GM's Notes

GM's Notes


Test 1 - Un-timed
However you learned of it, you were told to present yourself at the East Gate of the Grand Lodge in Absalom, at dawn of this day.

Some of you came from the opposite direction of the East gate; you circle the enclosed Lodge as the city begins to wake up. A high stone wall encloses the grounds, and within you see the telltale spire, the spire that all of Absalom rises to see every day. Others of you wound your way through the city, catching glimpses of the spire where buildings did not block your view.

The streets aren't exactly quiet, but neither are they bustling. As you complete the final stretch, you see a small crowd gathering. Apparently this is a minor event for the local people. There is a man hawking sweets, a woman with her children, various tradesmen that pause as they pass, and even a gaggle of toothless old beggars, cackling to each other.

You spot eight others pressing through the crowd and converging on the gate. A young man in gray robes stands in front of the open gate, his arms crossed. Already the crowd is getting excited, and the bustle of conversation dies down.

The young man sneers as you step forward. "Whatcha want?"

---Get there, aren't allowed in by acolyte, demands pass or payment. Loudly proclaims the supplicant's worthlessness and indicates that they'd never make it as a pathfinder. Three old men, the masters in disguise, sit there watching and laughing.---

---As each supplicant makes his or her way past the acolyte(or en masse):

Another acolyte stands just within the gate. He raises a hand to stop you. "Sir/Madam, if you would follow me." He turns on his heel and leaves, without waiting to see if you follow. He leads you to a low stone building near the edge of the compound. He pushes the wooden door open to reveal a dark interior space. There are several niches with curtains along the wall, a low stone bench opposite, and crates stacked against one wall. On the other side of the room is an intimidating iron door with a heavy lock. The acolyte indicates a crate with your name on it. "If you would please divest yourself of all outside goods, the Masters will be along shortly to explain the process and continue your testing."

---After all have gathered:

The door creaks open once more, to reveal the beggars that had laughed and nattered outside. Their bearing is different, however, and as they walk their appearances seem to melt.

--insert Master's description here (look it up in Seekers of Secrets)--

They explain the rules a timed test, and the PCs are requested to divest themselves of outside equipment, they are then brought to a room with all equipment, can choose 5 things. They are given a pendant to wear. All SRD & APG equip, blunted swords and padded bludgeoning weapons, medium and light armor and shields.

Be sure to mention: Trust only the butler


The Master of Swords steps up to the heavy iron door, producing a key and inserting it into the lock. It clicks loudly, and the door swings open silently. All that can be seen is a twist in the passage that seems to lead underground. As the first candidate's name is called by the Master of Spells, the Master of Lore twists a timepiece, and makes a mark in his ledger. The Master of Lore watches his timepiece in silence for several minutes before looking up at the Master of Spells, who calls another name. You are called one at a time, to enter.

Test 2 - Time begins
Remember, you must tell me everything! Are you running/walking? Are you keeping an eye out, give me a perception check every post! Make ALL checks that you think might be relevant!

You can see clearly in the dim light, but no source of light is evident. The walls of this passageway seem to get rougher the further you travel, and the twisting passageways prevent you from seeing far ahead. Soon enough, the passage branches in two different directions.

Another period of time passes as you follow what seems to be the right direction. Once more the passage branches, but in three directions this time.

You continue down the center passageway, and come to yet another branching of three passageways.

--Survival DC 20 to follow tracks.
--Perception Check DC 15 notices: (Detect Magic lights these up as bright as day)
AT FIRST:There seem to be strange carvings in the wall, a closer look shows that it is written in the Common alphabet, but it is all gibberish. --Linguistics DC 15, or INT DC 20 to decipher: Right, Middle, Right.
AT Next Two: There seems to be an arrow scratched on the wall, ceiling. It points straight ahead/to the right.

The second arrow has been destroyed for everyone except Brimstone and Akiros.

An incorrect direction receives: After a short time, you see a red glow on the walls, which seems to be emanating from yourself. You look down to see a red mark on your pendant. A penalty. You look up to see that the passageway has dead-ended.

Test 3
The passage walls have become rough and are seemingly unworked. The silence is almost deafening, until ahead you hear a faint scream, followed by a dull meaty thump. Then dead silence.

Depending on speed: If running, DC 10 Reflex not to fall in pit, jogging: DC 5.

You come around a twist in the passage, and skitter to a stop at the top of a pit. The light that seems to illuminate everything else doesn't seem to extend downwards, and you cannot make out the bottom. The passage continues beyond the pit, and you can spot a large stake planted in the floor across from you. The pit seems to be 20 feet across.

--Acrobatics DC 20 to jump, Perception DC 10 spots the 3 inch wide ledge Acro DC 15, Perception DC 15 spots the carefully disguised hand-holds, Climb DC 10-- If has a rope, can make an attack roll - will figure that out.

If they fall: Gravity takes hold, and you begin to drop. You hear a scream that might be your own. The pendant you wear, snaps up and begins to glow... loosening the grip of gravity. You hear a meaty thud, but your feet touch down as light as a feather. The pendant gains another red mark, but by its light you can see a staircase that leads up beyond the pit.

