Act 2, Scene 5: In like Lambs

Act 2, Scene 5: In like Lambs

Before you is a long chamber with a raised dias at the far end. Upon the dias is an altar stained with blood. Tascela, Princess-Witch of the Tecuhltli stands beside it as a young woman is chained to the altar by a pair of handmaidens. She cries out, "Please! Don't I have served you well, don't kill me!" But her pleas do not move the Witch, it has been many decades since much has.

"Stay your hand!" Orion shouts, "We will not let your wanton murder continue!"

When the group enters the room Greil takes a second to look back to Rune and Boone. These the ones? turning back to face the Maidens he holds his hammer firmly is his hand waiting to begin.

Phase of the Stars; HP: 83/83 AC 26 Fort 23 Ref 23 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

With his eyes burning red, Rune cannot help but step forward with malicious intent to see blood shed. Yes, these are the wenches who thought it would be ok to attempt to restrain us. They will die today, that is for sure.

Boone snears, but in truth, he is just as happy for a straight fight. All of this sneaking around has the wizard on edge. Oddly, that though doesn't stop Boone from ducking behind a corner and looking for a place to hide.

Seeing the scene set before them, Greil, Finley and Boone leap into action, weapons at the ready.

Well then Greil sneers, his lower lip revealing unusually large canines. Let's get this done. His trunk like legs propelling him foward the Goliath moves with an unusual grace. Stopping in front of a pair of the Maidens a low growl emits from his muzzle. Bringing his hammer up he swings it, red earth flakes fling off it.

Finley movies for cover, readies his sword and sends a piercing note at one of the handmaidens.

Boone steps out from behind the pillar, drawing his orb and appearing in a burst of shadows. "Azarath metrion zinthos allegro!"

A burst of fey energy explodes in the back of the room, catching up to of the rear-most handmaidens.

Greil rushes into the room and letting loose a grunt he crushes one of the handmaiden's skulls with his heavy hammer. Finley and Boone quickly follow suit, flinging spells and slaughtering the other three handmaiden's in quick succession.

Seeing her loyal follows dispatched in such a fashion Tascela's eye bulge with rage as she mutters in an unfamiliar tongue, "Qel sopah chartuff" After the last word rolls off her lips Greil shudders in pain and grasps his head as he screams.


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