OOC / Arabani

muhahah, so tactics prevailed.

Tonizio: given the altercation with Tomorrow (yesterday! lol) I find it amusing that he (?) is now in House Arabani.

well, he did speak his mind (without thinking where) I dont hold grudges, people should just keep some tact .

Well Hello fellow members of house Arabani!

Hi Lucian.

Some people don't have or understand the word tact, I've refrained from most of the original ooc conversations because they were just too meh to me. The convo got about things other than their character's "Awesomeness" and I put in my two cents.

With any luck, we'll stop all this monolinguistic nonsense soon. They're starting to push Spanish pretty hard in kindergarten and up in school these days. Makes me wish they had been doing that wheen I was a kid so i wouldn't sound like such a jackass when I speak it now.

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