Brain Fart - Your Opinion Needed

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Do you want to have an actual test?
Heck yeah, this sounds great! 9 90.00%
Sure, but what about these changes? (post below) 0 0%
Meh. 0 0%
No way! I can't take the pressure! 1 10.00%

Brain Fart - Your Opinion Needed

Because I thought of this after I opened the ad, I'm going to allow your opinions on my idea.

There are two thoughts behind this:
1. I hate to turn away good apps, but I have to winnow them down.
2. I want the testing/trials that all Pathfinders must actually go through, to actually be a trial/test.

So here is my idea. I will provisionally accept 6 apps. These players will then take the trials and testing to become a pathfinder. Then the 3 highest scoring applicants will be 'fully' accepted into the game, the runners-up will be rejected, but able to 'test' again(if we lose one of the accepted players).

The tests will be timed(in game-time, not real time). There are three masters that administer the tests, and each have their own specialty(and therefore will reward certain types of actions differently). All of the tests can be completed in a myriad of ways, and it is not expected that each supplicant will be able to complete all tests. The only way to completely fail is to give up.

Scoring: 300/300
Composure (Read: Roleplay... you don't actually have to be composed): 90 points
Suitability for the Profession (Read: My impression of your app/background): 30 points
Time: 36 (Certain failures will result in penalties)
Test 1: 18 (6 points for each of the three masters)
Test 2: 18
Test 3: 18
Test 4: 18
Test 5: 18
Test 6: 18
Test 7: 18
Test 8: 18

I'll take the last part of #1 and the last part of #4 please

so... can I bribe the masters?

This process is almost exactly like what Whiteyrr just pulled off in another game I was a part of. I found it both rewarding to play in, and also worth the effort of Whitey's time and energy. No offense to anyone here or there, but sometimes you just don't know what type of players you're choosing until after a few solid posts. In that game's case, everyone was on level (writing skillwise and concept-oriented) and it came down to how the 'feel of the party' was going to work out. To be honest, it was a cordial send-off for all parties involved (I think) because the player got a few weeks of playing out the concept so that they could possibly work out the kinks for a later chance (likely in another game).

@Magent: you can certainly try.

@Basil: Thanks! I'm hoping that the 3 that don't make it in will see it as an opportunity to play their character for a bit that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise, rather than a rejection.

After all, they will be 'on call' in case something happens to one of the 3 'chosen ones.'

I'll certainly support this idea. It adds more realism to the tests because there is an urgency to actually pass and be accepted.

Basil also makes a good point. You can only tell so much about somebody from their character sheet.

Sounds good to me. Will help us flesh out our characters, get to know them before play. Plus, I work well under pressure

Originally Posted by itsgottabeodin View Post
@Magent: you can certainly try.
ok good good.

so... can I bribe the DM?

Yes Magent. Bribing the DM is always a good idea! (Unless it's going to work. In which case: No! Don't do it! It's a trap!)

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