Aurora's PDA

Nuit - Madame Night, an Oracle Wizened and friend.
-Could be the Wizened yelling at Todd White when Rose and Ilkin first met him. Accused Todd of being responsible for something, Todd was not impressed.

Doc - Jeremiah Somn, a Spring Changeling dream-doctor and friend. Glowing One Fairest.
-Marcus offered to introduce Ben to him. - "Jeremiah is an Oneirophysic. He heals people through dreams. Interesting fellow, has a lot of stories about what sort of things he sees in dreams. You might like him."

Spooky - Our own Squick. Somewhat loudmouthed Tunnelgrub with somewhat dulled survival instincts. Good dancer, likes chocolate, cats, dogs, and soccer. Feels responsible for what happened.
-All three of Aurora's friends were acting as though there was an "elephant in the room" when it came to the wedding. They knew very well she was miserable, but the friends were doing their best to act like everything was fine for her sake.

SilverFox - Todd White, the Winter Prince. A playboy trickster beast. Seemed keener on the wedding than Aurora was, though that's not saying much.
-Was looking forward to becoming the Winter King, if not what gets him there - though he insinuated that he has no choice in the matter in any case.

Witch - Queen Alexandra Merill. Aurora's adopted mother, the emails between the two are cold, chilly, and formal. Aurora obeys everything her adopted mother tells her to do, without a peep of complaint. The letter in the trash was definitely abnormal for Aurora.
-There are some major parental issues here.

Frosty - A Winter-court Ogre named Balor. A Cyclopean and a information gatherer, Aurora hired him to find someone with the skills she needed, in exchange for some money, a number of unnamed favors, and sleeping with him. Balor directed her to Flit, at which point Aurora defaulted on the agreement. The last emails involved Balor angrily trying to confront her on this.
-Seems Balor had insufficient standing or leverage to collect on the agreement.
-“Aurora? Shallow little slut. White deserves her.” A big brute of a one-eyed ogre said not too far away, crossing his arms. - One of the gossipers at the party; sour grapes, perhaps?

Snitch - A Whisperwisp darkling named Flit. Involved in some shady dealings at the Piccadilly Circus Goblin Market. Paranoid as all get out, left as little info in the emails as possible - all that's there is a list of meeting times and places, and many meetings were canceled right before they happened. Unfortunately, he proved insufficiently paranoid, as he was run down by Venatores two months ago.
-He is also involved with Othello. If what I suspect happened here actually happened, Othello's involvement in this jumps from 5% to about 90%.

D - Dana the Tall. Ogre, Gargantuan-kith, fancies herself as some kind of "Knight in Shining Armor." Generally considered one of the Summer Court's better warriors, with relatively manageable quirks - A strong belief in chivalry and courtly love. Her emails with Aurora are excessively innocuous, and just so happen to also be mostly meetings times and places.
-I think we've found Aurora's lady love.