Exploring Castle Rivenroar


Dawn sighs after she finishes looking through the room.

"Let's keep moving," she says leading the others north when they're done.

Slygoth rolls up the Brindol chain and rigs up a sling so he can wear it over his back, with the intention of returning it to Brindol. He'd prefer not to be wearing red hand Armour, but figures he and the group is better off the longer he can stay on his feet so sticks with the better armour.

Once he is done he forms up with the others reay to go.

As Slygoth grabs the armor, a similar
5 Cold Damage
chill hits him. He mostly ignores it as he prepares for them to move on. They form up and head down the hallway. It leads around the corner and into a small chamber. Dawn recognizes it immediately as does Bel. This is the room where Sinruth seemed to spend most of his time - the same room Dawn saw the gnomes ransack.

There is a lantern hanging on the north wall, but the oil is apparently nearly gone as it gives off almost no light now. Under the lantern it looks like there are a couple of maps that have been nailed up to the wall. There is a sarcophagus in the southwestern part of the room. The sarcophagus lid has been removed and lays on the floor beside it. There is no sign of the helm that Dawn had seen on top of the sarcophagus in the pool.

There is little else visible from the doorway.

Dawn once again cautiously searches the room and the sarcophagus.

"I don't think we should have let those gnomes get away," Dawn says as she looks into the looted room.

Vegan helps Dawn search the room and sarcophagus "I agree, anything working for the Red Hand should have a horrible fate. But I think that battle would of had a different outcome if we went after them.
Dice Roll: 1d20+10
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 13)

The two begin to search the room. The sarcophagus is empty. It looks like it held a body once, but the body has been removed (or left on its own accord). It can't be known what else might have been in there, but there is nothing else of value in the room, except perhaps the lantern itself. Though with the everburning torches in their possession, the lantern seems antiquated.

There are two maps on the north wall that Vegan and Dawn are looking over. One shows the road leading into and out of Brindol, as well as the way leading to Castle Rivenroar. It is marked with advantageous ambush spots. Dawn easily recognizes one of the areas as being where she was grabbed at. The other map is a map of the city of Brindol. The only thing on it is a big red "X" on one of the buildings near the middle.

"Anyone know what this is?" She asks pointing at the large X in the map. Dawn will take down the maps and bring them back to town. If nothing else, it prevents anyone else from using them for ill will.

Once everyone is done here Dawn will suggest heading toward the alcove, the last area they haven't checked.

ooc: It is the alcove that's left, right?

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