Exploring Castle Rivenroar


"Sounds like a good idea to me." says Panitari

Bel walks over and hands a torch to Sengir and the other to Panitari, "You two can handle he lights, right?"

Bel suggests, "We should go back to the start and head right. These ropes head up to the first level, and I believe they just fled here for safety from the Rage Drakes." She spits at the carcass as she says its name.

Slygoth shrugs. "I reckon that it fled this direction for more than protection from these big lizards, and say we should go on from here. But then I ain't a tracker like yourself..."

Zorn looks over at Bel. "'Twould be a good idea to do so. Though there are innocent folk who need to be saved, it would be unwise of us to not ensure a clear path of escape, or not to prevent the possibility of a future ambush on the way out."

Taking the torch from Bel, Sengir nods to the question, "Let's continue onward and end this madness. I'm also not sure of my or others climbing ability."

Bel looks up at the ropes, "I don't want to explore this lower level until we've exhausted what is above and could be dropping in on us." She gestures at the two ropes leading up out of the rooms. "Let's clear those two crypts upstairs really quick and odds are we'll find out where those ropes go as well. Then we'll clear this lower level, sound alright to everyone?"

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