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no fair... I am creatively impaired.

I've been reading some backgrounds and now I want to know more!
Ol' pyro's story pales in comparison my sassy layout does nothing!

Plan B
for the DM

You guys better not make me go to Plan C
Plan C: Use the...ultimate character. It's guaranteed to make you win at Dungeons & Dragons.

His name is Stanley Feathergoiter, of the Cluckworth Feathergoiters. Failure is not an option.

I'm hesitant to spend too much of my monies, but otherwise some of my CS is complete. Skill rankings, spell list, and items aside.

I've accepted to revive a game where my DM is having computer problems. As I'll be DMing an extra game, I can't confidently commit to a new game at the moment. I thus have to remove my application.

Best of luck to all, and best of fun to the chosen.



Before we begin, would it be acceptable to change from the two-handed fighter archetype to the Shielded Fighter archetype instead? (I might have the names wrong. Either way, I won't have any of the bonuses until level 3)

Yeah, that won't be a problem.

In general, I'm pretty lenient about this sort of thing.
If you want to switch around the mechanics behind your character(if you get tired of playing such-and-such) I'm usually fine with it being changed as long as it won't affect your characterization too much. Just ask first, is all.


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