Exploring Castle Rivenroar


Panitari bows to the councilman and says, "Councilman, Yes you can very well say that. We were outnumbered and most of us were badly hurt if not dying after trying to save Dawn here from the hobgoblins and goblins. I myself was hurt as well, but was able to save her and come back here to see if we can get more help from you. And while we were here we were able to talk to the hobgoblin prisoner and learn some new things about Castle Rivenroar; which is where they are... and they are not alone. There are some other kind of beasts living there as well."

"Hmmm.... and what type of help did you come here seeking?" asks Councilman Troyas.

"More willing and able men and women who are willing to help save your towns people and the Town for that matter, sir." says Panitari

The guard on the left shifts to the side slightly, getting a better view to read Councilman Troya's face.

The look on the Councilman's face is not a promising one. He doesn't speak for a few moments as he considers the request. "I hired your small group to go into the lair of the enemy because the other council members were reluctant to try and follow the goblinoids back to wherever they came from. Sending men to help you save your own companions seems hard to swallow. If we send our soldiers out, then our defenses here are left wanting." He rubs his chin as he thinks over the request some more and Author can tell that he wants to say yes, but he fears the repercussions of the other council.

Author exchanges a glance with the guard next to him, who isn't really looking at him. He then acts, as he is a man of action. Loudly, from the door he exclaims, "THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!" He then walks up to join into the coversation, his face smiling, confident, "Sir, I must speak my mind. We know where the miscreants who attacked us are, how can we not strike back. Even more so when two beautiful and dangerous adventurers are asking for our aid. Townsfolk are taken. This cannot stand. I will go, and I'm sure a couple of others will go with me. Stigley always likes adventure." The handsome guard nods as if it is decided.

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The elf almost looks angry at first when Author speaks out of turn. His eyes then change a bit as he listens to him speak. He holds his hand out in front of him, "I understand your points precisely Author. My biggest concern is that we barely managed to hold our town together during their first incursion. We still aren't fully sure how they got so deep inside our city before we noticed their attacks. Still... if they are under attack themselves, they would be less likely to attack us."

He covers his face for a moment as he weighs the options. He sits straight up in his chair as he speaks again. There is a tiredness to his voice, The rest of the council will likely have my head for this, but okay. I will send you four men to take the places of those you have lost. "Author since you volunteered to go, I will send you in command of the others." He points to Paldorn standing silently at the back of the room, "You'll take Paldorn with you as well as Draco Stoutburner. They are both fairly new to the militia, but under your guidance I think they will serve the city well. Also Stigley is a good suggestion. Honestly he frightens me a bit -- not sure I like having a Deva in our ranks. Take him with you, even if he dies, he'll just come back in a few weeks or years."

His words about Stigley are a little confusing to Dawn, Panitari and Paldorn. They haven't been around to know the strained history of the silent soldier. In fact Stigley was last seen in the fight against the original Red Hand 10 years ago and died in that battle. When he returned from the dead (for the second time if truth is told) a week later, he returned to his duties as a guard and has been here ever since. There are many rumors surrounding Stigley: He's a deva, he's a construct, he's undead. No one is really sure. He has been a member of the guard for three generations and never advances in rank. He seems content with his place as a soldier for Brindol.

"I do have a few stipulations. As I am reluctant to send my men in the first place, I want them to return here immediately if your friends are found alive. Their place is here inside the walls of Brindol. Even if they have to come back one at a time, so be it. I want them back here as soon as possible. If your companions were killed, then I want them to continue with you until the situation has been dealt with. In this case, they will be entitled to the share of treasure that would have been given to your fallen companions." Eoffram's voice suddenly gets loud, as if he wants to make sure that Dawn and Panitari understand what he is about to say clearly. "HOWEVER, I want it understood that my soldiers put their lives on the line for only 5 silver a week. Should I lose one or more of them to this quest of yours Then I will take a years slaray out of your reward to give to their family to help them with their loss. If you agree to these terms, then we have a deal."

Dawn, Human Artificer

Dawn nods in agreement to the councilman's words. "I see no problem with your conditions. I will do my best to see all of your guards return safely. If any don't return," she directs her attention to Panitari, "we'll take it out of my share first." Dawn felt it was the least she could offer for the efforts Panitari and her party had put toward rescuing them.

"Honorable Councilman, the hobgoblin back in the stocks mentioned a Horror they were feeding with the prisoners captured in town. Getting back quickly to the castle ruins would be important to saving lives and hopefully preventing the Horror from becoming a greater danger... whatever it is. Would you lend us horses so we could make our way to the castle more quickly?"

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Eoffram Troyas smiles a bit, "it is my understanding that some of your group helped to free the horses from Khen's stable over near the Antler and Thistle Inn when the fires were started. From what I have heard his rebuilding is slow and the horses he normally sells are costing him money to store at another stable. I'm sure that since your group is responsible for saving them that he will be complicit. I will send word for him to lend the city six of his horses, though any that do not return will have to be settled by your group. "

At the mention of his name, Paldorn had snapped to attention. The over eager movement sent echoes around the chamber, as the haft of his halberd collided with his armoured side. A feeling of excitement at the adventure ahead and the chance finally to prove himself to the others, mingled with a fear of the goblins themselves, washed through Paldorn.

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