Exploring Castle Rivenroar


Panitari Calls after Bel and says " We do not have time right now to go back and search we must hurry.""

Search Results

Bel is unable to recover any arrows still in tact. Bel and Panitari search the mushroom chamber, cautious not to disturb the mushrooms. Once their search is concluded there, Bel moves on to the Entry Chamber where Zorn has already begun a search.

Mushroom Chamber

Zorn and Bel take the chamber in a little more perceptively now that they aren't fighting. The floors are made of Flagstone entirely. It was obviously well constructed, but long ago. They read the plaques above each doorway as they search the bodies.

Entry Chamber

Having claimed a second shortsword for when her arrows run out, she gathers up the torch and a flail and returns to the mushroom chamber.

Bel drops a flail and a shortsword beside Slygoth, "Why don't you see if your bulging muscles can free up that fancy and probably magic belt over there."

She looks over the others, "Which of you has a free hand to carry the torches? Slygoth and I operate best with two handed weapons or double weapons."

She suggests, "I suggest we start our search in the entry chamber. I suggest we always go right as much as possible, so as to not get lost too badly. In case of retreats make lefts to exit if you are lost. Sound reasonable?"

Zorn takes a hand crossbow and the bolts, and makes his way back to the mushroom chamber.

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

"It's not my muscles that are bulging, more's the pity." Slygoth pats at his stomach, then retrieves the weapnos dropped by Bel. "How anyone fights well with weapons so small, i don't know."

Still grumbling to himself he goes to retrieve the belt indicated by Bel.

Stat Block

The skeleton lies across the room (square C 11). Large rocks and debris cover the skeleton's lower body and chest. Only hints of the belt can be seen amidst the rubble and tattered clothes. It is going to take some heavy lifting to recover the article of clothing.

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

Slygoth looks down at the rubble and shakes his head. "I'm not a bloody Ox... or what ever it is farmers use to bloody shift stuff!"

Leaning over he takes a firm grip on the larger piece of rubble he can get to and heaves...

Stat Block


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