Exploring Castle Rivenroar

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

Slygoth takes a step back as Vegan attack hits. The blinded human warrior crouches in a defensive position his axe weaving in front of him. "Anyone want to tell me what's going on!"

Dawn goes to free the woman in the corner. "My name is Dawn," she says as she Unable to find the game forum the woman.

"But... But... the monster..." says the elven woman as she throws her arms around Dawn, happy to embrace someone else after the hell she has gone through with the goblins. Her eyes are trained on the gruesome sight that is the minotaur.

"The goblin is dead," Dawn yells at Slygoth. "You're not deaf too are you? Did you not hear a giant minotaur come charging by you followed by a dying goblin's scream? And stop swing that axe and wait for the magic to wear off, you'll take someone's head off!"

"Namely mine," she whispers feeling the top of her head.

She returns the freed woman's embrace awkwardly. "Um... monster...?" She stammers out, clearly uncomfortable with the situation. "Have... you... been fed? Do you need food or water?"

Author catches his breath, makes sure Slygoth is recovering before approaching the elven woman, "Thank Brindol we got to you in time. Have you seen any of the others or know where they may be?"

You may want to get the goblin off your horn now before you scary the poor woman to death!" Vegan hears in his head from Panitari as she carefully walk over to Dawn and the Woman and says to her"Please do not fear our new friend the minotaur, His name is Vegan and mine is Panitari "

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

"Of course I'm not deaf, girl. I heard something charging but it could've been anything, as for the scream it could have been yours as far as I am concerned. I'm blind remember. Whoerver walked passed me is like I didn't cleave them in two!"

Slygoth carefully makes his way to a wall, and leans against it waiting for his vision to clear.

Dawn gently sets the woman down against the wall then fishes out a flask for her to drink from and bit of food from her rations. "Don't take too much, it'll make you ill if you haven't eaten much," she warns the priestess.

"Have you seen anyone else around here?"

After Dawn has seen to the priestess' needs she goes and administers her healing to Slygoth, "You'll be the death of yourself with your recklessness," she says as an uncorked vial seals the bold blue haired bruiser's wounds. When she finishes she goes and does the same for Author. "Perhaps we sent off Paldorn too early," she says to the charismatic guard captain. Sometimes she thought he smelled of fish.

ooc: Is this a milestone? Healed slygoth and author. She'll take 2 surges from Panitari to recharge her infusions. I've updated the sheet accordingly. Vegan's down 6 but he'll need to spend one of his 2 left if he wants to be full.

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