Side-Incursion (Scene VII.V)

Ilkin (9:41:27 PM): Ilkin hopped out and hurried up to the door, coffees in hand, and knocked. Gary was here, the Mage knew. He might even still be asleep after Fate hit him upside the head. And the coffee would keep him asleep even longer. Ironic, that.
The Storyteller (9:44:00 PM): The Mage had to wait a good five minutes before someone finally answered his knocking. Gary Fletcher opened the door, looking decidedly like something the cat had coughed up. He was dressed in slacks with no shirt, his hair was damp, and he hadn't shaved yet. He peered at Ilkin for a moment as though trying to remember him, then suddenly realized. "Muh-- Mr. Clements! Uh, what brings you here?" ||
Ilkin (9:46:19 PM): "An interview opportunity," Ilkin beamed and held up the extra coffee. "Coffee? You look like you need some." ||
The Storyteller (9:48:34 PM): Gary blinked a few times. His brain had not quite caught up with his body just yet. "Uh... sure. Gimme a minute to get dressed, alright? Um... come on in, and thanks for the coffee." Gary said, taking it from Ilkin and then opening the door wider, letting the Mage inside. Muzzily, he led the mage through the house to a living room, took a quick sip of the coffee, and dodged off to find a shirt. ||
Ilkin (9:50:00 PM): Ilkin walked inside and took stock of the house and then helped himself to a seat. While Gary was off, the Acanthus took a moment to text Ben and inform him he was in. Now it was just to get Gary to sit down long enough for an interview. ||
The Storyteller (9:52:36 PM): The house, given that Gary was an avant-garde director of super-gore horror films, was almost wholesomely suburban. Solid furniture, smoothly polished tables. The one concession to his work was a series of movie stills and posters which intermingled with a variety of landscape paintings. Gary returned in a couple of minutes wearing a polo shirt, his hair even more wet than before. He'd apparently woken himself up by sticking his head in the shower. He sat down across from Ilkin. "So, nice to see you Mr. C. Didn't expect you in this early, but hey, I hope this means you're revved for the movie?" Gary said, the businessman part of his brain now turning on. ||
Ilkin (9:55:34 PM): Ilkin took a moment to tune into the tapestry (Sybil's Sight), then re-introduced Gary to his coffee. "Very much so," he said brightly. He took out his pad and a pen and then sipped his drink. "Robert is a phenomenal set builder and your premise is one of the better ones I've seen since I've started. Could you tell me a little of how you got the production rolling?" ||
The Storyteller (9:57:57 PM): Gary accepted the coffee gratefully, taking a long drink of it. "Well, I said I'd gotten the idea from the whole Y2K scare, plus it's inspired by all those secret-cult-horror families. You know, The Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, along those lines." ||
Ilkin (10:00:40 PM): Ilkin nodded. "Indeed," he said and took another sip, "But I mean more from the actual producing. Were there any interest groups or such that found your movie's philosophy appealing and offered funding? Anyone that opposed it?" ||
The Storyteller (10:02:54 PM): "Well..." Gary said, pausing a bit and taking another gulp of coffee to presumably aid his wits. He was nearly through the cup by now. "Every director has a few people he knows, friendly producers, that sort, who might be interested in a film idea. I pitched it to a couple of folks, though to be honest, I kept it under the radar. You don't want to scary publicity till later in the production, once you're dead sure the movie's being made."
The Storyteller (10:05:05 PM): "To be honest, most of the producers I knew wouldn't touch it. Too neo-Luddist, they said, or would have if they knew what a neo-Luddist was." Gary said with a quick flash of a grin, even as his words began to slow a bit. "Then this Russian film agent got in touch with me. Turned out he'd heard another producer talking about it, he was interested, and he had an angel ready to come in and pay for it." ||
Ilkin (10:07:07 PM): Well, Ilkin mused, it certainly wasn't a premise likely to get an A-list setup in this world. He raised his eyebrow at the Russian mention. "Russians? Interested in the British indie scene? Quite an interesting leap." || (I need to get ready and go, so shall we resume in about half an hour?)
The Storyteller (10:07:21 PM): [Sure thing[
Ilkin is available (10:36:18 PM)Ilkin (10:36:43 PM): Back!
The Storyteller (10:36:52 PM): "I don't know much about the Russian film industry these days, but it's not great, I hear." Gary shrugged, then yawned. "Excuse me. I guess this Mr. Chernenko wanted to invest. Guess I just got lucky, eh?" Gary yawned again, covering his mouth. "Excuse me. Sorry, don't know what came over me." ||
The Storyteller (10:37:38 PM): [Also, hello!]
Ilkin (10:37:41 PM): "Quite all right," Ilkin smiled, "And yes, lucky would be one way to put it. So are the Russian security guards his idea?" ||
Ilkin (10:37:43 PM): ( Hello! )
The Storyteller (10:38:52 PM): "Sergei and Alex? They are. He's also got us the museum loaned and everything." Gary said, eyes starting to close. ||
Ilkin (10:40:03 PM): Ilkin nodded. "How did he manage that? Any ideas?" ||
The Storyteller (10:41:01 PM): "No... clue." Gary said, starting to rise. 'Exc-- excuse me, I think I need more coffee..." The young director did not get up however. His breathing was beginning to level out. ||
Ilkin (10:41:44 PM): Ilkin smiled. "It's all right," he said, "Just rest. Being a producer is strenuous and you've probably worked yourself nearly to death." Though he wasn't sure if Gary even heard him. ||
The Storyteller (10:42:55 PM): The director slumped in his couch, breathing even. According to the prescription, the pills should keep him knocked out till evening, after which point something else would have to be done. ||
Ilkin (10:43:27 PM): "Good enough," Ilkin murmured, "Sleep well, Mr. Fletcher. We'll fix your mess and your movie will do quite well." ||
The Storyteller (10:44:38 PM): [Alright! Have you got a plan for when Gary wakes up after eight hours?]
Ilkin (10:44:55 PM): ( Not particularly. >-> )
The Storyteller (10:45:54 PM): [Have Ben watch him? Or some other friend or contact of yours? You could come back and force-feed him more pills, though I'd be cautious about that since you don't want to OD him]
Ilkin (10:46:17 PM): ( Sure. Ben or Marc could do it. )
The Storyteller (10:46:35 PM): [I shall have to figure out how Ben manages this. I expect it to be hilarious and/or resulting in a felony charge]