Exploring Castle Rivenroar

Headed Upstairs....

The group begin searching. Sengir, and Slygoth keep a watch while Dawn, Vegan, Bel and Panitari do all the searching. They start in the pool room and work their way up. They find nothing in the Pool room, the room with the black sun emblem, or the fountain, but searching some of the bodies in the alcoves near the fountain does turn up a good bit of coin.

They stop in the room where they fought off the goblins and hobgoblins to rescue Jalissa. There are still bodies laying around as well as the pile of loot that the others decided against taking. Bel sifts through it and the best armor she sees is smelly orc armor. It's not going to be flattering, but it is the best she has - at least so far. Despite the smell, Bel dons the armor. It bears the Red Hand insignia which Slygoth doesn't like, but there's little she can do about that and it is only a temporary fix.

The group heads upstairs into the wen-filled room. They quickly notice that all the bodies are gone. They can only hope that Author took the guard captain's body, but they can't see a reason for him to haul off the three ettercap corpses. Could they have still been alive? More cautious now, the group heads down to the cells where they found Sertanian. They give it a once over, but as expected they find nothing of value in the small cells. This is the last area they have to search where danger should have been eliminated. Now they head back up the stairs and through the upstairs barracks to avoid jumping over pits.

As they pass through the room both Dawn and Slygoth smile, for it was here that they finally recovered their beloved weapons (along with Bel's and the others). They then head down the spiral staircase and into the room with all the sarcophagi. Bel recognizes the room. She remembers seeing Slygoth hanging over the small pit where the goblinoids commonly relived themselves. It wasn't a pleasant sight. They move up to the set of double doors that they have never been through.

After checking it for traps they find it unlocked and untrapped. The push open the doors expecting a fight, but find a hallway instead. The hallway seems to slope down some and then head around a corner. Very much like a ramp, but not very steep. They cautiously follow the hallway around the corner where the ground levels out. It opens up into an odd shaped room. Four statues of displacer beasts, their eyes glowing a light amber color, stare at you. Beyond them is a candlelit altar. The candles have burnt down to almost nothing and they are giving off just a bare flickering of light now. There is a
symbol on top of the altar. It is a purple ring with a solid black marble
I originally described this as a raven from the pool room, but I have since re-looked at the Forgotten Realms gods and altered it. Religion check please, and Panitari will have a -10 to that check since she is not from this world.

There are remnants of rope tied to both sides of the altar. Where Bel remembers seeing Addy at in the scrying pool. The ropes looked chewed through. There is blood splattered all over the altar and the ground around it, but it doesn't look like enough blood for someone who bled out. Even though Addy is no longer here, perhaps she isn't dead... or her body was moved before it bled enough to prove her fate. Bel scans the room and notices a good deal of rat droppings scattered around the room. Large rats from the look of them.

Bel says, "This doesn't look at all forboding. However I need to try and figure out if Addy died here or not. We're going to have to go in."

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

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Slygoth looks at the displacer beast statues with a frown. "It'd be just my luck...

He moves into the room with the others, alert for any danger.

Stat Block

"Shar," she says recognizing the symbol. "They worship some old dark gods in this place. "Let's see what else is in here and keep moving if need be." Dawn moves into the room, keeping an eye out in the dark corners for gnomes, searching the room, and trying to find clues about what this room is used for and what may have happened to it's previous occupant.

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