Exploring Castle Rivenroar


"That works for me,but let's just do it quickly." says Panitari

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

Slygoth shrugs again. "Which ever way we go, we won't be in a great tactical position. So, as long as we get moving I am happy to do as you suggest."

Stat Block

Bel nods, leading the group up the stairs, to the entry chamber to head to the door on the right. Once there, she checks the door, listens at it and then lets the normal marching order resume as she reports her findings.

The group returns to the flagstone floors of the entry chamber. As they assemble there, Bel moves to the door. She soon returns to the group. The door that (according to the placard above the door) leads to the Von Jallach family crypt is not locked or trapped. She couldn't hear anything through the doors though, as the doors to this place seem to be proofed against sound - most likely to give the families some privacy.

The doors open up into a hallway that turns almost immediately to the north. Looking back at the doors, there are sliding latches that can be used to close the doors from the inside (but there is no access to this lock from the outside). As they round the corner, they see another set of stairs leading down into the darkness. The flagstones here are slightly damp, some covered in moss. The stairs also look to be covered in a light coat of moisture. They will have to be traversed
The stairs count as difficult terrain due to the moisture, you CAN move normally, but you risk falling.
cautiously. The flagstone floor does not seem to be wet enough to affect their movement otherwise.

Bel Unable to find the game forum for Unable to find the game forum in the moisture.

There are no obvious tracks (ie impressions or obvious footprints), though she can see smears of mud, or spots where the moss has obviously been disturbed. Something went through here recently, probably multiple somethings, but Bel can't tell what or which way they were headed.

Bel reports, "We've had traffic here. This leads back down, lets check the other crypt first before leaving the level. Still don't want any unexpected surprises behind us, right?" She leads the others to the other crypt on this level, checking for Unable to find the game forum and then for Unable to find the game forum.

Slygoth stomps along, grumbling under his breath each time they stop and he has to make way for Bel to come through and do her thing. It's hard to make out if he's grumbling about stopping, letting the elf through, or the weapon he is carrying... possibly it's all three.

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