Act 2, Scene 4: Questions and Concerns

Act 2, Scene 4: Questions and Concerns

Standing outside the Gate of the Eagle you speak in hushed whispers as Orion outlines his objections and Rune and Boone recount how they were accosted earlier.

You have only moments before Yanath and Topal, the two Tecuhltli warriors Olmec ordered to escort you to Xoltanac, catch up with you.

It's so rude to attend a party uninvited. I say we evade these two interlopers and do a little sleuthing.

Orion nods, "These maidens and their queen may hold some malevolent sway over their followers. I will follow you."

I'm glad you guys wish to go forward to the crypts. We shall have to evade our uninvited "party members" and head back the way I came.

grumbling lightly Greils shifts his pack with slight unease. Boone, what you and buckethead may not have heard is that the princess we saw was actually the woman that was at the cause of the whole thing. Our "Friend" said she uses sorcery to stay young so we may need to watch out for whatever other tricks she may have. with a quick knuckle rap across his shield Greil grins. So we're losing the chumps then, alright this should be fun.

As Yanath and Topal arrive a few furtive glances are exchanged between you, and you set off into the city. Letting the two Techultli take the lead, Orion spots a likely looking alleyway and motions for the others to sneak down it while their escort isn't paying attention. Finley leads the way though the alleyway and buildings beyond. Without windows or land marks or its difficult to navigate and soon you find yourselves hiding behind a railing overlooking your escorts below.

"I think they went this way"

"I saw the Wizard take that left though?"

"We need to find those outsiders now! Olmec will have our heads if we don't bring him theirs!"

"Do you think they suspect something?"

"I don't know, but the sooner they're dead the better!"

I hate it when others try to double-cross me, but at this moment I will let them go. But they should know that I will return and take their lives.

We could try to get information from them... Greil says looking down upon the two warriors. His own suspicions confirmed by their dastardly words. Something much more complicated is going on here than just two simple warring factions. Probably magics. He grumbles the last part looking over to Rune as if to blame the existance of their situation on the warforged.
Rubbing his hand on his temple trying to think straight he finally says, I never knew which trails to start with, i just hammered through them, They haven't offended me enough...yet so I vote to make our way through the gate.

Patting the great warrior on the back Orion nods, "There has been so much needless suffering today, whatever their sins no man deserves more." Looking back towards the gate he says, "I worry for the welcome we will receive on our return. But we should return, and if there is such a curse free these poor souls."

I believe that we can sweet-talk out way through the front door.


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