OOC / Arabani

OOC / Arabani

just wanted to say Hi to all.

DB Edit: good idea. This Thread is Private to the House. I will add names as they are selected.

I I have anything to say, about the "picks" for the house, I would suggest that only pick female characters. if that leaves us without house wizard, so be it, but there is atleast one female arcane caster in there..

DB edit: I agree (regarding the all female House), this goes along with Zuriel's specified fluff for the House.

that would point any "disguised" spy out (as they are male...) Totalitarian FemDom house, where men are utterly crushed and killed on sight (in inner sanctums that is) Only males ever to gain entry, are those, that we are to bred with, and allways kill afterward(or during) as its the best way to keep bloodline pure. I know this is extremist view, but hey.. its Drows we talk about...

and another "note" is that everything magical, could be key´d to true-drow/female/cleric only.. like DOORS.. so if anyone can use them (open doors) they are those.. no doppelgangers/shifters/undeads.. etc.. and purity sake, no lesser/inferior drows

My suggests for picks:
[mage] Iym'd'vrae'vyll (True Drow; Wizard 10/Cleric 3\\LA+2/Fighter 7/Eldritch Knight 4, FEMALE)
[Warriors] no female warrior type there.. but Iym´d´vrae´vyll can easily double as martial one, and so can Felym´mur´ss AND cohorts.. and slaves. (far easier to control that drow males)
And there is another "warrior-mage" type (under mages) that might work as our
[Warrior] Z'ress Cormrael (Drow 2 / Tome Fighter 11 :: Sorcerer 3 / Tome Eldritch Knight 10, FEMALE) again only thing missing, is that cleric, but hey.. not everyone is Lolth blessed...

DB Edit: [Stealthers] Felyn'mur'ss (Purebred Drow Psion 13//\+2LA\Tome Assassin 4\Bone-bladed Reaper 7, FEMALE) -- of course not allowed to enter the inner sanctums, as she´s not Lolths Blessed Daughter (cleric) She is House Camcarneyar

Hmm, I hadn't considered an actual all-female house; just in the immediate family, but I suppose it's possible. Or maybe only nobility would be restricted to true Drow females.

Also, in addition to those listed above, Laroche has a great priestess character that I've been in contact with him about via PM. Although he has another app aiming for the merc band. We'll see how it goes.

I will have a great deal of time to devote to all of this later tonight, and also tomorrow morning.

My apologies if I'm holding anything up.

Oh, and welcome, Tonizio, and thanks for the input

I really like to play "sandbox" games, and I can see the possibilities where this game could be, if only there are not too many "PvP" players..

Im online 7h still as its my nightshift at work

Also just realized that eliminating all male house members would eliminate my own cohort, so I'll probably stop just short of that extreme.

or turn cohort to female?

I was thinking that "female only" would fit so nicely ito your background story about the House. And it would act as safety measure aswell.


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