Exploring Castle Rivenroar

Bel enters warily, looking first for clues about what happened to Addy.
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As Slygoth and Vegan look upon the symbol of Shar atop the altar; the two of them can't help but think about their own lives. Could this goddess Shar be influencing their decisions... their desires. The two have so much more in common than they really even know. The original Red Hand of Doom impacted them both in terrible ways... Bel too.

Bel, Dawn and Slygoth all enter the room while Sengir, Panitari and Vegan all hang back in the hallway. As the trio move past the glowing amber eyes of the displacer beast statues they fully expect something to happen, but nothing does. Perhaps they are simply decoration. They spread out and search the room. Bel concentrates more at the Altar looking for signs of Addy.

The room itself seems to have no secrets, at least none that they can find. So they fully expect to find something at the altar, or at least trip a trap there that sends the statues charging towards them or spitting lightning. They still find nothing. Bel on the other hand is more interested in finding her step-mother than secret chambers or trap triggers. She finds loose hairs and a ripped piece of cloth. The hair is Addy's for sure and the the cloth is from one of Addy's night shirts. She finds that the blood stains are layered, some older than others, but all recent. Then there are the chewed through ropes. Addy couldn't have chewed those herself.

Her best guess is that Addy suffered many wounds over time that were delivered to her possibly by some guards, but certainly by rats. Several rats. The droppings on the floor and the blood spray tell her that the guards here (if any) let the rats bite and tear at her. She would guess that rats chewed through the ropes. She still doesn't see enough blood to make her believe that Addy died here... or at least she didn't bleed enough here for death. She could have been taken below to the horror... this wight. But the chewed through ropes give her the hope that Addy may have escaped.

If she had no guards and the rats chewed through the ropes, she may have gotten out of here on her own.. or she may be wandering around the complex on her own. The floors of this place are too damned clean to see any foot prints. If Addy made it outside, she might pick up something there, but with all their own foot traffic in and out that will be hard to do... and that's if she even went outside. She might have wandered around here. She could be anywhere.

Worse than that, if she was repeatedly bitten by rats she might have Filth Fever. She might be sick and delirious. Bel has gotten the worst outcome she could hope for. She knows Addy was here, but now she has more questions... more worries, than answers...

She doesn't know if Addy is still alive or dead...

Sengir walks in the room with the three that have entered already, looking around the area. "Did you find anything?"

"No," Dawn replies. "There's only the stairway down now, right? Let's head that way. We might be able to find the others further down." Dawn suggests.

With no one opposing Dawn's plan of action, the group heads to their first destination. They bypass the stairwell that they believe leads to Sinruth's lair, and instead head back north. Sinruth's body is still lying where he was killed. Slygoth gives the body a booting and adds some spit to the corpse as the press on. They move through the room with the black sun on the floor and their lights grow horribly dim.

Once they cross the room and enter the hallway, their lights come back into full effect. The hallway heads north. Slygoth and Vegan are up front and they think they can make out a set of doors just outside of the light's span, but it is too hard to be sure. The floor of the hallway has a huge crack running down the center of it towards the door. The stonework there has obviously been disturbed by a small quake at some point, and the group can't be sure how safe it is to walk upon the floor there.

Bel sees no evidence of any foot traffic heading in that direction. It looks like even the Red Hand have been avoiding this direction for the sake of safety.


The rain pours down. It has been a long hard night for Petra Perek. Things have not gone quite the way she had hoped. She pats down the last of the dirt on the three freshly dug graves. Her hands are blistered and raw from the work she did. Without the proper tools she was forced to dig all three graves by her own hand. They are in pain and nearly useless now. She can't quit yet. There is still a little more to do as the sun prepares to come up. She finds three large stones and places one each at the heads of the graves. Then from the potion bracer on her lower right arm she pulls out a vial with a bubbly green substance in it.

Petra looks around as her left lower arm clutches the wound to her side. Her mandibles click and clatter as she finds what she is looking for. With her upper left arm she breaks off a long stick and pulls off the leaves and small branches. She then moves back over to the stones. Petra unstoppers the vial and a noxious fume begins to bubble out. She puts the stick inside the vial and the green fluid begins to burn and eat at the wood. Quickly she uses the acid to etch the word "Neb" into the first stone. She moves to the second stone and etches in "Ylier".

Then she moves over to the last stone. The stone of her youngest. This is the hardest for her to do. Not just because the name is the longest, but because this was her baby... her youngest child. She had tried to raise them well, but they had fallen too far from their human heritage. When Sinruth drew them into the Red Hand, she knew she would lose them. She had hoped they would see reason... that they would come home, but that just wasn't in the cards. They did horrible things with the Red Hand. Things a mother can't be proud of. Still... she was a mother... she etches in the last name in the third stone, "Enaj Yram".

She steps back to look at the three graves. The last monument to her family. She moves her lower left hand and blood continues to gush from the wounds she received fighting that specter. She was too old and out of practice. She falls to her knees wishing she had more time to see her old friend. More time to help him fix his head. At least she left him one last message... one last clue... hopefully it will find its way safely into him hands. Hopefully he'll be able to finish what they started so many years ago.

As the sun finishes rising, Petra Perek collapses to the ground, on top of the graves of her children. Tears roll out from her many-faceted eyes and her last thought is, "I hope he remembers me..."

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