Act 2, Scene 5: In like Lambs

Aaaaugh Holding his head with flashbacks of all the times Greil jumped and missed the ledge only to fall several feet...on his head. Looking back to Orion and Rune he shouts horsely with hands around his head, Any day now!?!

As his friend falls to the ground in pain from the queen's spell Orion bounds across the room, taking the rise of the dais in stride. "Your accursed reign ends tonight! he says as he interposes himself between the witch and her intended victim. As he strikes at her throat to quiet her bewitching tongue, "Renounce your witchcraft and life of world-bound-desires and you may yet find peace in this life."

Phase of the Stars; HP 83 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Well if you hadn't run off ahead of us Greil you wouldn't have needed me to save you at all. However, I'm not too mad at you for it since I get to kill these wenches. They have to pay for thinking and attempting to keep me captured somewhere in their abode. Drawing his dagger, Rune charges forward with his arcane blade and drives it through the Handmaiden. After she falls, Rune raises his bloodied dagger and smiles at Tescela with his eyes the color of blood. You're next, just you wait.

Graping his dagger, Rune walks down the great hall with grim intent, his metal feet resounding loudly on the polished stone floor. When the sorcerer nears the last handmaiden his blade glows as he springs forward and plunges it through the woman's chest.

Behind the blood thirsty warforged, the fleet-footed Orion dashes towards the dais. Weaving between stone pillars, sacrificial altars and flaming braziers to reach the dread sorceress, stopping short the monk channels all of his momentum and energy into a single strike.

Looking to strike at that succubus, Tascela, Finley sprints for another column to cover his next attack. While running he waves his songblade and sings a chilling melody that freeze even the heartiest man's spine with fear. Reaching his attack position, he whips around and lets loose yet another dirge whose notes seep into Tascela's head whispering and haunting her with visions of her flesh growing old, decaying, and turning to dust.

Ugh Greil grunts lightly as he shakes his head trying to free his mind from the tricks the spellcaster played.

Focusing his eyes and taking a deep breath, a low growl emits from his muzzle. Walking forward he steps adjacent to Orion and Tascela. Crouching lightly his feet suddenly move swifter as he scrambles over to behind the witch. With a snarl Greil brings his hammer up savagely swinging for her head.

Boone moves up quietly, weaving his sword through a complex series of movements, chanting as he goes. "Arioch! Melibone azarath meliki!"

An explosion goes off behind Tascela, wrapping her is phantasmal shadows and rending her unable to tell friend from foe. "Have at thee!" Boone cries. "Fear my power! Fear my wrath!"

Greil overcomes the searing pain of Tascela's sorcery enough to stagger up onto the dais but not enough to land a blow with his heavy hammer.

Dashing across the stone floors Finley's whistles a haunting tune, when he stops running the bard begins to sing a eerie melody to go along with the blade's tune. The melody visibly affects the Sorceress.

Boone follows Finley up the hall and speaks mystical words of his own causing Tascela hallucinate violently.

Stepping back from the Monk and Warden, Tascela lets out a horrifying shriek that buffets Greil and causes the woman tied to the altar's eyes to roll back into her head and ears begin to bleed.

Phase of the Stars; HP 83 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Knowing that she can do very little to harm him, Rune walks up past Greil to stand next to him and hit Tescela with a cosmic sigil. I did tell you that you would be next you wench. Now you will learn why I said that in the first place. Well, next time she will feel the full brunt of what I can do. For that I will go all out but I just need to get that much closer to her.

Unphased by the witch-queen's scream Orion then notice that he was not it's intended victim. Behind him the lifeblood of the woman he tried to save leaks out of her ears. Darting around Tascela he runs ten feet up the back wall of the chamber and kicks off, spinning around and bring down a round-kick to her face.


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