Act 2, Scene 5: In like Lambs

Taking the hit from Tascela suprises the Warden. Clearly not thinking she was capable of such physical power he is left unguarded as Tolkemecs blast hits him from behind. Hate casters so much Seeing Orion incapacitate Tascela, Greil growls as he turns to the one who blasted him. Rushing forward Greil hurls himself towards the monster and brings his hammer down in a rage.

Not gonna be that easy! Finley lets slashes his sword at the undead wizard and lets loose a bellow designed to spur on his compatriots. Seeing where the wizard teleported to, Finley charges him and attacks again.

Phase of the Moon; HP 83 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Seeing the princess go down, Rune's eyes dim just a little bit from the blood lust. However, he cannot help but wish to fight the undead magic user for it seems to be a worthy opponent. In order to do his best, Rune walks forward and casts himself into the shadows before letting loose a radiant blast against it. You shall fall like that princess, but you will never see it coming from me.

When Tolkmec conjures his first portal, Finley lashes out with his blade but hits nothing but air, the wizard is already gone.

Spare energy from the bolt that struck him in the back continues to shock Greil even as he grits his teeth and toughs through the pain. He walks off the dais, away from the unconscious Tascela and charges Tolkemec, landing a heavy blow with his hammer. Drawing deep, he swings again at the withered old wizard who staggers out of the path of the swing.

Striding up to Tolkemec Finley swings his blade in graceful loops making a hollow chilling sound before swinging hard, but he strikes nothing but air.

Circling around the stone pillars Boone stares intently at his fellow spell-caster. He conjures a bright green arrow and hurls it towards Tolkemec. The wizard staggers but is unable to dodge the spell entirely.

Rune follows from the dais, his dagger pulses and the area around him darkens. Out of the dark pall flies a burning shard of star, the jagged piece of rock ripping through Tolkemec's dry and crumbling flesh.

Raising his scepter, Tolkemec summons another portal and steps through it. On the other side he summons another bolt of crackling energy, speeding forward it makes a loud "Ping!" as it ricochets off of Greil's shield. The bolt then speeds towards Rune and strikes home despite the shroud.

As Orion brings Tascela to her knees he whispers, "Abandon your worldly wealth and powers and you may yet find peace." Then as he stands he takes off running, leaping off the dais and right over Boone's head. Rolling along the ground he springs up and rounds the pillar and brazier, delivering a blow to Tolkemec with a crack that reverberates through the stone chamber.

After rendering the sorceress unconscious, Orion turns attention to the other aberration, Tolkemec. Leaping clear over Boone and a burning brazier the monk lands in a roll on the stone floor and delivers a high kick missing the wizard before before springing to his feet.

Boone has one more trick up his sleeve, and he knows it. He levels his wand at Tolkemec and starts casting, drawing necromantic power around him like a veil. At last, his spell reaches a crescendo, and he hurls the force at the undead sorcerer with unbelievable power. Instantly, the ground opens at Tolkemec's feet, and thousands of shadowy hands begin ripping at his life-force. These stay, even after the spell is concluded and Boone backs away, but they ignore Boone's friends--creating a distinct advantage for the good guys.

Phase of the Moon; HP 70/83 THP: 14 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Reeling after being somehow found by Tolkemec, Rune takes a moment to shake off the unnatural force pushing down on him and become a tad bit hardier. No one makes me bleed my own oil Tolkemec, you will pay for this.

As Tolkemec cast Greil swings in frustration. Taking a moment to find him Greil then moves swiftly. Passing Orion Greil nods his way as he turns his focus to The wizard. Moving dangerously close to him Greil shows no fear. Instead he seems to almost welcome it, his predatory instincts overpower perhaps better judgement while the primal spirits empower him. Will you just stand still! he growls.

Not again, witch! Finley slashes at Tolkemec then charges him again as he emerges from his magical rat tunnel and attacks once more.


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