Exploring Castle Rivenroar

Dawn notices that a lot of traffic moves through the main room that they came into. She can't tell for sure if any of the scrapes or dirt belong to the boy, but there is a lot of movement through here in every direction except to the west. Even though the doors to the stairs are open, there are almost no signs of movement in that direction.

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Dawn listens at the door, but she can't hear any sounds coming from that direction. Taking a chance that it is safe, Dawn opens the door as the others gather and form up. Jalissa is near the rear, though it is obvious she is uncomfortable staying in this dungeon any longer than she must. The door opens up, and light begins to fall on the darkened hallway beyond.

They can see that shortly past the doorway, the hall splits off in three directions. There are passages to the east and west that they can't see down. To the north, however there seems to be a staircase leading down deeper into the dungeon. Looking through here there is evidence of muddy tracks and drag marks going in every direction. They appear somewhat humanoid, but they are too smeared to be certain. Even stranger, the muddy tracks also seem to bee on the walls.

Suddenly, from down the stairs they hear a very faint, very hoarse voice call out, "Hey, you ghouls, where you going?"

It doesn't travel well, and they would have missed it if they had been talking, but Author, Sengir, Panitari and Slygoth are all pretty sure that the voice belonged to Bel. It sounds terribly weak though.

Author freezes and whispers, "That was Bel, did she say girls or ghouls?"

Yes it was Bel and I am not sure if she said Ghouls or girls ether, all I do know is she should hurry to aid her but we must also do it quietly and carefully says Panitari

"I will try to see if I can talk to her with my mind to let her know we are coming and to see if there is anyone else with her."says Panitari

"Bel it is Panitari if you can hear me,Just know we are on our way.Is there anyone else with you?"

"If it was girls then her time as a prisoner is a lot different than mine was."

Slygoth takes up his position at the front, axe at the ready, eyes scanning ahead for any sign of ghouls... Or girls.

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