Just a quick check-in.

No, your characters won't know that they are competing.
It is more of a standard that they have to meet/beat in order to join the Society, rather than a competition between applicants.

You described the gate to the Grand Lodge as open. How big is the gate? How much of an obstacle does Guy In Gray Robes pose-- could someone slip past him? Is he 15 feet in front of it?

Also, does he wear some insignia proving his membership? How do we know he's even a member, let alone an official gatekeeper?

Adding to the questions:

We were told to be at the gate at dawn. Is it dawn yet? Were we told anything else about what to do when we got here?

Does the young man in robes have any obvious weapons (i.e. any visible without needing a Perception check)?

The gate is about 20' wide, but only one of the two doors is open, so ~10' space.
The man is standing 10' in front of the door. He is wearing the gray robes of a Pathfinder initiate, and carries some small insignias that would lead you to believe that he is official enough.

It is dawn.
Nope, you just know that there is some sort of testing involved.
Yes, he carries a mace at his waist.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention.

If you think an action needs a roll, please make it. Not doing so just slows things down a little.
For the tests, you should rarely have a post without some sort of roll. Perception is your friend!

For the record, I can't be on the internet for more than a couple of minutes when I'm at work. My posting will be pretty much limited to the mornings and at night. So I will probably very often be the last one posting (Weekends being the exception. No telling when I'll be on or offline Friday-Sunday)

Don't worry Blade, it's starting to look like I'm going to be regulated as well unless I find the patience to post via phone like right now.

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