Act 2, Scene 5: In like Lambs

Greil and Finley swing and stab as Tolkemec disappears through his portal, but only the Warden's blow lands before the Wizard is gone.

Greil follows Tolkemec on foot, passing by the shriveled corpse of a man who lashes out and draws a claw-like hand across Greil's broad shield with a loud screech. Greil responds with an attack of his own, his hammer landing with a loud crunch.

The Bard follows and continues his pursuit of Tolkemec, however the horrid man continues to evade Finley's blade.

Tolkemec cannot evade the deathly pall that Boone summons around him, a heavy grayish mist lingers on the stone floor.

Still reeling from the blue bolt attached to his metal body, Rune takes a moment regain his composure and assess the damage. The sorcerer then attacks Tolkemec with an energy strobe of his own, which lands hard, searing a chuck out of the wizard's scrawny leg.

Dazed by the lingering mist, Tolkemec steps back through the portal to reappear in the center of the room.

Orion reaches out as Tolkemec slips through the portal behind him, striking with his fist at the warlock. Looking around as Tolkemec slips through the portal again Orion sees him in the center of the room and the monk turns on his heels and charges at him, arms outstretched, attempting to take him to the ground.

Really?!? again with this! As Tolkemec casts again Greil swings his hammer in frustration at the wizards tactics.

Seeing him appear once more in the corner of the room Greil waits for Orion to take action. Seeing the monk pounce upon the creature Greil too moves but instead of grappling with the enemy he chooses to continue his hammering assault. Won't you just stop already! he bellows in frustration at it.

Phase of the Moon; HP 70/83 THP: 14 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

You will die, and you will die soon. I will make sure of that you vile pile of bones. Seeing him attempt to leave through portals again and where he knows he will end up. Seeing Orion grad a hold, Rune lets off a blast of crackling, lightning energy in hopes of keeping him subdued.

Tolkemec has become unpredictable, but Boone keeps himself calm. He moves back, again out of Tolkemek's line of sight, and fires off a nasty Nightmare that will hopefully leave the enemy magic-user open to further attacks.

Enraged that his blows continue to miss their mark, Finley growls: Stay still, foul beast! He takes another swipe at the flighty man-corpse then charges again when the wizard emerges from his port. Finley tries to sting the wizard with his blade once again.

When Tolkemec steps back through the portal Orion, Greil and Finley attack his exposed flank, but only Greil's hammer hits home.

When the Wizard reappears, Orion, Greil and Finley again rush to attack. The monk's hands snap out and grapple the dried, flaking flesh of Tolkemec.

This time, Greil is not so lucky with his hammer and the warden is unable to land his blow.

The bard has more success, slipping his blade through Tolkemec's defenses and pointing out the gap to his allies.

Meanwhile Boone and Rune continue their volleys, the illusionist's nightmares have no effect on Tolkemec's already shattered mind, but Rune's energy blast sears another hole in the wizard.

Tolkemec raises his crystal wand and summons another portal, he slips through it and reappears through another portal on the dais at the far end of the room. The undead wizard raises the wand again and it begins to glow red, but the spell fizzles when the sharp point of a dagger bursts through his chest, spraying black oozing blood on the stone floor. Tolkemec falls from the dais and the crystal wand clatters to the floor. Behind the corpse stands Tascela, bruised and battered but cackling with horrific glee, "Foolish Tolkemec! I must remember to thank you for this gift! Bwaahahaha!"

Boone again moves, following Tolkemec across the room. Seeing the enemy wizard near the other enemy, Boone smiles and starts chanting. Soon a cloud of grasping shadows rises up out of the ground, clawing at both Tolkemec and Tascela and trying hard to hold them both in place.

"Well... at least one of them's dead," Boone mutters.

Witch! This may not burn you, but I hope it makes your ears bleed and eardrums burst! With that, Finley whirls, swinging his cloak around him and vanishing from Tascela's eyes. He then flips his songblade through the air firing a stinging noise at his target


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