Jin Wei's Trials

The passage walls have become rough and are seemingly unworked. You round a twist in the passage to find yourself at the edge of a seemingly endless pit. Even at your slow speed, you teeter on its edge. The light that seems to illuminate everything else doesn't seem to extend downwards, and you cannot make out the bottom. The passage continues beyond the pit, and you can spot a large stake planted in the floor across from you. The pit seems to be about 20 feet across.

Along the sides you spot several possible ways to cross. On the left is a small ledge, its width approximately the width of your hand. On the other side are a series of cleverly-disguised hand and foot-holds, but they cannot hide from your keen sight!

As the bottomless pit yawns before him, Jin is quite thankful he didn't fall in. Dropping the coil of rope from his shoulder, he ties the grappling hook to one end and pulls on it hard to make sure it is firmly attached. Then, after spinning the end a few times, Jin takes
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 11)
careful aim for the large stake on the other side and
Taking 10 to throw the grappling hook over to the stake. -2 due to range. Total: 12. Rules mention AC 5 for an object with plenty of places for the hook to latch on to. Not sure what the stake is considered.
tosses the grappling hook across the pit to latch onto it.

With the hook firmly attached to the other side, Jin ties the rope around himself at around a 20' length and coils the rest of the rope from his shoulder diagonally across his chest. Then, after testing his balance with the rope around him, he carefully
Taking 10 on Acrobatics. Total: 18
edges out along the ledge in order to make his way across the pit. Every so often, he pauses to
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 10)
look both forward and back down the passage to make sure nothing is coming.

With the aid of the rope, and dexterous moves, Jin Wei makes it across the pit with little difficulty.

Beyond the pit, the passageway walls begin to look worked once more. A rhythmic susurration ahead grows louder as you continue, until you can make out its metallic nature. Rounding a bend, you look in to an empty stone room, with a myriad of slits carved along the walls.

Being absolutely sure that there is a trap here, Jin
Take 10 on Perception to spot the trap. Total: 17. If that doesn't work, can I Take 20?
takes his time to try to find it.

It doesn't take long for Jin Wei to spot what happens in this room.

The room explodes in violence. Huge metal scythes pierce the room from every direction, their blood-stained blades seemingly crossing every inch of the space. In an instant, their violence is gone, and the room is still once more.

Across the room, you spot a large wooden door in a niche unmarked by the blades.

Jin Wei's quick look about the room spots several gaps in the storm of metal's coverage, perhaps making it easier to cross the room.

That was from taking 10. Do you want to take 20, as well? It will take more time ~ a couple of minutes.

As the blades retract back into the walls, Jin is positive that he doesn't want to get hit by them. He won't do his brother any good
From the description, it sounds like if Jin goes into that room and fails a roll to get across safely, then he will be instantly killed. As he would understandably rather not have that happen, he's going to play it safe. If that means that he takes too long and doesn't get into the Society this time, then so be it. He'll reapply next year.
if he's dead. While Jin has
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 9)
spotted several safe spots in the room, he decides to
Theoretically, since the trap has already revealed itself, I no longer need to roll Perception to find it. It sounds like I could use Perception to find a safe way to cross. However, I would like to try to disarm the trap with Disable Device. But I don't know how that would exactly work. Would I need to find the control mechanism first? I would Take 20 to do that if I haven't located it yet.
take the time to make sure he can
Disable Device:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 12)
make it across alive.

Jin cannot spot any apparent mechanism for the room, perhaps there are pressure plates in the floor, but he would have to enter the room to disable those, risking certain death.

An extensive search of the foyer-area where Jin stands finds little, until he begins running his hands across every surface. As he does so, a stone slides back, beginning a ticking sound. The tempo of the sounds speed up, and then abruptly stops as the room explodes in violence.

Apparently you've found a timed trigger, giving you a few moments to safely cross the room and into that alcove.

Taking a few calm easy breaths, Jin centers himself for what he is about to do. He checks to make sure his few possessions are securely attached to him, as if anything drops, it will be unlikely that he'll have a chance to go back and get it. Then, after taking one more
Dice Roll: 1d20+6
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 18)
look around, Jin gets ready and reaches over to press the trigger again. Immediately after doing so, he runs flat out for the door on the other side of the room.


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