Well, like I said earlier, I'm not too terribly worried about "party balance."
If it comes to it, we'll find some workaround for Trapfinding and Healing. When I say "we" I mean you, but that is neither here nor there.

Alas, this is the medium we work with. Is it any better or worse than calling dibs while seated on folding chairs? There you get stuck with the <insert least favorite class>, here at least you can make a bid for <most favorite class>... but there is the chance that you won't get in.

C'est la vie.

I focus on the roleplaying aspect first and foremost. Everything else is an afterthought. My character creation has next to nothing to do with what kinds of races, classes, skills, feats, etc. I like.

So as I was writing his background and personality, Rogar seemed less and less a rogue, and more like a divinely-inspired character. So I choose cleric instead.

:blink: That is a nice feat. One wonders how a punch creates bleeding... I'll expect to see that in the fluff.
Could you live with a scaling bleed? 1:1, 2:1d2, 3:1d3, 4+:1d4
...Oh yeah, kiting will not be tolerated.

Otherwise, go for it!

Already in my background (special techniques to explode organs).

No problem with scaling. It's just a bit more tedious because you need to keep tabs, and have to wait to see if an attack landed (especially for Flurry of Blows). How about 1d3?

And don't worry. If you're uncomfortable, I've got other ideas for feats. I especially liked the fluff, as I come from Cheliax.

Kiting? I'm not sure I understand.

Don't worry about you keeping track of it, that'll be my job.

How about 1d3, what?

MMORPG reference: kiting is floating by to inflict some sort of damage over time effect, and then making your exit. And then waiting for the creature to die. I think(I don't actually go in for those games).

Kiting is not my style. I can see in a video game, but not here.

I meant 1d3 damage overall instead of 1d4 or scaling damage. Simpler to use, that's all.

no fair... I am creatively impaired.

I've been reading some backgrounds and now I want to know more!
Ol' pyro's story pales in comparison my sassy layout does nothing!

Plan B
for the DM

You guys better not make me go to Plan C


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