Act 2, Scene 5: In like Lambs

Walking up the dais Rune draws his curved dagger and traces a glowing sigil in the air, but the magic fizzles and fails to effect the Sorceress.

From the eastern corridor come steady footfalls as another actor enters upon the scene, seeing the man Tascela begins to exclaims, "Tolkemec!" but there is no answer, only a high-pitched tittering--from a frame somehow vaguely unhuman--somehow obscenely scaled and reptilian! The sorceress continues to babble, "Not a ghost, but alive! Alive after twelve years among the Bones of the Dead!" she shakes as she talks, "What grisly travesty of life did you live there, Tolkemec--and why have you waited so long to strike, unless?" Her eyes fall to the crystal topped scepter in the desiccated man's hand, "What?!"

That hideous tittering is Tolkemec's only reply--for he is not man, no longer even human--remembering only his long-ago desire for vengeance. He waves the scepter which glows a ghastly bright hue and the air crackles as a bolt of energy flies towards Tascela, she dodges it but Orion isnt as lucky, taking splash damage from the mystical firebolt.

Shocked and scalded, Orion takes a deep breath to collect himself before stepping nimbly around the Sorceress. Despite his calm demeanor, the monk's fists fail to connect properly with Tascela's body.

Greil grunts upon the entrance of the newcomer. still alive and apparently seething. probably gone mad swiftly stepping towards Tascela, Greil emits a low growl. Best not forget us dearie. You've become too much trouble to be left unattended. Bringing his hammer out wide Greil aims low for her legs. How them knees holding up? he brutely asks.

Despite his marking Tascela for death, Finley believes Tolkemec as the more immediate threat. Sprinting over to the inhuman wizard, Finley flashes his sword making deathly, piercing noise. Your time is over, ugly!

"Oh Hells..." Boone mutters as the great undead horror enters the room. He grips his sword tighter and again falls into spellcasting, the eldritch words falling from his mouth without conscious thought. As he casts, Boone lets his feet carry him away, and he soon disappears behind a veil of shadows. His sword, meanwhile, begins gathering ambient energy from the air, coalescing it into a serpent of pure energy. When it's ready, Boone flicks his sword, hurling the Lighting Serpent at the newcomer from behind his illusory hiding place.

"Well, maybe that will do it," Boone says to himself.

With grim humor Greil steps towards Tascela and sweeps her legs out from under her with his hammer and she hits the stone floor with a resounding thud.

Seeing the newcomer, Finley and Boone both turn their attention towards Tolkemec. Finley rushes towards the wizard and slashes at him with his songblade, but shambling like a drunk Tolkemec staggers out of the way of most of the Bard's blow.

Boone moves in the opposite direction, putting his back to the wall as far away from Tolkemec as he can. The air around him and the illusionist disappears into the stonework. From his conjured hiding place Boone looses a serpentine bolt of lightning that glances Tolkemec, searing his grey skin and causing him to stagger even more.

On the dais Tascela is still prone on the stone floor, nonetheless she lunges at Greil with her ceremonial staff. The butt oft the staff hits the Warden, a heavy blow by no means but it forces him back to the edge of the dais.

Phase of the Stars; HP 83 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Greil, I rarely say this, but thank you for putting her in her place and I will begin my own assault on her and she will never rise again. Rune steps up to Tescela's prone body and stabs her with his dagger, where he then disappears, only to reappear next to her on her other side. With the surprising movement, Rune stabs her once again with an arcane force to make sure she has a lasting effect on her so she can not retaliate that well before Rune can kill her for good. Orion, she is all yours...for now. But if you do not finish her off then I will.

Rune's heavy metal feet clack across the dais as he lunges, as soon as his dagger rends the Sorceress's flesh the Warforged dissappears, reappearing in a flash behind her he lands another blow, hobbling Tascela.

In the middle of the great hall Tolkemec continues to titter and tatters with a hair raising staccato, holding the crystal scepter out to his side the crystal glows green as a shimmering portal of green appears beside him. Turning his back to Finley, Tolkemec steps through the portal, reappearing through an identical portal further down the hall. Grasping the scepter with both bony hands, it pulses blue and a sizzling crack of blue energy flies towards the Bard who nimbly dodges it, one it has past Finley the bolt turns hard to the left an streaks towards Greil, striking the Goliath in the back.

Orion silently turns away from the wall as Rune teleports to Tascela and drives an open palm into the back of her knee, causing her to stumble forward into the stone wall. "There need be no more death, Rune," Orion replies, "Even those fallen fare may find redemption. This I know."

Wracked by psychic pain, Orion circles around the wounded Sorceress. Staggering forward he hits her with an open palm and she falls limp, unconscious on the ground.

Boone comes out from cover, and considers for a moment before leveling his sword and launching a massive blast of acid at Tolkemec.

"Damnation!" Boone cries out as his second powerful spell in a row goes wide. "I say," Boone calls out to his companions, "that was pretty much my last good spell. Perhaps one of you other fellows would like to try to hold that beast still, so I can perhaps try my blade on it?"


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