Test 4
Beyond the pit, the passage begins to look more worked stone again. A rhythmic susurration ahead grows louder as you continue, until you can make out its metallic nature. Rounding a bend, you spot an empty stone room, with a myriad of slits carved along the walls.

And then the room explodes in violence. Huge metal scythes pierce the room from every direction, their blood-stained blades seemingly crossing every inch of the space. In an instant, their violence is gone, and the room is still once more. Across the room, you spot a large wooden door in a niche unmarked by the blades.

--DC 15 Reflex save/Int check/Wis check/Dex check/Acrobatics gets you across alive, DC 10 Perception notices places where the scythes seem to not touch, reduce other DCs by 5, DC 20 Perception, notices lever that turns off device for a time. DC 20 DD--

You stand in front of the large wooden door. The blades trigger behind you... you can only go forwards.

--The door is locked and trapped (trap deals 1 point of damage +1d6 WIS damage), Perception DC 15 to notice trap, DD 15 to disable both. STR DC 15 to burst, but triggers trap. Hardness 5, hp 10. Knocking on the door brings the butler--

Test 5
The wooden door makes way to reveal a tall and thin man, coolly peering at you. His grim visage reminds you of the undead, but his eyes are quite alive. He bows and you notice his fine attire, a man-servant, it seems. He steps back to allow you entrance, and the room opens up before you.

It is a palatial space, finely wallpapered with gilt trim and all the correct touches. A fireplace stands at one wall and sturdy windows, which look out over a garden far below, line the other walls. No other door is evident. There is a table at the center of the room of finely carved mahogany, and on it a scattering of chips and cards.

At the table are two men and a woman. All three are dressed in the latest fashion, and the most expensive clothes. One of the men is grotesquely obese, his dank black hair uncombed. The other man thin and sallow-faced, with pale hair to match his pale skin. The woman is simply stunning, her red hair piled atop her head, her bodice immodestly low.

The large man looks up as you step in, delight on his face, "Ah! Our fourth! Come, come, your seat awaits." He indicates the lone seat across from himself. The others look up and smile, waiting for you to take your place.

As you peer at the table, you instantly recognize the game:
Think poker.
Alas, Cards are hard to do pbp. If you want to play, give a WIS/INT/CHA/Profession(gambling) check, along with a bid.

The woman has the most chips, the sallow-faced man the least. Your position has approximately as much as the large man's. A quick count reveals 500 gold-chips, in various denominations.

--If they pick up cards:
One of your cards has a message scribbled on it, which seems to fade as you read it. "Discover the cheater and inform the butler, or best all the odds."

--Rules(for me only)
DC 10 Loss: Lose 50% of stake.
DC 12 Minor Loss: Lose 20% of stake.
DC 14 Break Even: Regain stake.
DC 16 Minor Win: Regain stake plus 20%.
DC 18 Win: Regain stake plus 50%.
DC 20 Big Win: Regain stake plus 100%.

--Appraise/Perception DC 20 tells that the woman has 600 gp, and the sallow-faced man has 400gp, will give updates with each successful check. DC 25 Perception spots the cheater nicking a card.
Chatter the whole time, Sense Motive DC 15 senses a lie(could be a blind), DC 25 gives the cheater right out. Diplomacy/Initimidate/Bluff are all welcome here, and will give small clues. Sleight of Hand gives bonuses to gambling check.

--Once done so, the butler takes the player out of a door that was not readily apparent.

Test 6
The butler nods acquiescence, and beckons you to follow him onto the circular stone bib around the fireplace. The butler reaches up to grasp a statue, and quickly jumps off as stone begins to grate. The fireplace swings around, and the palatial room is lost to view.

In dim light once more, you peer around. Rows of stone boxes line this corridor and stretch away into the distance. As you step down the corridor, you realize with some small amount of horror, that you are in a tomb, and these boxes are coffins. Dimly, you can make out a stone door at the other end.

--Perception DC 15 to notice zombie and avoid surprise. DC 18 Will, to realize illusion. Otherwise must kill zombie

Test 7
Having defeated the undead creature, you continue on. As you approach the stone slab of a door, it slides back silently to reveal a well-lit library. Several desks are scattered about the room, and at some of the desks you recognize those supplicants that you met earlier. The Master of Lore sits at a large desk on the far side of the library, and dully intones, "Take a seat. Your time has been recorded. Please answer the questions found at any of the desks to the best of your abilities."

On each wooden desk is a quill, ink, and a sheet of paper with a series of questions:

Pathfinder Supplicant Evaluation

Questions Here (Translation, Knowledge, Opinions, Temperament)

Test 8 - Teamwork Test

Once the PC has finished that test, they exit to find the three masters waiting. Once all PCs finish, there will be a teamwork test. The 3 PCs battle the 3 remaining NPCs.

Acolyte period, RP various events, have Q&A for the rest, possible character sheet benefits for certain answers.

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