Brimstone's Trials

Brim is presented with another three way intersection. He takes the time to carefully inspect every aspect. Finally, he comes upon another arrow, scratched into the wall and pointing down the right-most corridor.

Brim glances down at the pendant / bracelet to see if it reacts in any way and continues in the direction indicated once again.

If presented with another intersection Brim will make sure to search for clues.


The passage walls have become rough and are seemingly unworked, the bracelet is quiescent. The silence is almost deafening, until ahead you hear a faint scream, followed by a dull meaty thump. Then dead silence.

Rounding a particularly sharp corner, Brim barely has time to stop at the top of a pit. The light that seems to illuminate everything else doesn't seem to extend downwards, and he cannot make out the bottom. The passage continues beyond the pit, and you can spot a large stake planted in the floor across from you. The pit seems to be 20 feet across.

Still going to take 20 on Perception?

Yes, Brim likes to take his own time, unless something urgent was needed.

Brimstone curses and glances around, he didn't take a rope from the supplies but he wasn't adept on using it either... so this posed a great problem if this was the only way to continue... It might always be an illusion right?

If Brim doesn't find anything he will cast detect magic.


Brim's tediously careful search of the area uncovers a few details that he might be able to use. On the left side of the pit is a small ledge, about the width of his hand. A careful search on the right side of the pit uncovers a series of cleverly disguised hand and foot-holds, potentially the easiest route across.

A hand pushed down into the pit confirms that the first few feet of the pit are real enough, who can tell about the rest?

Using Detect Magic, Brim spots a line of arcane marks around the pit, about 60 feet down.

Referring to the marks... probably a fail safe in case I should fall... well then might as well get started...

Depending on which check is needed, I'm guessing Acrobatics for ledge and Climb for hand / footholds Brim will take the ledge route

take 10 = 16
Acrobatics] or just in case [
take 10 = 14

Its a close thing, with Brim teetering on the ledge. He nearly falls, but a quick jump to the other side leaves him on his belly... but alive.

Beyond the pit, the passageway walls begin to look worked once more. A rhythmic susurration ahead grows louder as you continue, until you can make out its metallic nature. Rounding a bend, you look in to an empty stone room, with a myriad of slits carved along the walls.

Brim does not step into the room without observing first, hmmh It seems that this magical item will save us in the instance that we should fail... Feather fall for the pit... I assume protection from arrow for this...

Brim will stay out of the way of the trajectory of the slits if it can be avoided, glancing from around the bend Brim is looking to see if he sees any kind of button or trip wire or anything that could trigger this possible trap.


Is there an exit here? Do I need to cross the room? can crawling avoid the slits trajectory?

You call taking 20 a glance!?

It doesn't take long to see what happens in this room.

The room explodes in violence. Huge metal scythes pierce the room from every direction, their blood-stained blades seemingly crossing every inch of the space. In an instant, their violence is gone, and the room is still once more.

Across the room, you spot a large wooden door in a niche unmarked by the blades.

A quick look about the room spots several gaps in the storm of metal's coverage, perhaps making it easier to cross the room.

An extensive, minutes-long, search of the foyer-area where Brim stands finds little, until he begins running his hands across every surface. As he does so, a stone slides back, beginning a ticking sound. The tempo of the sounds speed up, and then abruptly stops as the room explodes in violence.

Apparently you've found a timed trigger, giving you a few moments to safely cross the room and into that alcove.

Ok then, uh, careful and extremely detailed observation of the room and it's contents

Brimstone grins wickedly and gets ready to cross once the timing is appropriate, if he is able to make it across in one go so be it, if not he will head to one of the 'safe' spots.


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