Bring it ~ Looks at the other members hoping for them to step in line

psstt, uhm your supposed to jump 'im!
You go right I go left! huzzah!

I will admit that Javek was an application for another game, and normally I wouldn't cut and paste him (with minor tweaks for campaign's sake) but I really kind of liked him. He's a bit of a loser and it fits him nicely.

I could be talked out of the Oracle class for something like Sorcerer but that would not stop me from pushing to the front of the battlelines for his odd sense of honor and power. As for the second class, that's up for debate as well. I could go Fighter to simply wash down the Mercenary-via-Pathfinder Society member concept, but that may be a bit... boring. Possibly rogue? Ranger? I'm not sure. Heck, if push comes to shove... Cavalier isn't completely ridiculous for Javek.


I need to make this clear, whatever your path, you will end up in Absalom as a petitioner to join the Society.

Unless you have helped to uncover some artifact and bring it to the Pathfinders' attention(and I'm not allowing that), there is no way to just jump right in, all have to follow the same path. We are going to go through Testing, Training and Confirmation. This involves 2 to 3 years of near-slavery. You had better want to be a Pathfinder something fierce.

Sure, you could just be a regular adventurer.
But with the Pathfinders, you get excellent leads, a globe spanning organization at your back, and world-class training... not to mention exclusive membership in one of the most influential and famous organizations in all of Golarion which daily helps to shape events around the world.

By the way, I'll change my background a lot. It's something I've been working on that I posted. But it's nowhere near what I want for this application.

So you know.

It looks like there's a couple other monks and one other ranger so far. Makes me feel a bit uncreative considering I try to be what everyone else isn't. Procedures like this make it impossible to know what the party is going to be like and base your character off that knowledge, though.

I have a handful of characters and just picked the one I felt best fit the campaign. Never even looked at what other users submitted until after I was done. With such a small party I assume there aren't going to be any duplicate classes. Hopefully my choice isn't one that I'll eventually regret.

Ironically, I could even end up the best ranger and/or monk yet still not be good enough. Oh well. As long as they appreciate such an interesting game I don't care who gets in above me.


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