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Waht??? I´m going toward Totally depravated temple whore, who uses men as sacrificial lambs to the goddess. Mostly during sex

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My character has an Cohort aswell.. and its male (thou its an minotaur love slave)
This would be fine, with the operative word being "slave," although the other daughters would wonder why you kept him around.

Now if it was a half-fiend minotaur...

its lolth touched , and yes, anyone can wwonder why its kept around.. until they enter her own temple.. She ahs TrueBeliever feat, and shes going to be more unpredictable that normal Chaotics, and far sinful that normal evil... so she´s Depravated-evil

A lloth-touched minotaur? Probably not. I will think about it.

Zuriel: I fully expect you to go for as many priestesses as possible. The others should too. That is why you have a first, second, third, and four choice. If you ask for the remaining 3 priestesses and none of the other Matrons ask for one... then you win. lol. I would probably bump your House's rank up if that happens.

Status is everything.

Lolth touched = Bred to templeguardian and Highpriestes plaything. (I think that would qualify for the template)

she bred it and nurtured in from baby up, so its fierce loyal to her, and by proxy Lolth .)

DB: ya know, I've never actually seen the fluff for the template. What book is it in? I've always assumed it was a "Priestess in favor" thing.

Drowbane, you missed one of my inquiries in the questions thread, so I'll just re-ask it here...

If my Matron character takes more than one type of leadership feat, will she also get more than one cohort?

My idea is to fill some of the more structured house roles with characters that are not Drow. Cohorts of the Matron that may be demonic associates/spawn/cohorts, thereby freeing me to select one or two male applicants to join the house but not be members of the Arabani nobility. Perhaps they'd be members of the elite and secretive Surok'hai Sentinels, with a similarly exceptional backstory to that of my current male cohort, Tsab'lochar.

Another question I have is in regards to how closely our order of selections on the secret ballots will be adhered to... for instance, if I select one character, who is a priestess, as my first choice, for strategic purposes, and then another priestess as my second choice, what are the chances that you'll override that on the basis that the priestesses need to be divided evenly?

To be more specific, if I am the only one who selects a certain character as my first choice, does that automatically make them mine?

Right now I'm looking at these three choices, although the exact order could be switched around a bit.

-Tsair Arabani (LucianV)
-Namyri'itha (LaRoche)
-Gaus'dral (SunshinePanda)

That leaves room for one more (or two, assuming we can't land both priestesses)

IMHO: I think DB is conducting Round Robin split. so your 1st pick, if unchallenges goes to you. if contested, some sort of randomizer? (or fluff of the house)

anywya its conducted: go for each cleric.. we cna make the missing important spots from cohorts, if everything else fails.


My worry is that we lose one of the priestesses due to the slim choices in that category. I feel like some of the other houses will also go for a priestess with their first pick.

So which should be first choice and which second?

I feel compelled to bring in LucianV's character, due to the fact that she was intended for this house from the beginnng, and is also very well written.

However, I love the flavor of LaRoche's character, and considering LucianV's is so clearly intended for us,I feel there's a better chance other houses won't make her their first pick.

Also, any input on the fourth and final spot? I'd like to steer away from the following: undead, followers of gods besides Lolth, and males-who-would-be-nobles.

Priestesess: 1) one that IS not writen for us (that way you will probably contest her), 2nd priestess writen into Arabani.
3) female magetype
4) female stealther if there is any.

Too bad there was no "non drow" characters.. that would worked within the no-male drow policy

EDITED; I hope you like the way I wrote my character, and I appologice if my english sucks, as its my thirth language


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