Act 2, Scene 5: In like Lambs

His hands still on the falling wizards flesh Orion follows Tolkemec through his portal, only to see him die in his arms at the hand of Tascela. Saying nothing he strikes out at her with his foot as he eases the mans body to the ground.

Phase of the Moon; HP 70/83 THP: 14 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Seeing the witch standing again, Rune cannot help but let his eyes glow red again. You were supposed to have stayed down, then again Orion should have shattered your skull instead of merely knocking you out. No worries, you will be dead for real soon enough.

feeling the primal spirits leaving him Greil's strongest desire is to sit down. Looking over to the two newly downed corpses Pheh he breathes, I'm dead tired...well not as dead as them at least.
Holding his hammer in his hand he connects the head to his own temple, thanking the spirits for aiding him. So we all alive?

With the sound of a thunderclap Finley disappears from the Sorceress's sight. Unfortunately for her out of sight is not always out of mind as the Bard's sword emits another sound, not a thunderclap but an almost solid wave of sound that throws Tascela from her feet into the brazier behind her. Sparks and coals fly everywhere as Tascela screams in agony. Dying she attempts to escape the flames, but the damage is done, she falls over dead on top of Tolkemec, finally ending half a century of revenge and brutality.

Searching the body of the dead Sorceress you discover that not only is the dagger she wielded of some arcane make (probably the race Olmec referred to as the 'Founders'), but she also bears an iron ring, painted on the side in dark black blood is a tiny paw print.

Down the hall from Tascela's ritual chamber you discover a library where she has deposited all that she has gleaned from fifty age-less years in this graveyard of a city. Ransacking the her library Boone discovers a handful of scrolls in languages he can understand along with some small barrels of powered jade enchanted with something, which he quickly decides not to think about to hard.

In the meantime, Greil, Finley and Orion discover the Techuhltli treasury. Calling it a treasury is being rather generous, having little use for treasure in their endless struggle its really more of a dusty, neglected store room. Nonetheless, Finley and Greil quickly begin to fill whatever they can carry with the most fungible goods; gold, jewels, small objet d'art and whatnot. Orion has no eyes for these things and gravitates towards something else. He begins to toss aside gold and other bits of treasure (including a golden crown that Finley finds rather splendid) until he finds it, buried under treasure and the rotted remains of baskets and shelves, a small blueish stone statue of a orc sitting cross-legged. Its about a foot tall, its chipped and dirty, but the orc's face is serene.

Having found what little you can of value in the city, you quickly make for the exits. At long last you leave the cursed city behind.

"Excellent," Boone says. "Let us away. Surely there MUST be a nubile young woman of decent breeding somewhere nearby."

Orion shakes his head as he hefts the stone statue into his pack. "Boone, my friend, there is more to this world that the flesh. Surely a magister of your caliber knows what lies in the planes beyond for us when we pass there?" But he too is ready to leave the city, for without it's vile leaders, soon it will be empty of people to redeem.

Well, it's only fitting that I take the wenches blade and use it against my enemies from now on. As for the flesh, I thought you were better than Greil, Boone? Perhaps not. Not caring if they are "caught" on the way out, Rune stands off to the side, waiting to leave.

"Whilst it's true that there's more to life than the simple pleasure of pure hedonism," Boone says, "the fact is that we've been trapped in this blasted dungeon for what feels a month. I could use a real bed... and a curvy body to fill it!"

wrenching the small ring out of Tascela's hand Greil holds it in the small of him palm. it seems I may be collecting interesting trinkets he says to no one in particular. Greedily shooving what he can into his arms and bag he heaves it all onto his back. Turning to Boone he chuckles, Now that may be the best words to come out of a spellcasters mouth yet. with a hearty laugh Greil shrugs at Orion with a light smile on his face. Lets move out with a shoulder adjustment his feet pound him towards Rune and the exit. I think I saw some more shapely suits of armor in the main hall if you'd like something to cuddle with Rune... a toothy grin forming on Greils features as he moves. Already the thought of leaving the city has raised the Goliaths spirits.

Boone smiles when he realizes exactly how much residium there is in this place. To be honest, when coupled with what he already had, it's simply too much to carry. "Hold a second, Griel," he says. "In fact, I think I'm going to need an hour or so."

With that, Boone gets out his spellbook, draws out a Circle, and falls straight into spellcasting. This goes on and on... and on... until at length, Boone stands up, dusts himself off, and holds forth a tiny golden circlet, fashioned from a single melted gold piece. "Behold," he says. "I've melted down my old orb and used its magic--along with some of what we've found here today--to create this: the Headband of Intellect. This will fortify my mental defenses and aid me in psychic spellcasting. And now, at least, I can carry all of what we've found in my rucksack without being overly weighted-down."


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