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Its fine. I figured there was a bit of a language barrier since your thoughts were plenty coherent.

I think you're right as far as the order for the priestesses, although I'll be sweating this out because I have really warmed to the idea of having both. So it will be LaRoche first, LucianV second.

Third I'm going to plug in SunshinePanda's Draegloth (I have some ideas for her

With the final choice, I'd like to grab another female, as you suggested, but there really are no good options. (except Eletix, but I can't make much sense of his app)
Therefore, we'll just have to take a male and fit him in somehow, eliminating submissions that fall into the categories I listed above.

As far as House Arcanist, or Weapons Master, I think we've established that we can fill these rolls with non-Drow cohorts and minions. I'm already working on a demonic sorcerer prototype who would be a second cohort of the Matron Mother; just waiting on the okay from Drowbane that I'll be allowed to do so.

I haven't seen the actual build yet, but maybe you start to rework your own cohort to fit better, perhaps replacing Lolth-Touched, which might not work so well for a Minotaur, with half-fiend. Stat-wise, you'd be losing some and gaining some, and you'd also be adding SR, some SLAs, energy resistance, and flight. Or you could do something badass like warlock/warblade. Either way, he'd make an excellent point man in battle.

You could also, depending upon Drowbane's response, take a second leadership feat, and start working in a second cohort, deciding between the two in each scenario, depending on which is more suitable. Or, one could be your cohort's cohort

Originally Posted by Drowbane View Post
Tonizio: Your english is great. Some minor mispelling errors, but I know native english speakers with worse.

Many Americans are actually proud of how badly they speak English, and you can forget them learning a second language, let alone a fourth.

What is your country of origin, anyway?

Finland (we speak: Finnish, forced to learn Swedish at school /history baggage, we pick up english at 3th grade, and I toke french at university..and I have been selftaughting latin for RP purposes...)

Zuriel: you have seen the super-secret-Matron-only voting ballet thread, right?

Drowbane: Yes, I have. Waiting on a PM response and should have the final ballot up this evening.

Tonizio: well its good to know if we run into any Scandinavian spies who are up to no good, we've got that covered

Alright, I have my final four hammered out, but I'm a little nervous about which order to place them in.

Two of them, LaRoche and tomorrow, I have had extensive PM discussions with and they are both ready to join. A third, LucianV, wrote his character specifically for this house, and I have notified him that he'll be on my ballot.

My problem is, I don't want to lose any of these three.

Drowbane, what's the chances that you'll give me a little insight on this??

So, you did get all you were askign for +1! cheers!

and for the new additions, well come.

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