Act 2, Scene 4: Questions and Concerns

You slip away back towards Tecuhltli as Yanath and Topal continue their search in vain.

Back at the Gate of the Eagle Finley pounds on the bronze door and shouts, and soon the heavy door swings open and you squeeze through as soon as you are able. On the other side are half a dozen armed Tecuhltli evidently surprised to see you. Other Tecuhltli are still clearing the great hall of the dead and washing blood off the walls.

"What of Yanath and Topal? Did you see the Crawler?"

"Shut your mouth, fool! Olmec must be told!"
turning to you one of the Tecuhltli says, "Come, Olmec is in the throne room."

You'll keep your mouths shut or I'll gut you and make necklaces of your entrails! You saw what we did to the Xoltanacas!

If you wish to keep your bodies intact and not blown apart by the cosmic energies coursing through my metallic body, you will keep quiet and let us pass. We have other matters to attend to before we can meet with Olmec, and if one word of this reaches his ears I will return and pass you off as my new skin graft for a while. With a menacing glare at the guards, Rune walks toward the crypts without even waiting for an answer.

with an audibly loud groan Greil streches his arms out to his full wingspan letting his shadow fall over the Techulti in front of him. Don't worry about us. Keep to your posts. If that Xolotanaca rabble can get in whats to keep the Crawler from storming your keep, and you'll want all your manpower to stop it. He says leaning over to soldiers in front of him.

Boone sighs. "You'd best do as my companions have suggested. I think they mean what they say. Personally, I'd hate to see anything untoward happen."

Diplomacy Check
Dice Roll: 1d20+14
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 24)

Squeezing through the gate Finley stiff arms his way through the Tecuhltli warriors as Rune points over his shoulder to direct him towards the doorway down towards the crypts below. The Tecuhltli quake visibly at the verbal abuse laid upon them by Rune and Greil. Orion's silent stoicism is intimidating in its own way as Boone's gentler words do little to calm the fears of the Tecuhltli.

Finding the door, Greil raises his hammer and with a heavy blow batters it off of its hinges and you descend into the darkness of the crypts. The stones are dusty and the air is cool as water drips from the ceiling in places. In the distance you can hear voices.

Succesfully bashing his way in Greil smiles lightly to himself. Doors really are only a hurdle you bash through instead of jumping over. As the group begins it's treak into the Crypt Greil takes a postion in the front using his navigation experience to help him get closer to the voices.

As they enter the crypts Orion looks around, glancing over the walls and celling. Above them he spots a thin grey line of soot. "They took torches this way. We can follow that." he says, pointing over Greil's shoulder to the thin layer of dirt.

Despite being made of metal, Rune cannot help but hate being down under the ground away from his celestial skies. "Let us go after those wenches as quickly as possible so I can return with their blood on my dagger and back to my cosmos." Looking elsewhere than what Orion has noticed, Rune attempts to locate his way down the stairs into the crypt.

"Allow me," Boone says. He holds up his sword, and it erupts into light, illuminating the area immediately around him so that all can see well. "Now I think we may safely proceed wherever necessary."

OOCBoone casts his Light Cantrip, which is a Close Burst 4.


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