The Trials - Group Thread

"I never heard anything about a pass. I thought the routine was just show up and start the trials. Was I missing something?" Akiros blurts out the truth, not being one for beating around the bush.

He laughs, a harsh thing. "You must have! You have to have a pass to get through. Even those old men over there know that." The three old beggars nod avidly, cackling in delight. "Well, listen then. I understand your plight. Want to be a Pathfinder and all that, but don't know the right people, right? You seem like an honest sort. I'll make you a deal, 500 golds and I'll let you in. Fair?"

Javek Wyrmhusk

The spear-wielding warrior kept quiet throughout the philosophical debate. The only reason he even knew it was going on was because one or two of them had spoken loudly enough for him (and the rest of the crowd) to hear. He kept his distance for more than one reason.

Javek peered out at the crowd as if expecting to recognize someone, but the thought was ridiculous. He was thousands of miles from anyone who knew him and a great sea separated them anyways. His mind wandered to his experience when first introduced to the great ship that had brought him here. The hull alone was larger than any building Javek had ever been in, and the sails reached into the sky to the apex only birds dared to go. The event had been eye-opening and a chance to explore his inner tormoil of returning home. Decisions of such magnitude are not normally done by the promise of wonders like that, Javek's choice had been settled for him.

Now, standing just far away from the rest of the potential Pathfinders to not be considered among them, yet too far from the crowd to be counted as a spectator, Javek was once again searching for his place. Neither were suitable; he was no adventurer, nor readily prepared to gawk at others who considered themselves such.

The dwarf had not mentioned an entrance fee.

Rogar smiles and nods to Jin. But before he can walk over and offer the man his hand, the grey-robed man spoke. Hearing mention of a pass, his face falls. "Pass? I never heard anything about a pass..." he thinks to himself. When the man mentions a payment, a scowl crosses his face. He steps forward. "I do not think so. In fact, we don't know for sure you're even in charge here. You could simply be someone who's trying to extort money from applicants. If you will excuse me, I'm going inside now." With that, he attempts to move pass the man to enter the gates.

Fallim moves through the crowd, attempting to
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 11)
Also, this is to direct Odin's attention to the questions posted in the OOC thread.
see past Gray Robes and the other candidates, through the open gates behind them. If Gray Robes is just the first test-- a test for... persistence? skepticism? dealing with corrupt officials, or jerks, or both? -- then maybe the trick is just to slip in while he's distracted. Maybe there's a real officer of the Lodge beyond, waiting to see who makes it. But people are shifting around too much. He'll have to try something else.

After listening to the others discuss what's going on for a moment or two, Erol decides to slink back amongst the crowd. As Rogar tries to move past the cloaked man Erol sees this as an opportunity. He moves around to the edge of the wall and attempts to
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 22)
sneak his way past the man inside of the open gate.

At the mention of money, Akiros starts to turn red. "That's extortion, and I will not stand for it. My whole family couldn't come up with five hundred gold coins. Everything I own I'm carrying with me right now. If work needs to be done, I'm willing to do it, but I don't give bribes, and I'll be damned if I let you and your kind manipulate the poor. To hel with you." The chainmail clad fighter walks away in a huff, but he doesn't go far. He goes straight to the three beggars that the robed man had gestured towards. "What pass is he talking about? And where can I get one?" His voice is considerably softer talking to these three. While they might take delight in watching other people be deceived, Akiros hasn't seen them commit any wrongs yet. No need to judge them.

Brim sighs loudly but let's the 'others' make the same point he would surely try to make and just stoically observes giving time to get this mix up cleared. The man's feeble attempt at extortion did make him angry but Brim tried to take things lightly...

If things start to get slow with negotiations Brim takes slow steps forward "And what is your name boy?" Brim sneers and is clearly upset about wasting all this time "Gold is not an option, I find that you should better tell us what we need to do to get this over with and stop wasting time"

Dice Roll: 1d20+7
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 25)
Additional +3 if nonhuman

Lars Sigurdson

A look of consternation passed over the young northman's face at the mention of needing a pass. He stepped back to think for a moment, and observed as some of his fellow applicants proposed a variety of ways by which they might meet the entrance requirement. As he did so, a grin appeared on his face, which soon became a broad smile - before long he started laughing, hands on his knees, as if this was the most amusing thing that had ever happened.

'Very good', he said to the man in grey after a few moments, 'I see now we'll have to be on our guard at all times if we are to find a place in this Society. Our first test, I presume? And also an opportunity for you to observe how we handle ourselves in the pursuit of this non-existent pass. Perhaps some of your fellows are watching us as we speak, finding a deal of amusement in our various approaches?'.

'Cough up your demand of 500 gold, and we might be seen as weak, lacking in imagination or determination. Or perhaps, a willingness to sacrifice something of our own for the greater acquisition of knowledge? We have someone whose first instinct is to learn the wisdom of the locals' - he nodded at Akiros talking furtively with the beggars. 'One who likes to avoid confrontation' (indicating the man slinking alongside the wall), 'while our priestly friend is obviously so convinced that his god will protect him, he's chosen the direct approach. What would you like me to do for you: a song perhaps, a little jig, or maybe...', he spits on his hands and makes as if to heft his poleaxe. 'No, I suspect the one thing a member of a society of knowledge seekers shouldn't resort to is violence - unless absolutely necessary. Although some people just can't help themselves it would appear', he adds, motioning his head in the direction of Brimstone.

'Ready for our next test yet?'. He looks at the grey-robed guardian expectantly

"Hold it there! No pass, no entry!" He draws his mace, pointing it at Rogar. His eyes are focused on Rogar, and he doesn't see Erol slip by, but the rest of you do. The crowd lets out a cheer.

Rogar, If you want to push by, go ahead and give me a CMB check.

The old men peer up at Akiros, their rheumy eyes wandering over his fine gear. "Can't afford the pass, laddie?" One of them asks. One of the others pipes up, "You can't expect us to know, can you? We can't even buy a good healing at the temple." The third just giggles.

Brim approaches angrily, and the gate guard backs up a step, "Uh... uh..." He looks around for support. Finding none, he backs up fully to the door, leaving it open for Brim if he wished to slip by. The crowd cheers again, laughing at the expression of terror on the gate guard's face.

A flicker in the man's eyes when Lars speaks tells Javek, Jin, and Lars that this is the truth, but as Brim sidles by, he steps forwards again as if finding his courage once more. He sets his jaw stubbornly.


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