Javek's Trials

Javek's Trials

You must tell me everything! Are you running/walking? Are you keeping an eye out? ...give me a perception check every post! Make ALL checks that you think might be relevant!

You can see clearly in the dim light, but no source of light is evident in the cool stone corridor. The corridor is not square, but winding, and the walls seem to get rougher the further you travel. The twisting passageways prevent you from seeing far ahead. No sign of those who went before are evident.

Soon enough, the passage branches in two different directions.

Javek moves about with a hesitant step. Not seeing the others surprises him at first, but then he finds himself sniffing the air - an old trick of the Triad. He doesn't smell anything specific, but his heart tells him it has to do with magic of some kind. He nods to no one in particular and carries on.

The desert warrior does not notice that he cannot see very far down the [ooc-corridor]Just so you can remember, and remind me too!!! He has clouded vision as his Oracle Curse.[/ooc]. At birth he had the true-sight of the desert ancients, yet makes no effort to tell anyone he is with unless they go on about something beyond his vision. His iris do not share the white color of some of the others born with the trait, a blessing he continues to thank the Gods for.

At the fork in the hallway he pauses to adjust the impromptu ruck sack under his arm. He tries to peer down both hallways to see if he can tell which one he should follow.

Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 7

OOC: Well that's just fine here anyways! In these twisting passages, even someone with normal sight couldn't see farther than ~30 feet at best.

Both passages seem to look the same... even smell the same. The one on the right descends slightly, and the one on the left seems to ascend, slightly.

Javek turns towards his left and looks longingly down the hallway. Shrugging his shoulders to regain his grip on the blanket full of stuff, he heads that direction. He's cautious in his movements - he'd heard tales of wizard from other culture rigging their towers with traps - but since he didn't exactly know what to look for he couldn't look too too hard.

He moved up the ascending slope.

Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 13

After only a short time, you see a red glow on the walls, which seems to be emanating from yourself. You look down to see a red mark on your pendant. A penalty. A glance ahead shows that the passageway has dead-ended.

Javek curses his luck. Then with a new - angrier- bounce in his step he tries to backtrack down the tunnel. He mutters something about underground graves and his skills being tested in the open fields of valor, but they fall on deaf ears (or so he thinks). He gets back to the fork in the road and makes no intentions of stopping. To make up for lost time he jogs down the tunnel only barely glancing for tripwires or hidden marks along the wall of floors.

Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 18

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