Rogar's Trials

Rogar's Trials

You must tell me everything! Are you running/walking? Are you keeping an eye out? ...give me a perception check every post! Make ALL checks that you think might be relevant!

You can see clearly in the dim light, but no source of light is evident in the cool stone corridor. The corridor is not square, but winding, and the walls seem to get rougher the further you travel. The twisting passageways prevent you from seeing far ahead. No sign of those who went before are evident.

Soon enough, the passage branches in two different directions.

Rogar walks carefully down the hallway, keeping an eye out for...well, anything really. He has the bow and arrows slung across his back, along with the greatsword. Upon coming to the fork, he looks down both corridors, trying to tell if there's anything different about either one.

It will make a difference to me.

The right corridor looks identical to the left... but looking up, you spot faint words scratched into the ceiling. The letters are written in common... but it just seems to be gibberish. Perhaps a cipher?

Rogar casts a light spell so he might try and read the words more carefully, if nothing else, so he might memorize them and go over them later.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20

You spend a few moments studying the letters carefully... and then it comes to you, so obvious!

Deciphered, the words give only directions: Right, Straight, Right.

Rogar smiles as he trots down the right hand path, keeping his eyes and ears open for any trouble.

A quick jog later, Rogar comes upon a second branch, this time with three directions to choose from.

Rogar accidentally walks into a wall, but recovers nicely. (Hey, a 1 on a perception check, whaddaya want?)

Rogar curses under his breath as he rubs his nose, glad to see it isn't broken or bleeding. Coming upon the intersection, he takes a moment to look down the left and right passages before continuing straight ahead.

The passage walls have become rough and are seemingly unworked. The silence is almost deafening, until ahead you hear a faint scream, followed by a dull meaty thump. Then dead silence.

Upon hearing the scream, Rogar slows down and begins moving as quietly as he can down the hall. He quietly draws his greatsword, preparing for the worst.


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