The Trials - Group Thread

Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 5

Javek's jaw sets mirroring that of his contrary gate guard. Then, with what little confidence he can muster he steps forward towards the young robed man. The guard's mace swings about as he tries to keep the others from passing him, and Javek delicately reaches out and touches the tip of the mace as he mutters a few simple words. The mace flashes with great sparks tries to compete with the sun in the small huddle of people for dominating lightsource.

With a smirk and a gentle (but loud enough for the crowd to hear) voice, "Your weapons seems to have contracted the power of the sun. I'll shall go inside and warn the others." He takes a step as if to pass, now with a full grin.

Lars Sigurdson

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 16)

Lars continues to be amused by the various efforts of the others to get past. He moves to one side and sits down cross-legged, humming a little tune while they try to get past the guard. After a few minutes he stops and shouts to the grey robed figure 'you're quite good at this. Does it pay well? You should negotiate a bonus - danger money. In fact, let me in and I'll do it for you. What do you say?'.

The words of the beggars stir some pity in Akiros. "I may not know what ails you right now, but I will gladly do what I can. May you all find strength to fight another battle." Clasping a gauntlet over his holy symbol, he mutters a short prayer, and a
Channel Positive Energy:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 6
burst of holy light flows out from him, healing any small wounds on anyone within 30 feet from him. Turning back, he
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 9)
watches the events continue behind him. Finally having had enough, he moves towards the gate. "You would extort money from potential applicants, but not help those in need of healing? I will go in without a pass. Before I do, you may challenge my right, and I will defend in combat." Akiros stands where he is, waiting to hear the answer from the guard. His words are not a threat, nor are they diplomatic. They are simply the truth as he perceives it, and his tone reflects that perfectly.

Correction, Perception would be your friend, if only you guys could roll well!

Temporarily blinded by the sparks, the guard swings his mace wildly at Javek, but misses as the man steps by. The crowd cheers.

Now muttering and scowling again, the guard looks like is almost ready to accept Akiros' challenge. But there is some commotion in the crowd as the three beggars stand, almost spryly, and begin dancing around, waving their arms wildly. The guard motions Akiros to pass... leaving Lars.

The crowd is beginning to break up, cheering for the second-to-last supplicant, and peering oddly at Lars as they move to leave onto their daily tasks. When finally the man speaks up, the guard laughs scornfully, "Ha! A bonus! What a laugh..." He indicates his robes, "For the privilege of my training, of being fed and housed for two years, I work here. There is no pay, except that one day I will be a Pathfinder, if I prove worthy." He sneers at Lars, "Even these folk don't think you're worth staying for."

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